Moving From Covington To Edgewood: What To Expect

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Some people say that finding a perfect location for your new home is the hardest part of relocation. Once you do it, your preparations may start. But before everything begins it is good to get to know the place you are going to and gather as much information about your relocation as possible. Many moving companies like Strong-Ass Movers KY can be with you every step of the way until you reach your final destination. Here is an article on moving from Covington to Edgewood and what to expect!

Leaving Covington

No wonder people usually call this city a “dash of Europe in America”. With its beautiful architectural works, like the replica of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and Cathedral Basilica- it does remind us of the old continent. Not only that, in Covington you may find countless restaurants and bistros where you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Besides that, it is a very good place for raising a family. It has a great educational system and even provides further studies. But we all need a change sometimes and you should be ready to say goodbye to Covington. 

Since these two cities are relatively close, and in the same state as well- don’t expect a drastic change. It will surely be interesting to see new places and people and get to keep a great climate and traditions. 

woman in the woods jumping high in the air
Since they are both in the same state moving from Covington to Edgewood will not take beautiful nature from you!

What To Know Before Leaving Covington

Many moving companies Covington KY can make your relocation much easier. Not because you can’t do it on your own, but simply because they are trained for it and have lots of experience. Moving from Covington to Edgewood will be much easier that way and you will have plenty of time for other tasks. Nevertheless, before you leave here is what you should think about:

  • Choose a good season for your relocation: The best season to do it is probably late spring or early fall.
  • Cancel mail and memberships: By doing this you will not have to worry about it later when you are already in Edgewood.
  • Make a strategic plan for packing: Depending on how big your household is, you should have plenty of time for packing
  • Inform yourself about important locations in Edgewood before you get there

Keep in mind that this preparation may last longer than expected. If at any point you realize that things are getting too stressful for you, you should immediately go with plan B. By that, we mean some of the Northern Kentucky movers and their companies. You shouldn’t expose yourself to too much stress!

two movers sitting in a van
If things get too complicated hire a moving company

Packing When Moving From Covington to Edgewood

Due to the distance between the two cities, your packing shouldn’t be too complicated. Nevertheless, you will need to make a good plan for it. Taking wrong steps while packing may cause some troubles later, and the best thing is to avoid them at all costs. Let’s see what are the most important steps for your packing when moving from Covington to Edgewood:

  • Pack one room at a time: This method proved to be the most useful one in many households! You will finish packing much faster and you will also be able to see the progress!
  • Pack smaller items first: Once you pack smaller items you may proceed with packing furniture. Furniture movers Kentucky may do this part for you if you get too tired during the process.
  • Leave excess behind: Although you are not moving to another state, there is a chance you will have lots of items you don’t need anymore. Consider leaving them behind or renting a storage unit.

Packing usually ends with a lot of junk left behind. If relocation drains your energy, removing junk may be too hard or stressful. Junk removal Kentucky services offer great deals when it comes to this part of your relocation. It is good to know you may use it in this situation or for your renovation in the future. 

Arriving In Edgewood

Arriving in Edgetown will stun you with familiar surroundings but with lots of new things as well. Residents of Edgewood have a phrase that says: ” Where every day is a walk in the park”. And just like the phrase says- you will instantly fall in love with nature in Edgewood. Not only that but you will also come across most of the things you loved in Covington. This beautiful city has big green parks, many different trails, and restaurants that are pretty urban too. It is home to many different schools that will provide your kids with a great education and further studies.

Just like many other cities in Kentucky, Edgewood also has many different events throughout the year! You can check them online or talk about them with your new neighbors. Speaking of them, don’t forget to introduce yourself upon arrival. Residents of Edgewood are very welcoming and friendly so you may also expect short visits with delicious food and huge smiles. Before you know it- moving from Covington to Edgewood will end up in new and beautiful friendships.

If you wish to go with a moving company, then moving companies Edgewood got you! You only need to provide all the details of your relocation and they will be ready to go. If you didn’t have a chance to meet a lot of people from Edgewood this will be a great opportunity to see how welcoming they are. 

man on the tree holding an apple
With its slower pace, Edgewood will be great for starting your own business

You will not regret moving from Covington to Edgewood

The state of Kentucky has many lovely cities and townships. Checking them out surely means diving into a great adventure. Once you settle in Edgewood you may take occasional short trips to surrounding places like Florence, Newport, or Forth Tomas. In the entire process of moving from Covington to Edgewood, you will gather unforgettable memories that you will later love sharing.

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