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Your move is approaching and you’re thinking about what to do with all the items in your pantry. If that’s your right now, know that there’s a way to determine what to do with each of the items. But what about those items that you decide to take with you? Do you pack them the same way you would anything else?  Or is there a special way to pack pantry items? Unfortunately, even top moving companies, like Strong-Ass Movers won’t be able to pack your pantry for a move. That means that not only will you have to learn the answers to the abovementioned questions, but also learn how to do the work yourself. Professional packers can do a lot, but the pantry is something very personal which means it’s best to do it yourself!

There definitely is the best time to pack your pantry for a move

It may seem like it’s okay to pack your pantry whenever. After all, you’ll probably find quality packing services Kentucky residents recommend, so why not do everything at once, right? But let us tell you that’s not true, not at all. And even though the best time is more of a timeframe than a certain day before a move, there’s still a recommended time.

As a general rule, it’s advisable to pack a pantry for a move during the last week before the actual move. That’s also very convenient since you’ll probably be packing your kitchen during that time. If you pack during the last week you won’t risk any items going bad, and if some are close to the expiration date, you’ll still have time to consume them!

A planner app on an iPad.
Packing your pantry at the right time is very important!

So, when you decide to pack your kitchen, pack your pantry as well, easy peasy! Packing them together will also make it much easier to learn about packing. Once you get down to learning how to pack a kitchen like a pro, make sure to also learn how to pack a pantry just as well.

Categorizing is everything when it comes to packing your pantry for a move

Before you start packing your pantry for relocation, first you should divide the pantry items into groups. This will be very helpful since you’ll have a good grasp of what you’re dealing with. There might even be a lot less to pack than you originally thought! So before you go out to get supplies, make sure to empty your pantry and divide the items. The items should be divided into 3 groups:

  • To bring
  • To toss
  • To consume

Still good? Bring it!

The “To bring” category should include all of the items that are good and will be good even after the move, long after your local movers Kentucky leave the premises. However, if there’s anything that may potentially still be good after the move, but also may get spoilt or seriously bruised during the move is, it’s probably best consumed before the move. Items like fruits may still be good even after the move in theory but are probably not very likely to survive it. So eat up anything that may not survive the move and bring everything that certainly will!

Will it expire? Eat it up!

When relocating, no sane residential movers Kentucky has to offer would advise you to pack food that’s about to expire. Not only will that add to the weight of your belongings, but spoiled food may make your boxes smell horrible, yuck! That’s why if there’s something that’s about to expire, you should consume it before the move.

A child eating a piece of watermelon.
Make sure to eat all of the items that might go bad before packing your pantry for a move!

Expired already? Toss it!

Leaving an item in a pantry a bit too long is something that’s happened to all of us. But that usually leads to expired items in a pantry. Of course, you wouldn’t want to bring these items to your new place. That means that you should simply get rid of them before your start packing your pantry for relocation.

To pack your pantry for a move you’ll need some supplies

Now that you know what items you’re packing, it’s time to actually pack them. However, first, you’ll need to get some packing supplies. Luckily for you, the list of supplies is rather short. To pack your pantry you’ll need:

  • Moving boxes
  • Some bubble wrap
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers

How much of what supply you’ll need will depend on how many items you have to pack. So before you go shopping for supplies, make sure to come up with a rough estimate for how much of what supply you’ll need and then go shopping.

Pack your pantry properly

When you finally get all that you need it’s time to get down to packing. Here are the basic steps to packing your pantry for moving with ease!

  1. Set up all of the boxes before you start packing.
  2. Fill up each box with items until full. That said, make sure that items are snug. If they are not, add some bubble wrap between them you feel it’s necessary. Most pantry items don’t require padding though.
  3. Seal the boxes with a generous amount of duct tape.
  4. Label each box with a marker. However, make sure to do it right after you seal each box. It’s very hard to know which boxes contain what if they’re not labeled or are labeled incorrectly!

Good job! Your pantry is all packed for a move!

A family packing up their pantry a few days before their move since they know how important it is to pack your pantry for a move at the right time.
Pantry items also require proper packing and quality moving supplies!

Now that you know how to pack a pantry for a move…

Whether you’re moving a short distance or long distance with Kentucky long distance movers, it’s important to know how to pack each corner of your house. Movers can help, of course, but it’s always best to be prepared should anything unexpected happen. This also includes knowing how to pack your pantry for a move. But after reading this article, you can cross that off your moving list. Happy packing!

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