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Moving far away from your current location seems like a very stressful and, at times, impossible endeavor. At Strong-Ass Movers, we don’t believe in the word impossible. We find it our job to help you have a seamless and trouble-free relocation even when moving to a distant location. Rely on our Kentucky long distance movers during your upcoming household or commercial relocation, as we are fully equipped and licensed to help you carry out your move. Contact us once you decide to move and let us provide you with an accurate moving quote after which you can proceed to schedule your moving day with our team.

A woman calling Kentucky long distance movers.
Make the best decision for your upcoming relocation and contact Strong-Ass Movers.

Why choose Kentucky long distance movers?

Well, among so many companies in the market you need someone different, someone capable of satisfying all your needs. Strong-Ass Movers stand out with its experience, knowledge, and professionalism. We are completely sure that we are your best choice. Hence, search no more. Let us show you how valuable we are in executing your relocation. One thing you should be certain about us is that the satisfaction of our clients is our absolute priority. Moreover, what makes us different than others is that we do care about your opinion. As a matter of fact, you are the one guiding the process. As for us, we are here to adjust to your individual needs and possibilities.

Rely on our staff in conducting your relocation with success

We here at Strong-Ass Movers have paid a lot of attention when composing our moving team. Our mission was to hire the most capable and trained movers we could find. That’s how we know our long distance movers in Kentucky will be able to handle any job you throw at them. Not only do they have sufficient experience and expertise, but they have also passed background checks with flying colors. We don’t accept anything but the best, and neither should you.

Moreover, our drivers have enough experience to opt for the best and safest routes on their way to your new destination. Hence, no need to worry since there’s a minimum risk of delays. Our staff will always go for secure solutions since our company avoids needless risks. We won’t do anything to compromise the safety of your belongings.

How to get in touch with us

In case you are interested in finding reliable partners for your move feel free to contact your long distance moving company Kentucky. Call us via phone or fill out the quote form on our website and in no time you will get a free moving estimate. Hopefully, you will be satisfied with our offer and then you are left to let us coordinate and plan your move. Meanwhile, handle other tasks in order to complete the relocation without complications. Be certain our well-trained personnel will come up with the best strategy to conduct the relocation.

Strong-Ass Movers are determined to help you have a successful relocation

As a business, we have many goals and aspirations. But one of our main desires is to change the way people think of relocation. We want to provide our customers with budget-friendly and on-time services that will result in a successful relocation. With that thought in mind, we have created a range of useful moving services in Kentucky that will provide you with the necessary assistance no matter the circumstances. Thus, we give you the possibility of choosing among a variety of amazing services.

Naturally, we have a special long distance moving team in Kentucky that bravely tackles one of the most intricate relocation types. Just because this endeavor is a difficult one doesn’t mean that we will shy away from it. Quite the contrary – our team bravely handles even the most difficult moving tasks, as our name itself suggests what type of movers you will be dealing with.

The distance creates no problem for our experienced team of people

No matter where you are heading, we guarantee your items will reach your new destination fast and in perfect condition. Though some may tell you that you need no professional help when moving locally we advise you to think it through. Local moves are almost equally difficult as long distance ones. Miles are just increasing the difficulties and price. Thus, you may expect security, safety, and convenience when making us your allies. Our qualified team will guide you through the whole process and provide the necessary support every step of the way.

Strong-Ass Movers will treat your items with utmost care

We are to relocate your household items and office items with the same devotion and care. Hence, be certain that our personnel is qualified enough to manage all types of your belongings. Even the large, heavy, and valuable items present no problem for our professional movers Kentucky.

Have you realized that packing is too tiresome for you?

In case you did, it is time to let our staff handle the packing process in both your home and office. You can count on the best quality packing supplies since we invest in our equipment and materials as well as in our staff. Furthermore, our company provides the best packing strategies. Additionally, a packing timeline is something we set at the very beginning. Let’s not forget the priorities. We strongly believe these things are truly relevant to achieve the best results and maximum protection of your belongings. For instance, we can decide to start packing room by room, which is a quite good technique.

Kentucky long distance movers and its representative holding a box while leaning on the other in an empty room
Kentucky long distance movers have the best team always ready to go beyond your expectations.

Additional services can ease up the relocation process

Of course, we are not here to force you to choose us or any other company. If you think you can handle everything on your own we respect that. However, the physical aspect of the move is quite difficult and there’s always a possibility of someone getting injured. Therefore, we suggest you use our labor-only services and rely on our staff to help you load and unload your things.

Use another convenience in a variety of situations

Strong-Ass Movers and its team are ready to come to your home and remove the junk created in numerous cases:

  • home and office renovation and remodeling
  • cleaning your attics, basements, yards
  • decluttering
  • settling in
  • staging your house for sale

With our Kentucky long distance movers, no moving problem will be too big

Every moving endeavor can be categorized as either simple or complex. Strong-Ass Movers will take on a job of any proportion. Our long distance movers in Kentucky are trained and skilled, which is why they can easily solve even the biggest problems that occur during relocation. Moreover, we don’t let the difficult circumstances of your move have any effect on our team. You might find it impossible to relocate a huge couch through a narrow hallway or down three flights of stairs – but rest assured that our movers will be able to find the optimal solution for even the most complicated situations. 

Living room furniture.
Leave the bulkiest items in our complete care.

Our long distance movers in Kentucky will provide your items with unmatched safety

When it comes to our company, we find moving safety to be the most important factor. We know that many people have either heard of or experienced certain moving scams. With incompetent movers, your items will be put in great danger. But with our Kentucky long distance movers, your most precious belongings will enjoy a royal treatment. Our moving team will treat your items with the same care and attention that they would put into their own property. With no scrapes or missing or damaged items, you’ll get to experience complete satisfaction.

Our moving specialists will, first and foremost, take care of your items. But at the same time, we’ll take good care of your property – both the new one and the old one. We will ensure that no harm comes to your floors and walls by practicing the best moving techniques. When it comes to protecting our customers and their property, we have a perfect track record.

We are fully equipped and possess well-maintained moving equipment

Strong-Ass Movers is a company that has always strived to provide excellent services in every sense of the word. That’s why we knew that employing trained movers in Kentucky wasn’t going to be enough. But we knew that magic happens once qualified movers handle well-maintained equipment. Thus, we have secured modern moving equipment and spacious moving trucks.

A stack of dollar bills.
See for yourself that reliable Kentucky long distance movers can come at an affordable price.

We might offer world-class services, but we certainly don’t expect you to pay a luxurious price. Instead, all of our moving services come at a reasonable price that respects the level of care our movers put into your move but also shows care for your budget. We believe that we have found the perfect balance, but we’ll leave it up to you to make the final call. Contact us for a free moving estimate and we have no doubt you will proceed to book a moving date with us.

What to expect from life in Kentucky?

Are you worried Kentucky is the place that won’t fulfill your expectations? Well, there’s no need to even consider this. Kentucky is a truly wonderful place where everyone who adores rock climbing, hiking, camping, kayaking, and off-road adventures will find real satisfaction and happiness. As the place with a low crime rate, well below the national average, families with kids will be delighted. In case you are a fan of horses and horse racing, this is an additional reason to make Kentucky your new home. This is the world capital of horses with more than 450 horse farms.

Cumberland River in Kentucky
The beauty and opportunities of Kentucky are extraordinary.

Most importantly, at least for many families, it’s good to know that the overall costs of living in Kentucky are around 21% lower than in other surrounding countries. The median home cost is $145, 230 which makes it quite possible to become a homeowner. On the other hand, the average rent of a one-bedroom apartment is almost $600.

Successful relocation is only a phone call away

Altogether, our professional Kentucky long distance movers will provide you with the support that you need during the relocation process. With Strong-Ass Movers by your side, you will experience a meticulous move and will get your things completely safe and in excellent condition. Have no doubts we will adjust our services to your needs and your budget won’t suffer a serious strike after hiring us, your faithful partners. Your choice is whether you will use a partial or full moving service. Whatever you decide, our company guarantees you will end up being satisfied. Thus, you shouldn’t wait for your relocation to become a stressful process before you decide to seek help. Instead, contact us and experience a blissful move with efficient, effective, and expeditious movers. Our hope is for you to be 100% satisfied with our moving services at the end of the day, and we will always strive to surpass even the highest of expectations. Apply for a free quote today!

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