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If you want to plan a family move, and you don’t know where to start, don’t be worried. We are here for you. We prepared this article for people who want to move with their families from Covington to Edgewood KY. You all know how stressful relocating to a new home can be. It’s important to start on time, declutter and pack all your belongings. If you need someone to remove the junk from your old house, you can call junk removal Kentucky.

Here you will find interesting things about Edgewood KY, and also you will find out what are the main differences between Covington and Edgewood KY. So, let’s start from the beginning.

Differences between Covington and Edgewood to know before starting to plan a family move

Well, if you want to plan a family move from Covington to Edgewood KY, you need to know all the differences between these two suburbs. Distance between these two suburbs is 11,19 miles, and that means that you can get from Covington to Edgewood for about 15 minutes by car. Now we can get to the main differences between Covington and Edgewood KY. Let’s start with Covington first.

family plan a family move
Relocating can be hard and challenging, but your family will be there for you.


We want to start with Covington because this suburb has a great history. Covington is a city in Kentucky, which is located on the place where Ohio meets the Licking River.  People enjoy living in Covington because it is a small, pleasant community near downtown Cincinnati! They particularly enjoy Covington since it is home to a plethora of locally owned small shops and eateries.

If you are about to plan a family move from Covington, the best thing you can do for your family is to contact moving companies Covington KY. They can help you with creating a plan, and also they can help with packing.

If you want to plan a family move to Edgewood, here you will find interesting things about it

So, we want to present you the City of Edgewood. This is an amazing place, located in Kenton County in Kentucky. People who live here often say that this is the best place to live in Kentucky. Also, it’s voted for 1st place city to live in Kentucky and 17th place to live in the US in 2019. There are various parks that are well-kept and conveniently accessible by vehicle, bicycle, or foot. Edgewood has sidewalks along its main highways, encouraging people to walk and bike. The city is serene and quiet, but it is also only minutes away from multiple major expressways that connect people to the rest of the Cincinnati area. Property values in Edgewood are always rising, thanks in large part to the pride that locals have in their city and communities.

You need to know that there is a big difference between the median home value in Covington and in Edgewood. In Covington, you can find a household for $111,500. The situation is a bit different in Edgewood. In Edgewood, as we mentioned before, property value is always rising. So, you can find a household for about  $290,800. This is higher than the national median home value. Well, you need to prepare yourself for more costs. Also, be aware that you will need someone to take care of your furniture. Our recommendation is to contact furniture movers Kentucky, they will definitely help you.

If you want to rent a house in Edgewood, the median rent price will be $1,166. If you still want to plan a family move to Edgewood, we can always recommend finding out some good moving companies Edgewood. We also prepared a list of interesting activities for families who want to relocate to Edgewood. Here is the list of some nice places you can visit in Edgewood.

  • Parks
  • Silverlake Family Place


As we mentioned before, Edgewood is one amazing place with a lot of outdoor activities you can do with your family or on your own. Edgewood KY has two big parks. They have President park and Freedom park also. These two parks are big, and they also have one pocket park, and it called Victory Park. Besides this, in Edgewood, you can go hiking, hunting, fishing, or camping. In Edgewood, there is Step Outside organization, and you can contact them to see their offer.

woman running in the park
There are a lot of funny activities in Edgewood, so don’t hesitate and relocate your whole family here.

How to plan a family move from Covington to Edgewood?

Well, we know that planning a family move can be hard and challenging. Once you’ve decided to relocate to a new household it’s close by, far away, or far, far away—it’s a good reason to begin preparing and arranging right immediately. After all, starting up on even a basic moving endeavor is the most difficult part. With children, though, getting started might be much easier than it sounds. But, don’t forget, we are here for you. You will surely need some kind of help, and we can recommend you to call Strong-Ass Movers KY because they are one of the best.

Things you will need to do before relocating

  1. Create a moving calendar– It is crucial to have a moving calendar. In that way, you will organize the moving process better.
  2. Get a nanny on your relocation day – It will be much easier to have some help with kids on a moving day. If you don’t want to hire a nanny, you can take kids to kindergarten or to your parents.
  3. Involve kids in relocating process– Sometimes it’s a really good idea to let the kids pack their own stuff. If they are old enough they can help you out with the other things
  4. Always hire professionals– We truly believe that the best possible option is to hire professional movers. You can easily find amazing Northern Kentucky movers, so you don’t need to be worried.
professional mover packing boxes
Hiring professional help will save you money, time, and nerves.

As we mentioned before, the moving experience can be different, but we all know how hard can be if you want to relocate with children. We hope we help you to plan a family move from Covington to Edgewood KY

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