Top towns in Kentucky to raise a family

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Having a family is the most beautiful thing in the world. But raising a family also brings with it great responsibilities. Whether you are planning to start a family or already have one, you must carefully choose a place to live. If you’re planning to settle down in Kentucky with your family, you’re on your way to a great environment. Beautiful nature, affordable cost of living and good economy and the combination of rural and urban are what attract people to move here. But before you call movers in Kentucky and organize the move, must choose which city you will move to. Luckily, Kentucky has plenty of family-friendly towns, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. For you, we highlight a few towns in Kentucky to raise a family. Continue reading and choose a city according to your needs.

Why should Kentucky be your choice for raising a family?

Kentucky is a great place to live for all those who want affordable homes, a low cost of living, top national parks, and friendly residents. Reasonable cost of living and affordable homes are what especially favor living in Kentucky. Because Kentucky has a cost of living significantly lower than the national average. In addition, taxes in Kentucky are significantly lower, and there is no estate or inheritance tax. Because of all this, raising a family in Kentucky can be very affordable. Of course, these are not the only reasons for that, but it is obvious that they are quite important. The hospitality in Kentucky is friendly and courteous. You can expect help at any time, even from strangers. This will make it much easier for you to make friends after local movers Kentucky finish your move. Many people have confirmed that everyone can find something for themselves in Kentucky.

Ranch house
The beautiful and clean nature of Kentucky attracts more and more people to start a family here.

Criteria for choosing a town in Kentucky to raise a family

It is not easy to choose the perfect place to raise children. Of course, you can narrow down the choice by choosing the places that best suit your sensibility and lifestyle. If you are a fan of outdoor fun, you will choose places that have plenty of opportunities for it. On the other hand, if you are a fan of some theaters, that will be one of your criteria. But beyond all that, there are several important criteria that everyone should consider when choosing a city to raise a family in Kentucky.

  • Cost of living
  • Education
  • Crime rate
  • Entertainment for children
  • Outdoor activities

Going through this list will make it easier for you to make your final decision on where to raise your family in Kentucky. And then you can calmly call furniture movers Kentucky and organize the move. What’s more, then you can leave all the responsibilities to them because you know that you are moving to a place that meets all your needs.

Best towns to raise a family in Kentucky

To make it easier for young couples to find the perfect city to start a family or move with children, we’ve compiled a list of the best cities for families in Kentucky. According to these previously stated criteria, we have selected several great cities for families. Therefore, if you have children or are just planning to have them soon, you can consider moving to one of the cities on our list. These are all cities with many benefits for families, like great schools, plenty of things to do, no crime… Of course, maybe you will find a town that suits you that is not on our list because everything depends on the wishes of a person. When you make decision contact movers Newport KY and book them for your move to one of the best towns in Kentucky to raise a family.

The teacher teaches the children
One of the important criteria for choosing one of the towns to raise children in Kentucky is a large number of excellent schools in the area.


Anchorage ranks high on our list of the best places for families in Kentucky across all criteria. This suburb of Louisville with only 2,376 people is an excellent place for family life. Excellently rated public schools such as DuPont Manual High School (A+), Anchorage Independent Public School (A+), and J. Graham Brown School (A), provide an excellent education for children. Most of the people in this place own their houses, even 96% of them. At the same time, only 4% of people rent apartments or houses.

The median household income is quite large and amounts to $187,946, which is why house prices are higher than in some other cities. The crime rate is very low and the city is considered one of the safest places for families. Because of this if you are relocating from Lexington you should not hesitate to find one of the moving companies in Lexington KY to relocate you here. In addition to all of this, plenty of outdoor space and great family restaurants make this an ideal place to raise a family in Kentucky.

Fort Thomas

Fort Thomas ranks second on our list of great towns in Kentucky to raise a family. Much larger than Anchorage with 16,308 inhabitants, this small town will provide families with everything they need for a happy and fulfilling life. This is a small town, but a big one for Kentucky. Actually, it is a suburb of Cincinnati. A low crime rate, but also lower incomes, and housing prices are what make this city stand out.

Excellent public schools: Highlands High School (A+), Woodfill Elementary School (A+), and Highlands Middle School (A) are especially important for children’s education. In addition, there is also an excellent private school St. Thomas School. So here children will surely get the education they deserve. In addition, the median household income of $78,972 provides a decent life for the family. The majority of residents own their houses, about 72%, while the rest rent houses, about 28% of them. It is more urban than the first city on the list, and there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Fort Thomas.

Happy family after choosing one of the best towns in Kentucky to raise a family.
Safe streets are what you must pay attention to when choosing a city to raise children.


In third place on our list of the best cities to live in Kentucky is Union. This is a suburb of Cincinnati and is not very different from the previous two. Union is in Boone County and is one of the best places to live in Kentucky. It has about 5,910 inhabitants who live in a rather conservative community. It is mostly populated by young professionals and families, and most of them own their homes, as many as 96%. While only 4% of residents rent their houses.

There are many restaurants and parks here, and the schools are highly rated. Top public schools are Randall K. Cooper High School (A), Larry A. Ryle High School (A), and Erpenbeck Elementary School (A-). So, if you decide to move here with moving companies in Boone KY, you will be sure that you have provided an excellent education for your children. The median household income is $125,051 which allows for a great life.

Indian Hills

Indian Hills is number four on our list of the best places to raise a family. It is also one of the suburbs of Louisville
with a population of 2,961 inhabitants. The public schools are above average so families who move here will provide an executive education for their children – DuPont Manual High School (A+), J. Graham Brown School (A), Louisville Male High School (A).  The median household income is quite large $190,313.

In addition to being a favorite place for families, this is also a place loved by retirees. All residents own their own homes and enjoy the many parks, restaurants, and cafes. A very low crime rate is what attracts all the young people who are starting a family, but also the elderly who want to enjoy a peaceful retirement. If this is a place that meets all your criteria, consider calling junk removal Kentucky and start planning your move.

People play in the park because they found one of the best towns in Kentucky to raise a family.
If you choose one of the great towns in Kentucky to raise a family, you’ll have plenty of parks to enjoy your free time.


Crestwood ranks fifth on our list of towns in Kentucky to raise a family. A great little place for a family to live is in Oldham County which is one of the best places to live in Kentucky. If you like this place, the movers will be happy to move you in a short time. It is a suburb of Louisville and has about 4,973 residents, most of whom own their own homes. Only 25% of residents rent their houses and that is at an average rental price of $872.

Public schools are excellent, and all of them are highly rated by all criteria – Kenwood Station Elementary School (A), South Oldham Middle School (A), and South Oldham High School (A). The cost of living is affordable so everyone can live comfortably after moving to the city of Crestwood. It is near to the city and culture, but far enough away to have the feel of a small town. That’s why many people consider moving with movers here when planning family.


Northfield is a suburb of Louisville that is ideal for raising a child in Kentucky. It ranks sixth on our list, but it can surpass those before it. It’s a very small town of just over 1000 residents, 1266 to be exact. It’s located in Jefferson County and the average median home price is $391,700. Most of the people in this place have their houses about 75%. The rest rent houses at an average median house rent of $1,154.

Parents are pushing a child in a box after moving to one of the best towns in Kentucky to raise a family.
Once you choose a good place for your family, everything else becomes fun.

The median household income is about $108,056. What makes this town stand out, are the friendly residents who are ready to help at any time. In addition, it is considered an extremely safe place, and the crime rate is very low. On the other hand, there are great schools with high ratings DuPont Manual High School (A+), J. Graham Brown School (A), and Louisville Male High School (A). You can be sure that you will enjoy it here with your family. If you are relocating from Dry Ridge contact your Dry Ridge movers and let them relocate you to this incredible place.


Burlington is a suburb of Cincinnati and is a good place to raise a family. If you are a fan of slightly bigger places, this is the right choice for you. Burlington has about 18,203 residents and is located in Boone County. Most of the population consists of young families and small professionals who choose this place to live because of everything it has to offer. There are many parks and restaurants as well as entertainment for children.

The public schools in this suburb are above average and provide an excellent education for children. They are Randall K. Cooper High School (A), Ballyshannon Middle School (A-), and Conner Middle School (A-). Regardless of the larger number of residents, the crime rate here is very low. And the median household income is above the national average at $79,929. If all of these are what you want from your ideal place to raise your family, it’s time to look for moving companies Burlington. Start packing your bags and get ready to move to one of the best places to live in Kentucky.

The family takes a picture after moving
Capture beautiful memories from your new home after choosing a city that fits your family.

Find a town to raise a family in Kentucky that suits your needs

When choosing towns in Kentucky to raise a family, take the time to do your research. Once you have made your decision and movers Independence KY or movers from some other area have moved you, you will have plenty of time to explore and get to know the city. There is little chance that the city will not suit you. But even so, you can always move to another wonderful city with your family. And enjoy all the beauty that Kentucky has to offer. Therefore, choose one of the cities from the list and plan your move. After that, you will enjoy beautiful and affordable homes, nature parks, and affordable living with your family in Kentucky.

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