Organize Thanksgiving dinner after moving to Erlanger KY

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Relocations are chaotic and stressful. Add the holidays into the mix, and the stress and chaos just got even worse. If you happen to be moving around Thanksgiving, you may be wondering how in the world will you manage to organize Thanksgiving dinner. With all the unpacked boxes and the mess in your new house, it must seem unmanageable. Don’t worry. We’re here to give some useful tips for the best Thanksgiving in your new Erlanger home. The first step is to find reliable movers and packers Kentucky to help with your relocation. Next is to follow the tips we’ll share in this article.

Moving to Erlanger? Let us do the hard work for you

If you have an upcoming move, consider hiring some of the best movers in Northern Kentucky. Reasons to hire professional movers rather than move on your own are numerous. Reputable moving companies are insured and licensed, meaning there’s no fear of financial losses if anything happens to suffer damage during the relocation.

a food ready to help you organize Thanksgiving dinner
You will organize Thanksgiving dinner with ease with our tips.

On the other hand, chances are minimal of that even happening, since the movers have vast experience and training in packing and moving all sorts of different items. Whether you have fragile electronic devices, or bulky pianos, or furniture, your belongings are in safe hands with the help of our moving experts. If you don’t need a full moving service, you can always opt for packing or labor-only services.

How to organize Thanksgiving dinner after moving to Erlanger?

After your move is complete, you realize Thanksgiving is around the corner and your kids expect a holiday dinner as usual? You may be at a loss where to start, but here are some tips on what to consider:

  • prepare as much as you can in advance
  • check with the movers whether they assembled the dining table
  • organize a potluck Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family
  • consider other options for Thanksgiving dinner like ordering food or eating out

Prepare everything in advance

When we say “everything” we are of course not referring to the food. We mean organizing things like plates, glasses, pots, and pans, etc. Basically anything you think you’ll need to prepare a Thanksgiving meal. Put it in a separate, properly labeled box. If you are hiring local movers Kentucky, emphasize that those boxes be labeled and unloaded first so you can start unpacking as soon as possible. Having your kitchen unpacked will give you a head start on preparing everything you need for the first Thanksgiving in your new Erlanger home.

decorated dining table is one of the stars of a good Thanksgiving dinner
Check with your movers whether your dining table is assembled right after the move.

Ask the movers to assemble your dining table

Your furniture movers Kentucky will unload and re-assemble your furnishings after the move, but make sure to check whether the dining table has been set up properly. You can ask your mover to load your kitchen furniture last so it can be unloaded first and assembled as soon as possible. Having your kitchen up and running soon after your move will give you enough time to prepare something for your Thanksgiving dinner. This is a situation where having professionals do your relocation comes in extra handy.

If you were to move on your own, disassembling the furniture probably wouldn’t be an issue. The re-assembling is the problem-causer. Seasoned moving experts are thoroughly trained in furniture assembly. Meaning, your dining table will be set up in your new kitchen in no time.

Organize a potluck Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family

If you are not so keen on cooking for a large crowd after just moving, how about throwing a potluck Thanksgiving party? If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a potluck is based on the idea that every guest brings a dish to the party. That way, when you combine all the dishes you get a full, complete Thanksgiving meal. If you were planning on spending the holiday with your friends and family, this is an excellent option. Make sure you tell everyone what to bring. This is in order to avoid having two roasted turkeys but no jams or dessert for example. If you know you’ll be short on time – a potluck is a perfect solution for you.

If you don’t have the time or energy to cook after a move, consider other options

Maybe you are too tired or not in the mood for a big dinner party at your new house? It is OK to consider other options. For example, you could order food and have a nice, traditional holiday dinner with your family with no hassle. You can order anything nowadays, so why not get a Thanksgiving dinner delivered to your door. You can also explore the City of Erlanger and go out to eat with your family. Treat yourselves to a nice holiday meal at a restaurant. That way, you will not feel any pressure to unpack and start cooking immediately after the move.

man delivering food to a family after their relocation
There are plenty of places to order a nice Thanksgiving dinner from.

Organize Thanksgiving dinner after moving to Erlanger – summary

Thanksgiving dinners can be difficult to coordinate either way, let alone trying to organize Thanksgiving dinner after moving. There are some things that can move the process along. Moving companies Erlanger KY will gladly assist you with your relocation, and act according to your instructions when it comes to packing or unloading the truck after the move. So it is not a bad idea to ask them to pack some of your cooking supplies in separately labeled boxes. Also, it would be nice if they could assemble your dining table so you have it ready for the Thanksgiving dinner. If you are not up for cooking, you can organize a potluck dinner. You can also simply order food or go to a nice restaurant with your family. There is no wrong way to celebrate Thanksgiving, as long as you are with your loved ones.

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