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Moving to another city or state can be overwhelming to anyone, but this is especially true for children leaving everything they’ve known for the frightening unknown. We always talk about how necessary preparation is for a successful relocation and when we add small children to the equation, this becomes twice as important. This is why you must know some things about preparing to move long distance with children.

Many new parents don’t have experience with this kind of endeavor, as it’s not something they go through often. For this reason, we have prepared this article where we want to give all parents with small kids some good advice for a relocation that will reduce the stress and anxiety that often comes with it. With relocation assistance Kentucky and this guide, you’ll be ready for everything. Now, let’s get a move on.

Before anything starts changing you should talk to your kids about it

No matter how old your kids are, moving long-distance will present some challenges for them. Young kids, especially those of preschool age, babies, and toddlers, like the comfort of familiar places and people they know. Older children and teenagers will feel stress and fear connected to leaving their friends and school. To prepare your kids for this type of move and all the challenges that come with it, you should talk to them about the upcoming changes.

When you move long distance with children it's crucial you talk to them about it - an image of than situation
Talk to your kids, answer every question and explain to them everything they might struggle to understand

First and foremost, help them understand the reason why you’re moving. Adapt the explanation and language you use to their age and don’t stop explaining until you see that they fully understand what’s going on.  If your kids are too small to understand, you could create a story with toys to tell them about some interesting things they will see in their new home to get them excited. This way, when movers Covington KY arrive, kids will know that the adventure is about to begin. If your new home is not far away, try visiting it with your kids a couple of times to reduce the fear of the unknown. It will help them get used to it and have an easier transition. The most important thing is that they know at all times they have your support.

When you move long distance with children do your best to keep your routine the same

It won’t be easy to avoid all the chaos when you start dealing with different moving tasks. You’ll be swamped with usual everyday obligations on top of which you’ll have to plan the move, schedule Kentucky long distance movers, get moving supplies, declutter, and pack. Try as much as you can to maintain your children’s routine during this time. This can help reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety, and their old routine will help them feel in control. Do the same after you’ve relocated to your new home. It will make it seem like not a lot is changing.

No matter how little your kids are, don’t underestimate how much they can understand. Be there for them, talk about everything, and include them in what’s happening. Do your best to answer every question they might have so they know you’re all working for this together.

Include your kids in moving preparations

Of course, if your kids are toddlers they can’t help you pack. But if you manage to make a play out of some parts of the process, they won’t feel anxious and confused about what’s happening. Teach your kids from a very young age that their opinion is important. Talk to them, ask them for their opinion, even though they might not understand most of the things you’re saying. Let your toddler choose the colors of labels for moving boxes. Give them a small box to touch and play with while you’re packing. They need to feel included.

Kids playing
When you move long distance with children keeping their old routine will help reduce their fear of the unknown

If you think you might not have enough time or energy to include your kids, think about hiring residential moving companies Kentucky for packing services as well. This way you can be next to your child at all times and talk to them while professional movers are doing all the work.

If your kids are older, give them several simple tasks they can do. You can ask them to pack their toys or sort out their clothes before the move. Have them do some research or read about the places you’re going to visit. Maybe even include them in organizing a going-away party.

Ask friends or family members to help you move long distance with children

We are perfectly aware you can’t do ten things at the same time. Not to mention how complicated and hard this process is if you’re a single parent. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Ask a family member or a friend to come and play with your kid or help you pack. In case you’re relocating your business as well and have to move important documents, office supplies, and appliances, think about hiring commercial movers Kentucky. It will mean a lot since you’ll be less stressed knowing all your work materials are handled by professionals. In the meantime, you and your friends, and/or family members can work on getting your home and children ready for a long-distance move.

Invest time to choose a reputable and reliable moving company

Relying on moving assistance can save you from most of the stress that comes with moving with kids with children. However, make sure you do some research before choosing a moving company. Unfortunately, there’re many fraudulent moving companies out there you have to avoid. Get familiar with common moving scams so you can recognize them easily if you encounter them.

kid playing in a box
Let your kids play as much as possible throughout the moving process. If they’re having fun everything will be easier for them.

By hiring reputable movers Frankfort KY all your belongings will be safe, your time and energy saved, and you’ll have more time to spend with your children. Before contacting a moving company, think about what kind of services you might need. For example, Strong-Ass Movers offer many services:

  • local moving
  • long distance moving
  • residential moving
  • commercial moving
  • packing services
  • labor only

Prepare in time, arm yourself with patience, and all will be fine

In the end, the key to a successful move is preparation and patience. This process will be challenging, you’ll encounter some obstacles along the way, but you can overcome all of them. Arm yourself with patience and understanding for your kids’ emotions. When you move long distance with children there has to be a lot of them. It’s completely normal and we’re sure you’ll be able to handle everything. Once the entire family is settled into your new home, all of the problems will disappear.

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