The benefits of living in Covington KY


    When you seek to find a new city to call your home, you have to choose carefully. Moving into a different environment often means you have to adapt to it. However, some cities might be closer to your lifestyle than you think. While some cities offer a fast-paced lifestyle, others might cherish the tranquility and peace more. Now, if you decided that you want to move to Covington, Kentucky, we advise hiring moving companies in Kentucky to help you relocate with ease. Furthermore, today we are going to talk about the benefits of living in Covington KY. Hopefully, this guide will shine a light on what you can do there before you decide to move.

    What are the benefits of living in Covington KY?

    So, you are thinking about moving to the city of Covington, Kentucky? Covington is a city in Kenton County in the state of Kentucky. It lies on two rivers, Ohio and Licking River. Only two miles away from Cincinnati, this city of 41.000 residents has many families and younger professionals living in it.

    a house on the hill with a pasture below it as one of many benefits of living in Covington, KY
    Breathtaking views, a lot of history, and a tightly knit community are just some of the things that make Covington a great place to live in

    What was once the national tobacco industry center is now a growing city that is quite affordable and proud of its Catholic background. Moreover, Covington brags about its history, culture, and events they have throughout the year.


    The first, out of many benefits of living in Covington KY, is its affordability. For instance, the median home value in the city is $111.500, while the median rent is around $720 per month. The median home value is double the amount of the national average, being at $217.500. Furthermore, due to the low rental rates, the majority of the population (54%) is renting their homes. However, the median household income is around $44.000. So, if affordability plays a big factor in your life, hire movers Covington KY to help you relocate.

    Wherever you go, you will find history

    One of the biggest benefits of living in Covington KY, if you are a history buff, is the overall history of the place that follows you wherever you go. For instance, the city has over 19 districts. Out of those 19 districts, 12 of them have a high historical value to the city.

    a bike near an old suitcase with old photographs inside it
    Covington has a long and rich history and wherever you go, you will encounter it

    If you plan on moving with residential moving companies Kentucky, know that there is a lot of history that awaits you when you arrive. The strong Catholic Church presence still exists today, as well. Furthermore, the city was once the central hub for products like:

    • Tobacco and cigars
    • Iron fences
    • Distilleries
    • Glassworks
    • Stove factories, etc.

    One of the biggest benefits of living in Covington KY is the family-friendly lifestyle

    Finally, one of the final benefits of living in Covington KY that we are going to talk about is the way your family will have no trouble fitting in the lifestyle of the local residents. On top of that, the schooling system in the area allows you to carefully choose what is best for your children. The Covington Independent Public School District is, in fact, one of the largest educational districts in all of Kentucky. Besides that, you and your family will surely enjoy summer in Northern Kentucky as the whole state has beautiful parks, countryside, and landmarks to give.

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