Organize a last-minute New Year’s Eve party after moving to Erlanger KY

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If you have just relocated to a new home, it is a great opportunity to throw a party! Especially when there is something else existing to celebrate – New Year. Ideally, you would plan this party for a few weeks ahead. However, in some cases, you don’t have much time to organize a party. And if you’re a New Year enthusiast, throwing a party is a great way to show your creativity while making your guests feel special. So, with relocation assistance Kentucky you will know how to organize a last-minute New Year’s Eve party after moving to Erlanger KY.

How to organize a last-minute New Year’s Eve party?

As you have suddenly decided to organize a New Year’s Eve party, there are several things and ideas that you should consider. That is why residential moving companies Kentucky suggest you:

  • Add something extra
  • Include toast cards
  • Decorate your home
  • Choose the food
  • Think about the color-based theme

These will all help you to organize a last-minute party and save yourself time.

Women are toasting because they managed to organize a last-minute New Year's Eve party
There are many ideas to organize a last-minute New Year’s Eve party

Add something extra

You probably already know that sugaring the rim of your glass is just one way to dress up your champagne for New Year’s Eve. Since there are so many interesting sanding sugars as well as edible glitter! There is another idea. You can think about New Year’s-themed wine charms. And use those to slip around the stem of a wine glass. Or you can do so for the champagne flute.

Also, if you’re having a New Year’s Eve dinner party, you can print out an extra set. And write guests’ names on them using a silver marker. Besides thinking about how to decor your wine set, consider other things. Depending on your guest’s wishes, you can get stars, disco balls, and clocks that are about to strike midnight to charm your wine glasses.

However, you need to think about one more thing. And that is to throw a safe New Year’s party. Hence, movers in northern Kentucky suggest you follow the regulations and limit the number of your guests.

Include toast cards

Even though you’re busy during this period, you should take some time to toast the good things in life! Hence you can make champagne flute-shaped toast cards that. And write down the things you’re most excited about in the new year. Afterward, hand one to each of your guests. Or you can simply leave one at each place setting if you’re having a sit-down dinner. Moreover, if everyone feels like sharing, each guest can say their own out loud. Or you can gather them all to read and have everyone guess. So when the party’s over, every visitor can take theirs home as a reminder of the best things in life.

Another good idea, when it comes to drinks for your guests, you can consider a party with a few self-serve bars. It will surely make for a fun activity and conversational flow. Since people can make the rounds from bar cart to countertop to tabletop. And if you are having trouble moving your bar, you can always ask furniture movers Kentucky for help.

Photo of balloons
Decorate your home with balloons

Decorate your home and organize a last-minute New Year’s Eve party

Remember that New Year’s Eve parties should be interesting, not formal! So, if you don’t have much time, you can decide which room you want to host your party in. Then decorate it with mini holiday trees, gifts, ribbons, and everything else you have.

You can also get as many silver mylar helium balloons as you can. Since New Year’s Eve party is not fun without balloons! You can cover every inch of the ceiling with silver balloons. Or buy different colors of balloons. It is very simple and chic and you can surely do it fast if you are organizing a last-minute New Year’s Eve party. Yet, there is one thing to bear in mind, and moving companies Erlanger KY suggest you not to over-decorate. Sometimes less is more!

Choose the food

Remember that nobody will expect a sit-down meal at a New Year’s Eve party. Hence it is perfectly fine to serve simple hot and cold hors d’oeuvres all evening long. Also, make sure to place the food at some place where people can pick it easy. Don’t forget the essentials such as meat, cheese, and snacks. Additionally, since you are throwing a last-minute party, you can celebrate the new year with exotic nibbles.  You can buy those in bulk at the grocery store, or simply order them and make the night special.

French macarons in bowl
Don’t forget sweets for the party

Think about throwing the color-based theme party

If you want to make your party more interesting, you should consider a color-based theme. For instance, if you are really wanting white feathers right now and would go for an all-out white theme with lots of texture and decor, or some silver and gold mixed in for good measure. You should just go with those ideas! Also, you can include candles galore, a roaring fire, champagne, and another sort of roast.

Usually, many people choose red color for New Year’s Eve. Whatever color you choose, make sure to inform your guests in advance. And try to find decorations in the color that you choose. If the idea of a color-based theme party is not interesting to you, then consider some other theme party. You can always consult with your friends and guest and think about their wishes.

Most importantly, don’t overthink it

Since this is a beautiful occasion, don’t overthink and organize a last-minute New Year’s Eve party exactly as you wish. You can order a case of champagne, or grab a few dozen votive candles, and dim the lights. Also, you can create an incredible playlist on your sound system. Just don’t overthink since it’s an instant party and you want to have fun.

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