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Are you planning to leave Kentucky and relocate to Cincinnati? Even if Cincinnati is an amazing place to live it is normal to feel heavy-hearted for leaving Kentucky. With its beautiful landscapes, waterfronts, and places for hiking and camping, it is a very unique place to live. However, you shouldn’t worry that you will not find all that when you move from Kentucky to Cincinnati. There are a lot of parks where you will be able to relax and enjoy nature. In addition to that, Cincinnati has a lot of restaurants, museums, and great schools which make this place very convenient to live in.

Relocation is not an easy process and there are a lot of things to think about. However, with a good collection of information and organization, this whole process can be stress-free. Here you can find some information that you will need while you are planing your relocation from Kentucky to Cincinnati.

Choose a moving company for a move from Kentucky to Cincinnati

Moving from Kentucky to Cincinnati doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. It is important to plan everything on time. The first thing that you should think about is the transfer of your belongings. Finding a reliable and professional company will ease your relocation and let you focus on other aspects of the relocation. Do good research on moving companies in Kentucky to find the one that will fit best your needs and budget. Try to collect as much information as possible by reading reviews on the internet and consulting with your friends.

White moving company van for a move from Kentucky to Cincinnati
Find a moving company for your move from Kentucky to Cincinnati

Cost of transferring your belongings

During your relocation probably the highest cost will be the transportation of your belongings. The cost of a move from Kentucky to Cincinnati will depend on how many things you are planning to transfer. It can be calculated using the number of bedrooms in your home:

Bedrooms                                           Moving Estimate

  • Studio                                                  $480-$600
  • 1 bedroom                                           $760-$960
  • 2 bedroom                                          $1080-$1360
  • 3 bedroom                                          $1430-$1800
  • 4 bedroom                                          $1820-$2280
  • 5 bedroom                                          $2230-$2800

To calculate your moving cost, you can check moving companies Georgetown KY to give you a free estimate. Have in mind that cost can vary. It depends on whether you are moving during the week or weekend, during the peak or low season, or during the holidays.

Find the right neighborhood

Once you calculate your expenses and organize the transfer of your belongings it is time to find the right neighborhood for you. With the Ohio River drawing a line between Cincinnati and Kentucky, Cincinnati offers a diversity of fifty-two neighborhoods to choose from. This means that you will be able to pick from areas similar to Kentucky to completely different ones.

For example, if you prefer to live in an area that is surrounded by nature, Hide Park is the place for you. On the other hand, if you prefer more urban places with plenty of restaurants and shops choose Oakley. Do thorough research to decide where would you like movers in Cincinnati to transfer your belongings.

The monthly cost for the rent

When picking up the neighborhood, location will not be the only aspect that you will have to pay attention to. If you are on the budget monthly rent will play a pivotal role in your decision as well. When relocating from Kentucky to Cincinnati be prepared to pay a little extra for your apartment.

Key on person's palm
Choose the neighborhood that fits best your lifestyle and budget

If your preference is to live in the city center of Cincinnati be ready to pay about $1347.27 for a one-bedroom apartment. Just for comparison the same apartment in the city center of Louisville KY would cost you $1057.45. Even if you decide to live outside of the city center you would still have to prepare some extra cash. For example, for a three-bedroom apartment outside of the city center in Cincinnati, you will need $1432.69. In Louisville KY, for the same size apartment, you would need $1350.

Living cost Kentucky vs living cost Cincinnati

Apart from paying for the apartment, there are some other expenses that you should consider when moving from Kentucky to Cincinnati. For example, many landlords don’t include utilities in monthly rent. Even though renting an apartment is more expensive, the cost of utilities is cheaper in Cincinnati than in Kentucky. For basic utilities such as water, electricity, garbage for an 85m2 apartment in Cincinnati you will pay $131.19 while for the same utilities in Kentucky you would need $146.73.

In total cost of living in Cincinnati is 4% more expensive than in Kentucky. But, if you divide it into categories you will notice that some things are more affordable in Cincinnati and vice versa. For example, restaurant prices in Louisville are 10.32% higher than in Cincinnati. But, on the other hand, grocery prices in Louisville are 2.50% lower than in Cincinnati.


Like in Kentucky, having your own transportation in Cincinnati is the best solution. However, if you don’t have a driving license, don’t worry since transportation in Cincinnati is well organized and there are other ways to get around. Downtown Cincinnati is easily navigated on foot. Still, there are also frequent buses that will take you around downtown or out to the areas outside of the city center.

When it comes to transportation costs prices between Kentucky and Cincinnati are very similar. One-way tickets for local buses in Cincinnati are $2, while in Kentucky $1.75. However, if you decide to use your own transportation for 1L of gasoline in Cincinnati you would have to pay 0.62$ while in Kentucky 0.66$.

Green bus and cars on the street
Transportation cost in Kentucky is similar to transportation cost in Cincinnati

In the end, once you are done with your relocation don’t forget about post-move paperwork that you will need to handle. Kentucky and Cincinnati both have similarities and differences regarding living costs. Still, the lifestyle that you will have after your move from Kentucky to Cincinnati doesn’t have to depend only on your budget. Cincinnati is a town that has a lot to offer and where anybody can find entertainment to enjoy.

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