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Whether you are moving locally or long-distance within Kentucky or looking for reliable movers in Cincinnati OH and Milwaukee WI, we got you covered. Strong-Ass Movers are here to provide you with partial or full-service moving solutions in order for you to experience a smooth and streamlined relocation process. Contact us today, apply for a free moving quote and prepare to receive some of the best moving services Kentucky has ever seen!


local Moving

Relocate with ease and joy by hiring our capable & polite local movers in Kentucky, Cincinnati OH, or Milwaukee WI.


long distance moving

Experience a seamless long-distance relocation with the well-organized & proficient guidance of Strong-Ass Movers.


Residential Moving

Ensure your household is relocated with the utmost care by hiring one of the best residential moving companies in Kentucky.


Commercial Moving

Coordinate a swift and cost-effective relocation of your business with the assistance of our commercial movers.


packing services

Save time and ensure the safety of even the most delicate items during the move with our top-quality packing solutions.


labor only

Let Strong-Ass Movers bring in the extra muscle you need to load and unload the truck and make your move simpler.

Getting the necessary help during your upcoming relocation will be of utmost importance for the final outcome of the process. Many people realize the importance of versatile moving services in Kentucky only after they start experiencing different moving problems. You shouldn’t let the situation become difficult before you decide to do something about it. Instead, you should contact Strong-Ass Movers and be provided with some of the most useful moving services Kentucky has to offer. Our moving teams will provide you with high-quality and cost-effective moving services that will enable you to have a seamless relocation to your new location. It will be our pleasure to provide you with a free and accurate moving quote that will help you plan out your moving budget.

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Have an entire team of strong and competent movers working side-by-side with you.

Strong-Ass Movers is a licensed and insured provider of premier moving services Kentucky

When it comes to a process as important as relocation, you should never settle for the second-best option. What you need to do is spot a licensed, insured, and bonded moving professional who can offer those moving services that you deem necessary. If you are looking for reliable, trained, and qualified movers and a company with a rich range of moving services, you ought to turn to our company. At Strong-Ass Movers, we provide Kentucky’s, Cincinnati’s, and Milwaukee’s residents with:

We never force you to include any of our additional moving services in your moving package. We are here to provide only as much assistance as you need. Feel free to guide the entire process while having useful assistance from our movers every step of the way.

Have an easy move within Kentucky with our local moving team

There’s a lot of truth behind the general opinion that local relocations are easy. They can be nothing more than a slight distraction in your life – but you need a good moving team in order for that to happen. There’s no place for worries of any kind, as our local Kentucky movers are reporting for duty. Our team will help you go through your residential or commercial relocation in Kentucky in such a way that you’ll feel silly for worrying about the process in the first place.

Move to a distant location by relying on Strong-Ass Movers

Every long-distance relocation will require a lot of time, patience, and energy. You might not feel up for spending days and weeks of your life handling relocation tasks, but that’s just another day in the office for our long-distance movers in Kentucky. Our team of highly trained professionals will ensure that all of your items arrive from point A to point B without any damage. Packing your items, loading them into the moving truck, and driving them to the new location all constitute a full-service move that you can get with our team.

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Get where you need to be with some of the best moving services Kentucky has to offer.

Experience an easy household move with our team

There are many different reasons why residential relocation is such a difficult process. At Strong-Ass Movers, we know that you will be dealing with plenty of different emotions all throughout the process. That’s why our residential movers will show understanding for everything that you are going through and will provide you with complete support. We can help you move out of a one-bedroom home or a three-story house, as we are fully equipped for moving endeavors of all types. Nothing is too difficult for our Kentucky, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee movers.

Provide your business with premier moving services in Kentucky

Time is of the essence when it comes to the success of any business relocation. Since the future of your entire business depends on how quickly you can get back to your regular proceedings, you need to make sure you relocate all of your commercial possessions in the optimal time. That’s precisely what our commercial movers in Kentucky will help you do. Our movers will create the optimal and tailored plan for your commercial relocation. You will find our movers to work efficiently while ensuring the complete safety of your belongings in the process. Once you pair a quick move with a safe move, you get the perfect moving experience. Just like the one we can provide.

Pay for as much help as you need with our labor-only Kentucky moving services

Strong-Ass Movers is a full-service relocation professional. However, we don’t impose any of our moving services Kentucky on you. Instead, we give you the option of hiring our labor-only moving team. Our labor-only Kentucky, Milwaukee, or Cincinnati movers will lend a helping hand with the loading/unloading of your items. We will be the muscle behind your moving project, helping you stay away from any moving injuries. With a firm hand and a tender touch, our labor-only movers will take excellent care of your possessions.

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Give your items the care and attention that they deserve by turning to Strong-Ass Movers.

Our furniture movers will relocate all of your pieces

It doesn’t matter whether you have a heavy sofa that needs to be relocated or a bunch of fragile items – our furniture movers in Kentucky will take excellent care of all of your pieces. Our movers have sufficient experience, as they have spent years in the moving industry. With every successful relocation, our furniture movers have gathered precious insights that today allow them to handle all of your pieces in the right way. In fact, our furniture moving team is so successful that furniture relocation is one of our most popular moving services in Kentucky.

Entrust Strong-Ass Movers with complete or partial packing of your belongings

There is no doubt that packing is one of the most complicated relocation tasks around. Many people have nightmares at the mere thought of having to pack all of the items they have in their possession. It goes without saying that we don’t want you to have any nightmares related to your relocation. Thus, we offer you a chance to include packing services in your moving package. Our movers and packers in Kentucky can pack all of your belongings or only tackle some groups of items. As always, only you decide how much of our assistance you require.

All of our Kentucky moving services are only a phone call away

Moving is considered one of the most stressful events a person has to go through. However, we here at Strong-Ass Movers don’t believe that moving has to be so complicated. That’s why we put some of the best moving services Kentucky has to offer at your full disposal. By giving us a call and requesting a free moving quote, you would be letting us help you handle the most intricate parts of your move. A full-service moving experience is only a phone call away.

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