What to do with leftover moving boxes after the relocation?

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Every relocation requires plenty of moving boxes. You need to put your belongings somewhere while they are in transport, after all. However, once the relocation process is over, you are left with all those boxes and they might be cluttering your new home. The obvious choice is to get rid of them, one way or another. There are numerous ways of doing so but Strong-Ass Movers recommend that you donate them to the people that can use them. Of course, you can also sell them to recoup some of the moving costs. Or you can simply store them for later use. In this article, we will be exploring what exactly are your options for your leftover moving boxes.

What are the options for your leftover moving boxes?

Here is a list of possible solutions that you might want to consider:

  • Keep your leftover moving boxes in the storage
  • Sell boxes
  • Give away boxes to friends, family, or neighbors
  • Donate leftover moving boxes to charity
  • Recycle boxes at the local recycling center

Obviously, you can simply throw them away but that is a colossal waste. While it may be the most enticing option, it is always better to explore one of the above possibilities before that. By giving your boxes away, you will be reducing the cost of moving services for another, which is always a great thing to do. We recommend that, if you want the path of the least effort, you at least give some of your friends a call. They might be extremely pleased to get some free moving supplies.

a couple packing for the relocation
Moving boxes are an integral part of moving, but they can easily “swallow” a small apartment.

Keep your leftover moving boxes in the storage

The first option at your disposal is to simply store your boxes in a storage unit. Of course, you don’t really want to be renting a storage unit for this purpose alone. But if you already have storage space, it is a simple matter to relocate your boxes there. You can have your Kentucky long-distance movers do it for you if you want to save time and effort of doing so. These boxes might be really useful down the road, so keeping and storing them is always a good option. They do not take much space and can be stacked one on top of another. You might even want to reorganize your storage unit a bit with their help.

Sell boxes

But if you want to get a bit of your money back, you can always sell the leftover moving boxes. You can try advertising on social media, to begin with, but there are some places that will happily take these boxes off your hands, such as:

  • Box Cycle
  • Craigslist
  • U-haul Box Exchange
  • NextDoor

The best option is to find someone who needs boxes for their impending relocation, of course. However, you might need to wait a bit of time for the opportunity to present itself. If you are dead-set on getting rid of them immediately then these places are your best bet. You can also contact your residential movers and ask them for recommendations. Oftentimes, they will be able to point you in the right direction. Don’t expect to get the full price for the boxes, regardless of their condition, though. But you will be able to recoup at least some money.

woman using laptop
You can sell your boxes online, with a bit of effort.

Give away boxes to friends, family, or neighbors

The best thing that you can do with your leftover containers is to make someone else’s day with them. The act of giving can actually be quite rewarding and you might find yourself enjoying it immensely. Seeing the smile on your friend’s faces when they realize that they can save a bit of money on their relocation can be priceless.

Therefore, you may want to “advertise” that you have some boxes left over. But before that, ask if anyone is about to relocate. Some morally challenged people might want anything that is free, regardless of whether they can use it or not. And that kind of defeats the purpose of giving. The last thing that you want is to feel that your friends are taking advantage of you.

Barring friends or family members, you can also offer the boxes to your neighbors. The same guidelines apply, try to gauge if they need the boxes in the first place. A bit of goodwill can go a long way toward a great relationship with your neighbors. You never know what can come out of it!

Donate leftover moving boxes to charity

Or you can simply donate the boxes to one of the charity organizations. They always have a use for containers, after all, and there is no shortage of people that might need them. This might be a bit impersonal, though, as you don’t really know where the boxes will be going to. Or you can donate them to a struggling small business. There are many places to donate moving boxes to, and all of them will appreciate the gesture. Some organizations will even show up at your doorstep and pick them up, greatly enhancing your donating experience. Make sure that you are donating to a cause that you believe in, and you will feel great.

Donating your leftover moving boxes is the way to go!

Recycle boxes at the local recycling center

Lastly, you can simply take the boxes to be recycled. These days, recycling has become really important as the planet is starting to struggle. We are nowhere near the “breaking point” yet but every little bit helps. Your leftover moving boxes can be repurposed and used again. That way, you are contributing to the green process and doing your part. There are numerous recycling centers and there is bound to be one near your new home. You can even schedule a pickup in some areas, without any charge whatsoever. In any case, recycling is something that you (and everyone else) really should consider.

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