The essential moving timeline for a successful KY move

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If we could attach a certain word to the moving process the most appropriate one would definitely be – organization. Each person who has ever moved before can witness we are right about our statement. Thus, be sure to realize that each move is complex in its own way and nothing can be done without proper planning and organization. One of the key points is to create the essential moving timeline that would lead you through the process. Relying on relocation assistance Kentucky is a crucial part of your timeline among many other things as well. Therefore, after creating a timeline try to stick to it in order to complete your relocation successfully. After all, your goal is a success with minimum stress involved.

Why should you create the essential moving timeline in the first place?

Well, obviously, you need the least stress possible during the move and the best possible organization of the relocation process. Why leave certain things last minute? It will only increase stress and anxiety. Also, this will distract you from much bigger tasks that demand your attention. Most importantly, will you be satisfied with the results? On the other hand, it’s not always good to complete everything too early. For instance, you may be left with no internet or cable for some time prior to your move. With all this in mind, a basic moving timeline will be of great help to avoid any type of mistake that can cause multiple problems. Hence, have no doubt that this is the right step in achieving great results.

What should be the starting point in your timeline?

To be certain things will go just like you have planned, the essential moving timeline should relate to the period of 3 months before the actual move. Thus, the earlier you start with your preparation for the move the easier it will be. If you search for advice local movers Kentucky will tell you the same thing. Hence, make a detailed plan for these 3 months so that you have time for everything, even for moments of rest with family and friends.

3 months before the move

To tell you the truth, if you start this early with the preparation, you are doomed to succeed in your endeavors. You have time to start with certain things that won’t distract the process as the moving day approaches.

  • decluttering
  • collecting packing materials
  • creating a moving budget
  • devote time to your children

Get rid of unnecessary items

As decluttering is one of the essential parts of the packing process, now is the time to start dealing with it. Since we all have plenty of things in our homes we don’t often use or never use, there’s no need to even consider packing and transporting these items. Why should you increase the moving costs? As a result, decluttering can begin. Go from room to room and check your things. Believe us, you will be surprised to find out you are the owner of certain long-forgotten things. Therefore, put all these items in three piles.

The first relates to things that can’t be used again and should end up in the trash. Junk removal Kentucky can be of great help in this situation. The second one is the things you no longer need and you should give them away to someone. Your neighbors, friends, relatives, or maybe someone in need. Also, you can contact many organizations in your community that will welcome your help. Finally, the last pile is the things in a good state that can bring you additional money. Thus, you have enough time to organize the sales of those things. Maybe a garage sale is a solution or sale through the internet.

Start collecting packing supplies

Preparing all packing materials is crucial for your packing process. Thus, it’s a good idea to do this well ahead of time. What you need most are the boxes, packing papers, bubble wrap, tape, and packing peanuts among many other materials. You can try finding certain supplies for free in bookstores, liquor stores, and supermarkets. Still, in case of valuable and fragile items buy high-quality materials for better protection. Moreover, you may check if movers Independence Kentucky offer packing supplies so that you can count on their supplies which would save you a lot of time.

a red tape and packing peanuts in the box
Get all the packing supplies on time so that your packing process may begin on time.

How much money do you need?

Due to the current economic crisis don’t be surprised by the costs of the relocation. Thus, by creating your moving budget you’ll be able to see what services you can afford and what movers will be suitable for you. Still, be certain that moving on your own won’t be significantly cheaper. Just think of the costs of fuel when renting a truck. No matter how expensive it may be, hiring moving companies in Lexington KY is the essential point of a successful move. Furthermore, true professionals are always ready to adjust the services and costs to your needs and possibilities. Especially when contacting them on time.

Talk to your kids and find a new school

Prepare your kids for the relocation. Expect they may get anxious. It’s hard leaving behind everything familiar, especially friends. Just give them time. Furthermore, if you have school-aged kids find a new school together. Also, ask the current teachers for advice.

6 weeks before the move

As the time slowly approaches remember to complete other tasks that will influence your moving process. At this point, you should find the moving company that will fulfill your requirements.

  • decide how you will move
  • research the moving companies
  • book the movers

Move on your own or with the help of movers

A never-ending question. First, you must decide what is most suitable in terms of time, effort, and money. After observing all the facts make a decision. We are certain you will realize that relying on residential moving companies Kentucky is your best option. After all, moving on your own is too demanding and time-consuming. As for the costs, they are not as small as you may think at the beginning.

A mover taking inventory on time as the essential moving timeline for successful move
Hire professionals and have a stress-free moving process

Is it hard to find a moving company?

Start with searching the internet. Moreover, you may ask for recommendations. Read the company’s reviews. Remember to find at least three companies that you consider the best. Then, contact them asking for a free estimate. Only then will you be able to decide what company is most suitable. Furthermore, check if your potential company has insurance and licenses.

Book your movers

Hiring movers on time is evidently imperative when creating the essential moving timeline. If you book movers Covington KY this early then you are on the right path to save money and have a quality move. In most cases, the best movers are quite busy. Hence, you must book them early. Also, they offer discounts in these cases. After booking your movers, you can devote your time to other tasks calmly knowing you have your partners at your disposal for whatever doubt you may have.

1 month before the move

We can freely say this is an essential stage in your moving process.

  • spread the news of the relocation
  • collect the essential documents
  • consider the new furniture
monthly January planner that can serve you well when creating the essential moving timeline
Stick to the essential moving timeline and take the necessary steps to perform the tasks.

Its time for everyone to know about the move

One month before the relocation is definitely the essential moving timeline for revealing the new address. Your new address should reach everyone who needs to send you important documents or something else. Also, start notifying the utilities, your bank, an insurance provider, and others who need your new address.

You need documents on time

There are many things you need to collect that concern the whole family, even your pets. Start by collecting your children’s school certificates and medical records for the whole family. In case you have pets, visit the vet and take the necessary records. Also, ask for advice since it is demanding moving with pets. Take any prescriptions necessary. Not just for the pet, but for the entire family as well. You may need certain medications during the next couple of weeks.

Will you move your old furniture?

In case your furniture is too old or damaged the need to buy a new one is evident. Moreover, when moving long distances there’s no need to have moving companies Florence KY move your heavy furniture across the country. Hence, start buying the new one and you can arrange for your new furniture to be delivered to your new destination after the relocation.

 3 weeks before the move

You are getting closer. But as you will see when following your essential relocation timeline no need to feel stressed. You have time for everything.

  • packing
  • asking for a day off from work 
  • visiting a mechanic

This is the time to start packing

First of all, start packing the items you don’t need right away such as clothing, books, and collectibles. Leave the essential things for last. Pay special attention to the protection of your items. On the contrary, you may use the services of the moving companies Georgetown KY and have professional packers handle your things with utmost care. Of course, it will all depend on your moving budget.

a couple packing things in boxes
Use all adequate materials to pack your belongings making sure they are ready to reach safely your new home.

You need a day off

Make sure to contact your superiors and ask for a day off from work on a moving day. If possible even two or three days would be quite good. Still, it all depends on your current situation at work.

Will you travel by car?

In case you travel by car, it is time to visit your mechanic and take your car to check what services are necessary. After all, you need a safe car for a moving day. Especially if you are moving long distances since you don’t want to risk problems on a moving day.

1 week before the move

By now, most of the tasks should be already completed. After following a timeline for your upcoming relocation you are basically left to clean the current and new home. Since most of the things should be packed, you can do the cleaning of the current home. Hence, it shouldn’t be too difficult. As for the new place, arrange the cleaning. If not too far, you can do it yourself. Still, if it’s too far from your current destination, hire someone to clean it. Certainly, you want to move in with your belongings in a neat home.

a man cleaning the mirror in the bathroom
Remember to leave your current home neat. After your items are packed in boxes this shouldn’t be a difficult task.

1 day before the move

The time has come for a final touch.

  • check your inventory – Avoid any confusion and double-check your inventory. Make sure everything is packed.
  • pack an essential box – Pack toothbrushes, toilet paper, medications, coffeemaker, clothes, towels, and other items you need the moment you enter the new home.
  • defrost your refrigerator – After defrosting, clean it and pack your food properly.

Moving day

First, wake up on time and dress in comfortable clothes. In case you are moving on your own, it will be an exhausting day for you. Be ready to carry the boxes, load the truck, drive your belongings to the new place, and unload them. Meanwhile, you should protect yourself from injuries and your things from damage and scratches. On the contrary, if you have hired movers Newport NY you can watch how true professionals do the job.

two men standing next to each other holding cardboard boxes
Good movers and their skillful staff will make your moving day a pleasant experience.

Good organization and a well-defined timeline are the keys to a successful relocation

Altogether, creating the essential moving timeline is one of the most important aspects of well-prepared relocation. Besides, moving and packing checklists may be of great help too. In other words, analyze every step and the time and stick to it. Do everything on time. Not too soon and not too late. Only then will you end up being satisfied and feeling relaxed knowing you are on the right path. Your timeline will lead you slowly to the moving day and satisfaction is inevitable.  

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