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It is time for moving from Cincinnati to Lexington. As you already know, you must work on your moving logistics, dedicate a budget, create a packing plan, search for moving companies in Lexington KY, and much more. But for most of us, a moving budget can be a problem. It is what sets the limits and creates problems or unexpected situations along the way. Therefore, today we will try to help you reduce your moving cost and make it a bit more budget-friendly. Let us begin.

Find a budget-friendly company to help you get moving from Cincinnati to Lexington

Not all movers in Cincinnati have the same prices and your first task is to find the most affordable ones. Of course, you’ll need a reliable and experienced moving team as well. Cheap movers that will ruin your furniture are not something you want. Hence, start browsing the internet and compare movers across the board. Compare prices and services until you find a match. You will surely find a local choice that is neither too expensive nor too cheap. Remember, the best movers are somewhere in the middle when we compare the price and the service they provide. So, compare them against each other and read a few reviews until you find a match. Once you do, give them a call and communicate the details further.

two guys and a white van
A reliable and affordable moving company is all you need. Just make sure they are licensed and you are good to go!

But before you call your local movers Cincinnati OH, you must have the basic info about your move. You are moving from Cincinnati to Lexington and that is not an easy task after all. You should inspect your home, check on your furniture, do the math, measure your stairs and doors as well. Obtain the basic info so your movers have something, to begin with. If you do this right, you’ll know how complex your move is and how much money you must invest in moving services, packing materials, moving labor, and working hours. Therefore, inspect everything and create your moving checklist. Bring it to your movers and create your moving plan together.

Secure your investment

After you find your moving company it is understandable you want to double-check them. Especially if you are moving your business along with your home. You want to make sure your commercial movers Cincinnati are a legit choice. So, to do that you should do the following steps. Firstly, while browsing, check their website and ensure they have a company logo, physical address, and contact info displayed. Then, you’ll need some kind of reference. A word of mouth or a referral from a friend is a great one but moving reviews and social media posts are great as well. Lastly, check the US Movers Association, FMSCA, or the Better Business Bureau to confirm your movers are registered online.

Once you have done the digging, call your movers and confirm the mandatory requirements. Ensure they possess all the permits, licenses, authorizations, safety rules, standards, protocols, equipment, tools, vehicles, manpower, etc. Communicate a bit and confirm they are the right choice for the job. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, move along and find another company.

The time of the year matters greatly

When moving from Cincinnati to Lexington, the time of the year matters greatly. In the moving industry, there is a peak and non-peak season. Spring and summer are peak season months where prices are usually a bit higher. Most of the people are moving over those months as well. On the other hand, colder months are cheaper and there are fewer relocations across the board. Your long distance movers Cincinnati will offer much better deals on certain services just to accommodate your requests and keep you on their side of the fence.

a person dedicating a budget for moving from Cincinnati to Lexington
Schedule a date and work on your moving budget. Hopefully, you can set a non-peak season moving date.

Therefore, if your moving date is somewhere in the middle, you should wait for a month or two and hit the non-peak season if possible. You can even schedule months in advance and get an even lower price. There are quite a few options out there when you are willing to move while snowing and raining. And do not worry, those moves are actually safer because there are fewer vehicles on the road and people drive safer. So, utilize this option and reduce your moving cost significantly.

Utilize onsite estimates when moving from Cincinnati to Lexington

When scheduling your move, you should ask for onsite estimates. It is a far better option than obtaining your moving price via the phone or over the website. Simply because a mover representative will stop by and evaluate everything in person. This way there is a low chance for any miscalculations or mishaps. They will weigh your cargo, measure your furniture, check the environment, and calculate the working hours. After they inspect the whole situation, they will provide you with the final numbers. From there you can calculate your precise moving quote and decide on the size of your moving budget. Also, you can figure out if you want to hire movers and packers Kentucky or to utilize any other lucrative moving service they offer.

Downsize and declutter if possible

Now, one amazing way to earn money and reduce the moving cost is to declutter before moving day. It is a healthy process where you’ll finally get rid of all your hoard. Simply while shuffling through your home and preparing items for moving, set aside all those items you are not using anymore and get them ready for removal. Once you have them all nicely piled up, you can use one of the following solutions:

  • Donate to charities.
  • Sell online.
  • Organize garage/yard sale.
  • Give to friends, relatives, or neighbors.
  • Recycle.
two women shuffling through old items
If you declutter and downsize a bit, you will reduce the cost of moving from Cincinnati to Lexington significantly.

Or you can keep it all by renting a storage unit nearby and later when you are settled in deciding on what to do with it. Maybe you can refurbish some of the old pieces and use them again. Regardless of your decision, make sure you downsize and declutter because you’ll save a lot. There will be fewer packing materials involved, fewer working hours invested, and you’ll gain much more space in your new home.

Negotiate a better deal

In the end, you can always try to negotiate a better deal. Regardless of the season, you are moving in and the moving budget you have, you can simply ask for a discount. Negotiate with your movers and ask for a price reduction. Especially if you have a bigger relocation on your hands. Give them a reason to keep you as a customer and you’ll get a 5-10% discount or a free service. Although, this is a long shot and you should do it before you hire a company and sign a moving contract. This is especially working over the non-peak season where there is a shortage of work and moving companies take all offers they can get. But do not abuse it. Simply ask for the best offer and be lucky if you get a discount.

And that was it, now you are ready for moving from Cincinnati to Lexington on a budget. As you can see, there are many ways to reduce the moving cost and pay less for certain services. As long as you have a reliable moving company with you and you organize everything on time, you won’t have any unnecessary costs. Good luck and stay safe.


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