Packing A Garage For Your Ohio Move

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Having a garage certainly means it offers you additional space not for your vehicle but for many different items as well. Most houses have it and as time goes by, garages tend to become filled with all sorts of things. Getting ready for relocation means you will have to pack the entire garage as well, and that may sound like too much trouble. In order to pack the garage successfully, you will need good organization skills and time to spare. Many moving companies in Cincinnati can be your partner in this so make sure to inform them on time. Here are the most crucial steps of packing a garage for your Ohio move.

How to Prepare For Packing a Garage

The first step should be choosing a good time of day to do it. Depending on how big your garage is you can start in the morning so you can use most of the sunlight. Once you decide on that it is time to gather tools and packing material for packing. Moving companies like Strong-Ass Movers advise that you start with removing the excess first. Keep an eye for things you don’t use or need anymore. This will be a perfect opportunity to sell them or give them to a charity of your choice.

Always keep in mind the size of your new garage. Try to avoid pilling up things there and only bring things that you need. Once the junk is out you may proceed to the next step.

A car in front of the garage
If there are many different tools in your garage make sure to sort them out properly

Find Proper Packing Materials

If you have lots of tools in your garage or some equipment, be careful when choosing packing material. You will need strong boxes with secured lids and lots of ducking tape. For fragile items in your garage make sure to get some bubble wrap which will provide additional security. Cincinnati moving services include packing as well, so don’t be afraid to go with that option. Sometimes packing can be overwhelming and the last thing you need is to stress out in the middle of this process. 

Labeling Your Boxes

This step is very important due to many different reasons. If you have a bigger garage you probably have a lot of items in there. Labeling will make things easier once unpacking starts. Once you pick out the boxes, don’t forget to buy markers for labeling. Upon organizing your garage you can separate your items into different categories and base your labeling on that. Here are some labeling suggestions when packing a garage: 

  • Tools: If you end up with multiple tool boxes you can label them with numbers as well or with their new place.
  • Old toys/clothes: Chances are big that this category may already be in boxes. Keep in mind that you should probably replace them if they have been sitting there for too long.
  • Cutlery/dishes: If you have these items in your garage make sure to give them an extra layer of bubble wrap or wrapping paper.
  • Collectibles: These precious items require special care so you can replace their boxes and cover them on top with an extra layer of bubble wrap.

If your new home is a little bit further and transportation may take some time, you can ask long distance movers Cincinnati for additional help. They will provide amazing tips and tricks and will guide you through the entire process. 

person packing something in the box
For fragile items make sure to use extra bubble wrap or wrapping paper!

Prepare Your New Garage In Ohio

If you do the entire packing process efficiently, that will not mean much if your new garage is not ready. Give yourself enough time to prepare your new garage in the state of Ohio. It should be clean, spacious, and ready for unpacking. If you have some extra time on your hands, you can install shelves or add some cupboards. Try to think about your needs before you start organizing your new garage. 

Even if you are coming from a small place, you may still have enough time to travel to your new home and finish certain tasks there. Movers Batavia OH offers great services and will take care of your items while you are gone. Who knows, by the time you come back your items could be packed and ready for transportation.

Ask Friends And Family Members To Help You

Not only you will get an extra pair of hands for packing a garage but you may also have lots of fun while doing it. Packing usually brings out all kinds of memories and you can share those with people close to you. You can use your front yard as an additional space or even throw a goodbye party after you finish packing. If multiple people decide to participate you can assign them different tasks. Let them focus on wrapping, labeling, or placing items in the box. You will for sure have a great time and finish packing sooner than you thought!

mover standing in front of his van
When packing a garage moving companies can be of great assistance!

And just like that, after packing a garage your garage is empty and all of the items are in the boxes. You are more than ready for your new adventure in Ohio and all you need to do is embrace it. Always keep in mind that movers have all the answers at any given time so don’t be afraid to ask. If you move your household and the entire business, count on commercial movers Cincinnati. They will take care of your business relocation and even provide great advice on how to settle in Ohio.

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