The list of packing supplies to obtain before the Northern Kentucky move

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Wow, packing for a move is so easy and fun! Said no one ever. In reality, packing for a move is notorious for being tedious as well as overwhelming. There are so many strategies and tips on how to pack properly that can make packing even more confusing. But you can’t either toss everything into boxes without giving it a second thought, can you? Since all of this is true, the only thing you can do is try to approach packing as pros do, by being calm, collected, and investing in good supplies. Here, at Strong-Ass Movers, we specialize in moving and not psychology, so we can’t give you any tips on how to be calm and collected. However, we can give you the exact list of packing supplies you’ll need to pack the best way possible for your upcoming move to Northern Kentucky.

The definitive list of packing supplies for optimal packing

When it comes to packing. there’s nothing too fancy about it. There are not many options since some things are simply proven to work best. Yes, there is some debate whether plastic containers or cardboard boxes are a better choice, but that’s not really the topic we’re discussing today. We are here to tell you the same things any other Northern Kentucky Movers would tell you as well, and that’s what the basic moving supplies are and why exactly do you need them.

A mother and daughter packing for a move.
Proper packing requires all sorts of supplies!

Every list of packing supplies starts with quality moving boxes

Moving boxes are an absolute must when it comes to packing. Without them, you’d have nothing to put your belongings in. Sure, you could find something else, but nothing is as practical as moving boxes for sure. It’s possible to use plastic containers, but they are not the most optimal solution in many cases. What more, plastic containers are also a lot more expensive so if you’re not planning on reusing them, it’s probably best to stick with cardboard boxes.

If you’re really struggling financially, you could save money on packing supplies by asking for boxes at local restaurants and grocery stores. But keep in mind that not all cardboard boxes are a good option either. Sure, you could probably make most boxes work. However, it’s best to get dedicated heavy-duty moving boxes made out of sturdy cardboard. How many boxes to get and what size boxes to get will depend on your needs. But boxes are a must on every list of moving supplies!

Loads and loads of bubble wrap can be found on every packing supplies list

Bubble wrap is just as important as moving boxes. After all, it’s what’s truly going to protect your belongings. That’s why you should make sure to get plenty of bubble wrap. And not just any kind of bubble wrap, but quality bubble wrap that hasn’t deflated yet! You’d be surprised just how important bubble wrap is for moving and how much of it you’ll need. It’s not just for wrapping belongings, but also for filling holes and securing belongings. With good bubble wrap, you’ll even be able to pack fragile items with ease! And we all know how hard and stressful that can be. All things considered, bubble wrap should be pretty high on your list of moving supplies.

Quality duct tape is unavoidable

Duct tape is another supply you should stock up on before you start packing. It may seem like one would be enough, but that’s not true. Simply closing the box and sealing the opening is usually not enough to keep the box closed through the whole relocation process. That’s why professional residential movers Kentucky residents recommend for their packing skills, usually wrap the boxes in duct tape. So make sure to add a few rolls of quality duct tape onto your packing supplies list.

A duct tape.
Every list of packing supplies should include a few rolls of duct tape!

You’ll also need a few markers

It’s important to also get a few markers for labeling boxes. Most markers would do. However, make sure to get darker markers that are easy to see. For example, a light pink marker probably wouldn’t be that visible on a moving box. Labeling boxes can be very helpful for keeping track of boxes and knowing what side is up. So adding a few markers to your list of supplies is a must!

Scissors may not be a supply but they’re a must

Another thing you should get is scissors. But let’s be honest, you probably already have scissors somewhere in your home. However, if your scissors are dull you might want to consider getting another pair. Dull scissors can make it hard to cut bubble wrap and duct tape. So if you don’t have good scissors, it’s would probably be best to get new ones. And if you do already have some, grab your scissors, and let’s move on!

Honorable mentions

There are a few more supplies that some people need while some people don’t. That’s why we decided to clump them together all in one category. These supplies are usually not necessary but can be helpful:

  • Plastic covers
  • Cotton covers
  • Plastic wrap
  • Packing peanuts

Your list of supplies probably won’t have to include any of these, but they can be helpful in some cases. For example, if you’re moving in the rain, you’ll benefit from plastic covers. Each item has its use in moving and you just have to think about whether you’d benefit from purchasing any of them.

A woman unwrapping her couch.
Plastic covers and other miscellaneous supplies can sometimes be very helpful!

Create your packing supplies shopping list before you go shopping

Making a list before going shopping for supplies is very important. That said, your list of packing supplies should contain all of the necessary supplies mentioned above. If you feel like there’s something else you might need, add it to the list! But make sure to, at least, get the very basics. Packing is so much quicker and easier with all the proper supplies!

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