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At a certain point, your business will grow beyond its current boundaries. It will evolve and, therefore, open a whole new world of opportunity. Although this is amazing, as it allows you to further elevate your business, it also comes with a set of challenges. One of the biggest ones being the inevitable change of scenery. You’ll either need more room for yourself, storage, workers, or clients. In most cases – all of it. But, this also means you’ll have to neglect your business, at least until you handle the relocation. And therein lies the issue, because moving takes a lot of time. The more time it takes – the more you inconvenience your clients and the more you lose. Therefore, moving your office efficiently is of utmost priority. So, here are some tips from professional movers in Kentucky – Strong-Ass Movers, to help you in this endeavor.

Tip #1: A bit of help goes a long way

Moving your office efficiently isn’t something you want to try and do on your own. It is a complex process, involving lots of tasks, running around, and heavy lifting. This, combined with constant race with time, will leave you exhausted and stressed out before you’re even halfway through. Not to mention, it will take significantly longer.

Two movers assembling boxes and helping in moving your office efficiently
Every bit of help matters during office relocation.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is ensure you have ample help. Your family and friends are a logical first choice. Just be sure to notify them well in advance and, of course, prepare some snacks and refreshments. However, bear in mind that this option is only viable for smaller offices. Larger ones can pose much more of a challenge. So, for them, it’s better to go for the moving services of a reputable moving company.

Moving your office efficiently is a given with reliable movers

If you want a safe and easy way for moving your office efficiently, hiring commercial movers is the best course of action. Professionals will know how to handle every moving task, from planning to packing to heavy lifting. Their training and years of experience make moving so much easier. Not to mention – much faster and enjoyable, too. Therefore, with their help, you’ll move without lifting a finger. Most importantly, you’ll save insane amounts of time, energy, and nerves – without shifting your focus away from your business.

Tip #2: Make a bullet-proof plan

A masterfully designed moving plan is half the relocation. Even though it takes some time to devise it, in the long run, you only stand to gain. And, since making a moving plan isn’t much different from developing a business strategy, you won’t run into too many issues. Nevertheless, here are two things you should definitely do, that have the biggest pay-off.

#2.1: Make a checklist

The best way to handle tons of moving tasks is to make a comprehensive checklist. It’s a super-simple, yet incredibly effective way to keep track of everything. For utmost convenience, you should use checklist apps on your smartphone. Preferably, a cross-platform one, like Google Keep, for instance. It will allow you to edit your checklist on the go when it needs a quick addition. Or, you can take your time while at home or work, and use your PC to expand and go even further in-depth on moving tasks.

A woman writing in notepad
Making a checklist and taking inventory takes time. But – it saves a lot more, further down the line!

#2.2: Take inventory

Where checklist will help you keep track of tasks, inventory list does the same for your office equipment. There are apps for this, too, such as Efficiency or Inventory Now, and you should definitely give them a go. An inventory list will help you:

  1. Save time during packing and decluttering and;
  2. Save money when buying packing materials.

Tip #3: Declutter

Although decluttering might seem like a time sink, it’s anything but. Disposing of unnecessary belongings will:

  1. Help you pack faster, thus saving you even more time, and;
  2. Reduce the cost of your move, if you chose to go with the pros.

Therefore, don’t avoid this moving task. Yes, it’s tedious and takes a bit of time. But, in the long run, it will make your office move even more efficient.

Tip #4: Be extra mindful when packing

Moving your office efficiently doesn’t only imply moving fast. It also means moving safely. You want your items and equipment to make it to the new location in the same state they were before. And, this means proper packing is a must. Important things to keep in mind here are:

  • Always buy a bit more packing materials than you think you need. It will save you multiple trips to the store and, therefore – a lot of time.
  • Be extra careful when packing fragile items. It’s always better to use more materials, than to risk damage.
  • Label the boxes. You won’t believe how much time this will save you when unpacking.
  • If there’s the slightest doubt of how you should pack something, don’t risk it. Turn to the professionals for help and guidance, hire packing services, or you’ll stress about the safety of your belongings throughout the whole ordeal.
A happy couple labeling a moving box.
Labeling moving boxes (and noting their content) is a magnificent time-saver when it’s time to unpack.

Tip #5: Divide and conquer

Trying to do everything at once is a great recipe for stress. But, what’s worse, it’s a great recipe for failure. Handling too much, too fast creates a lot of opportunity for mistakes and oversights. In turn, this can lead to damage to your belongings, or worse – injuries. Therefore, set up the work in stages, and split this monumental task into a bunch of small ones. This will allow you to focus on the detail and, therefore, leave nothing to chance.

The most important tip: Don’t rush

Moving office is a daunting task, mainly because everything feels so urgent. But, with good organization, moving your office efficiently won’t be a problem. Take a deep breath, come prepared, follow the plan you’ve made and you will overcome. And remember: if you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to turn to the local or long-distance professional movers. Their help and guidance can massively impact every stage of your relocation, and make it simpler and easier.

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