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Moving with your family to a new home is never going to be an easy task. However, this does not mean that the process will be impossible to organize. In fact, the entire process will heavily depend on how you approach and organize it. More importantly, due to the potential presence of moving stress, it is very important that you create strict and clear instructions for each member of your family. That way, you will ensure that you reach maximum efficiency while wasting the minimum amount of time. Moving with family from Lawrenceburg to Frankfort should not be a difficult task, given the distance between the two cities. However, if you think it will make the process easier for you, consider hiring a professional moving company, like Strong-Ass Movers KY. With professional movers by your side, you will easily tackle and organize each part of the process.

Organize moving with family from Lawrenceburg to Frankfort with ease

Welcome to the city of Frankfort, the capital seat of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Moreover, it is also the capital seat of Franklin County, in which it is located. According to a recent census, 27.827 people are living in 14.8 square miles, which is the land area of Frankfort. Furthermore, the city is located alongside the Kentucky River, as well as in the inner Bluegrass region of Central Kentucky.

a picture of a wheat field with a silo in the middle to represent what it is like moving with family from Lawrenceburg to Frankfort
The state of Kentucky, in general, is a very family-friendly place to live

The median household income in the city is $63.200, while the median home value is $131.000. Because Frankfort is a dense suburban area, 51% of the population pays, on average, around $760 for the median rent in the city. As far as the relocation process goes, the distance between Lawrenceburg and Frankfort is around 14 miles. This means that you would travel around 18 minutes from one location to another. One could say, that does not sound so bad.

First and foremost, organize

The first thing you want to do, logically, is organize the process. As soon as you learn about the relocation and the deadline, you need to start planning. Of course, involving your family includes understanding their ability to be at the top of the task at any given moment. In other words, make sure each member of your family is able to perform the task given to them without delays or issues. Because you want to involve as many people as you can, make sure each family member gets the task they are good at. Some of the main things you want to organize are:

  • Hiring movers Lawrenceburg KY on time
  • The tasks each family member will perform
  • Time is essential, so make sure you utilize each second you can
  • The talk you will have with your children about the move
  • Finally, organizing the decluttering/downsizing process

Talk to your children before you start to move

If you have children that are teenagers or younger, this process might be hard on them. From the way they perform in school, to the way they view life in general, there are many things that relocation can impact your child’s life. Younger children are used to their daily routines, so, make sure you stick to these routines even when you pack and prepare. That way, younger children will feel comfortable and will avoid having a temper tantrum because of the move.

a mother talking to her daughter on the bedroom bed
Depending on their age, children will have a difficult time accepting this sudden change, so you need to be there for them

Teenagers, on the other hand, deal with relocations on a much deeper, emotional level. Moving with family from Lawrenceburg to Frankfort, for them, usually means leaving their friends, school, and habits behind. Hence, a family relocation can have a serious impact on your child’s mental state. Make sure you talk with them and understand where they are coming from in this situation.

Moving with family from Lawrenceburg to Frankfort requires time

Although this relocation is relatively close, the cities being 14 miles apart, that does not mean you do not need time. Moving is a very time-consuming process, regardless of the distance you move to. In fact, one of the main factors that will determine how much time you will need is the size of your home.

Therefore, if you are having a family, this will usually mean moving from a large household. Logically, the larger the household, the more time you will need to relocate it. So, keep track of the time you need and the time you have left. That way, if needed, you would be able to extend the time you need to complete a process. Once you fully grasp the time you have, you will have a much easier time organizing the entire process. Lastly, hiring movers Frankfort KY can help you save a lot of time.

Each family member should take on a certain task

You and your partner pack your bedroom, while children pack their own rooms. This is one, out of many different scenarios you can pull off during this process. However, what is important is that you include every family member in the process. Not only will that help you speed the process up, but it will also help family members feel more involved in the process. Once they are involved, they will have an easier time accepting the change that is happening in front of them.

mother and daughter packing items while the father carries a box behind them
The involvement your family will have in the process will help them deal with the change better and feel more in tune with what the family is doing

Finally, because you have a family member in each room of the house, you will avoid creating a mess. Moreover, you will avoid getting in each other’s way as you do your own tasks. By properly organizing this process, you will increase the overall efficiency of each family member. Finally, local movers Kentucky can just come and transport your belongings.

Finally, you do not have to take everything with you

Just because you are moving does not mean that you need to take every piece of furniture or appliance with you. Decluttering your household is a good thing to do before you even start to pack. In fact, decluttering can help you, your partner, and your children get rid of certain items they are not using or do not want. Finally, decluttering is going to help you lower the overall costs of the relocation and create more room for more important items. If you are moving with family from Lawrenceburg to Frankfort, you need to understand the severity of the process. Plan every step out and always stay one step ahead of the plan. That way, you reduce the chances of being surprised by unexpecting issues.

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