Room-by-room packing guidelines from professionals

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When you need to move, you might not be sure what to do first. Besides finding the right moving company such as Strong-Ass Movers, you’re probably thinking about how to pack. But – what is the right way to start? Today we give you room-by-room packing guidelines from professionals. In this way, you will be more organized and move more efficiently.

Where to start when you begin room-by-room packing?

If you’re not sure where to start with room-by-room packing, make a plan first. A moving plan will help you know where to begin, and you’ll be ready once your local movers Cincinnati OH arrive. Keep in mind that the living room can be a little more complicated to move from the dining room or the bedroom. This is simply because of all those electronics and small items such as figurines, DVDs, and books. This guide will help you organize and pack small and large items efficiently and effectively.

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It’s extremely important to prepare well for room-by-room packing.

Sorting, selection, and simplification

If you move far away, first make sure you call your long distance movers Cincinnati on time. Then, go into the room you want to pack first. In the beginning, it is necessary to sort things out and get rid of unnecessary things as much as possible. Go through each drawer and on each shelf to determine which items will be moved and which can be donated or sold at a garage sale.

Then, remove and pack all pictures and mirrors from the walls, including curtains, budgets, and blinds. For paintings and original art that are valuable, you may want to hire professional packing services. Use a wardrobe for curtains and drapes. Remove the curtains and put them in a box. If a wardrobe box is not available, carefully fold the curtains and place them in the drawer.

Lamps, vases, electronics, etc.

It’s a good idea to pack all the fragile things next. Make sure you use plenty of packaging materials to ensure that the items are well-protected. Careful packaging is essential for all electronics. If you have retained the operating instructions that came with each device, see the startup and packaging section. Also, if you keep the original box, that’s pretty much all you need. But if you threw out the boxes, there is a way to avoid stress. You can always contact the manufacturer to see if they can send you a “return box” – something you would use if the device needed servicing.

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For paintings and original art that are valuable, you may want to hire professional packing services.

How to pack books?

Books can be packed in boxes of different sizes, but put a protective wrap on each next row, which will protect the books from moisture and dirt. Any book that may have cost a lot, is either an antique or has sentimental value should be wrapped in foil or bubble wrap. You can also put them in a bag, and then in a box. Pack photos in separate boxes. It would also be best to put them in bags first, and then in boxes. Cover the framed photos with a protective layer of paper or foil. Indicate on the box that there are frames there so that you know that the box should be handled with special care.

Furniture and upholstery

TV cabinet: If your cabinet has a glass door, try to remove it before moving. If that is not possible, protect them well, so that they do not open during movement. The changing company may want to fold the cabinet into the substrate before loading it on the truck.

Sofas, chairs, ottomans, and other upholstered pieces: The moving company will cut all upholstered items to ensure that they do not get dirty or fall off while moving. Make sure that someone’s items, such as pillows and cushions, are packed separately in a box. If you are moving, learn how to move the couch or couch.

Coffee tables: If items have doors or drawers, make sure they are secured. The corners can be protected from impact with cardboard protectors that can be obtained from a company that is changing or renting.

Rugs: You may want to professionally clean your carpets before moving them. Close the carpets and secure them with plastic ties, and then put them in large plastic bags. Your mobile company or supply store can provide you with bags that are large enough to accommodate your carpets. If in doubt, does a moving company pick up your more expensive rugs?

Living room furniture.
Disassemble the furniture in the living room if possible.

Piano: The piano should be moved with a special trigger to ensure that they are not damaged during the transition. If you’re moving, learn how to move the piano without hurting yourself. Also, keep in mind that when you move into your new home, the piano will need to be professionally tuned.

Packing fragile items

Take the light bulbs out of the lamps and chandeliers and wrap each part separately in the newspaper, and pack them together in a box. Fill the empty space between all fragile and sensitive items with paper or newspaper. Disassemble the furniture in the living room if possible. If not, protect any protruding parts, such as legs or nylon backrests. Also, protect upholstered pieces of furniture. Cover glass tables with a sponge, towels, or blankets. Disassemble the shelves and pack all the parts together.

How to pack clothes?

First, decide what things you will need until you move. Especially if you are going on a long journey. Get clothes boxes. If you fail, ordinary ones will serve as well. Before stacking clothes in boxes, place nylon that will be longer than the box itself. When you put the clothes together, cover the stuff with the rest of the nylon, then close the box and glue it. Secure each box that is heavier with additional tape, especially at the bottom! Pack the shoes either in the original boxes, and if you don’t have them, put them in ordinary ones, and wrap each pair in paper or foil beforehand.

Now you know how room-by-room packing works, all you need to do is get started! Good luck and contact Strong-Ass Movers if you need some help!

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