Tips for packing mirrors when moving from Batavia OH

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Relocation is mostly about packing, and fragile items such as mirrors require special attention. And, if we take into account the superstition behind a broken mirror (the one with seven years of bad luck after breaking a mirror), then we’ll probably pay even more attention to how we’re going to pack it. Jokes aside, mirrors are the most difficult items to pack up since they are fragile and usually large and heavy. So, learning how to pack a mirror will save you a lot of time and nerves, and it’s not as difficult as it seems. And, moving companies in Cincinnati will give you a hand with packing mirrors when moving from Batavia OH. Stay with us and find out how to pack your mirrors safely and successfully.

Steps for packing mirrors when moving

In order to pack mirrors properly, there are a few steps to consider before packing. Based on the experience of movers Batavia OH these are the best and most secure steps to safely pack and thus successfully transport your mirrors:

  • Prepare the mirrors
  • Think about ways to protect the mirrors from shattering, damaging, and breaking
  • Gather packing supplies
  • Pack from the heaviest and largest to the smallest mirrors
  • Make a moving truck floor plan to pack the boxes into the moving truck
A couple's reflection in a mirror
Packing mirrors when moving doesn’t have to be so difficult

How to prepare mirrors for packing

No matter what packing method you choose, you should first prepare the mirrors for packing. Here’s how. First, measure the mirrors to know what size of packing materials you’ll need. The next step is to clean the mirrors. Remove all the stains without leaving any streaks. This step is important to prevent the packing materials from sticking to the glass, thus leaving the flecks. After cleaning, take mirrors off a wall and place them on flat surfaces, and most people recommend kitchen tables since they are large, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to place the mirrors on the bed. However, ensure you’ve designated a safe place to get it ready for packing.

Packing supplies to use

Packing mirrors can be quite tricky, especially if you are moving a long distance. So, invest in high-quality packing materials. Here is the list of the most important ones:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard
  • Corner protectors
  • Styrofoam
  • Mirror and picture boxes
  • Foam bags
  • Padded paper
  • Tape and labels
  • Sponge and crumpled news wrap

Gathering the right supplies may not be easy as it seems in the first place. Of course, you can purchase them anywhere, but it’s tricky to decide how many supplies to buy and also determine the size of wrapping the materials. If you don’t calculate carefully, you may buy more or fewer supplies than you actually need. Purchasing the supplies by yourself may lead to additional and unexpected expenses. That’s why it would be better to hire long distance movers Cincinnati to measure and evaluate how much and what packing supplies you’ll need. Use their professional moving services and save both time and money.

A person packing something with a paper and bubble wrap
Packing mirrors requires high-quality packing materials

Steps for packing mirrors when moving from Batavia OH

Now that you’ve cleaned and prepared mirrors and gathered the packing materials, it’s time to move on to the packing itself. And Strong-Ass Movers prepared some tips and tricks on how to pack and protect your most fragile belongings.

  • Protect the corners of the mirror: no matter where mirrors have frames or not, guard their corners with styrofoam or cardboard corner protectors.
  • Cover the mirror glass: if possible, use a telescoping picture box. If not, use cardboard for protection.
  • Wrap the whole mirror with bubble or foam wraps. For smaller mirrors use padded paper.
  • Put the mirror in the specialty padded box
  • Pack only one mirror in a box
  • Fill in any gaps with cushioning, crumpled news wrap, or sponges

After you pack your fragile mirrors, secure the boxes to prevent mirrors from falling out of them. Next, label the boxes with “fragile” and “handle with care” in large letters in several places. This way, you’ll ensure the mirrors receive extra attention when handling and loading.

How to load boxes containing a mirror into a moving truck

Packing mirrors is not finished when you wrap them and place them in boxes. There’s one important step – packing up boxes into a moving truck. However, this may be tricky if you don’t carefully make a floor plan for the truck. Don’t load mirrors first, but don’t pack them last either. If you pack them up in the beginning, there’s a great chance that something squeezes the mirrors. On the other hand, if you pack them last, they may fall and hit another item. Try to keep the mirrors in the upright position in the moving truck, or place them flat on the top of other boxes. However, don’t put anything on it since the mirror can break and crack under the weight.

A couple in front of a mirror before packing mirrors when moving
Protect your mirrors from damage by using professional packing services

To pack safely and effectively use professional packing services

The best tip for packing mirrors when moving is to use professional packing services, no matter whether you are moving your home or your beauty salon. And, if you are moving your business, such as a hairdresser’s salon or other types of beauty salons, using the services of commercial movers Cincinnati should be a must. If you don’t pack your mirrors properly, you may suffer terrible losses in case of damage or breakage, which will eventually lead to buying new mirrors. And, you’ll agree, buying large and heavy mirrors is not cheap at all. So, better prevent than regret. Your movers will pack the mirrors safely and move them at an affordable price.

Contact us today and ensure a safe relocation of your possessions

Whether you are moving your home, beauty salon, or you just need help with packing mirrors when moving, consider hiring a professional moving company. Strong-Ass Movers are at your disposal, offering some of the best Cincinnati moving services. So, don’t hesitate and contact us today and get your moving or packing estimate. Ensure a safe and smooth relocation without any stress.

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