Summertime relocation guide for beginners – Milwaukee edition


    Moving can be challenging and complicated. You need to start preparing on time, and you need to plan everything in advance. But sometimes, no matter how much you plan some things you can not control. And when you are moving during summer, in the peak season for movers and packers such as Strong-Ass Movers, you can expect humid and hot days. And since you can not plan them in advance, you can prepare the best you can. In this summertime relocation guide, you will learn that summers in Milwaukee are warm and humid, and temperatures can actually be higher in the evening than during the day!

    According to the summertime relocation guide, you should know that this is the peak season for moving

    The first and the most important thing that you need to know is that the peak of the moving season is in the summer. Most of the relocations are done during summer and that means that prices go up. Start searching for moving companies Milwaukee on time, at least a month in advance. choose your moving date, book reliable movers, and start preparing. You should contact them just to confirm the moving date and all the details. There are a lot of summertime moving guides, but we will provide you with the best tips!

    man and women by moving van following summertime relocation guide
    Make sure to dress appropriately for your summertime relocation

    Choose a moving date wisely

    During the summer when movers are usually overbooked, it is important to choose a moving date wisely. When you want to hire local movers Milwaukee, ask them about their available dates. During the summer, moving companies won’t be able to be flexible, so you need to do your best and finish everything in time. The best dates to move during the summertime are in the middle of the month and in the middle of the week. Most people choose to move on weekends, and weekdays stay available for a long period of time. Also, the middle of the month is ideal according to many summer relocation guides.

    Pro-tip in this summertime relocation guide – prices will go up!

    When you start making your budget for the relocation, take into consideration that the prices will go up. If you did not sign a binding moving estimate with your long distance movers Milwaukee, you can expect the price to go up. So, once you find the right movers, sign the contract with them. Or you will only end up paying more for the relocation. Following a summer moving guide can be helpful, and it can save you money. Make sure to ask your movers what is included in the price!

    line showing how prices will go up
    Relocation prices will go up during the summer months

    Prepare in advance for a summertime move

    Although you can not know how warm it will be in Milwaukee during the summer, not the exact temperature, you can prepare in advance. The most important and time-consuming task is to pack your whole home. People often underestimate how much time they will actually need to pack everything. And since the weather can be unpredictable, you need to make sure that you are done with packing a couple of days before your actual moving date.

    Pack an essentials bag

    Packing an essential box or a bag is a very important task and should be part of every relocation. No matter if the relocation is during the summer or the winter. But, an essential bag in the summer should contain clean clothes and towels since those are the most important things you will need. Also, packing additional wipes, something for disinfection is important. Once you have these things inside your bag you should pack toiletries and linens. Once you arrive at your new home, you will be able to take a shower and change your clothes, and if we are being honest that will be the best thing you can do after a long, hot day!

    Moving during the summer can be challenging

    Preparation for the moving day is essential. Considering the fact that your movers will be doing a lot of heavy lifting, they will need breaks and fresh, cold water. If you are moving your office and you hired commercial movers Milwaukee, make sure that you have enough cold drinks and snacks at your office. Ideally, you should turn on your ca and cool off the inside of your office or your home. It will help and speed up the move a lot.

    person pouring drinks
    Make sure that you have fresh, cold drinks available

    Also, preparing a couple of bags of ice, cold, wet towels, and portable fans will truly help your movers. Also, this will help your relocation since they will be able to take a break, cool off, and continue with the relocation. This is one of the most important tips from the summertime relocation guide that you need to remember. If you want to be well prepared you can offer them sunscreen as a way to additional protect themselves.

    Make sure to take care of yourself and your family

    You will be running around the whole day. But don’t forget to take care of yourself and your family as well. You need to take short breaks and relax. Especially if the weather is extremely warm and humid. Try to sleep the night before your relocation, eat well, and make sure that you are hydrated. You will spend the whole day on your feet and that will exhaust you. If you have pets make sure that they have access to fresh water all day. Set a reminder on your phone to our them freshwater, or make sure that someone is taking good care of them.

    Make sure to follow every step of the summertime relocation guide

    Keep in mind that getting snacks and fresh cold water and juices will be an additional expense to your moving budget, so make sure to add them in advance. Also, start looking for free estimates, and check with your movers their availability. Those are some additional and important tips to your summertime moving guide, so you can handle your relocation like a pro. If you implement all of them, you can be sure that you will have stress-free and easy relocation, even in the summer! 

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