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The moving day will soon come. You are excited and a little worried at the same time. You don’t know what to expect. A lot of things to think about that can go wrong. Don’t panic! There is no space for this. You should follow a few steps to make everything easy. One of the most important things about moving is movers! Finding one is important so your moving day goes smoothly and easily. Moving helpers Kentucky are professionals that are going to do the task easily and you will be without stress. There are some things that you need to know. There are things your Kentucky movers won’t pack. And for a good reason. So watch out for what you are bringing on your moving day when the movers come.

Hazardous materials

Hazardous materials are absolutely out of the question when it comes to moving from one place to another. Things that can burn, explode, cause the metal to rust and things like that are absolutely forbidden. For things like that, a different kind of transportation is needed. Movers can get into trouble if they are not secured in a proper way. Imagine that toxic liquids start spiling during moving and it starts to affect people on the truck. If you are not sure if something can be transported the safest way is to ask local movers Kentucky. They will tell you right away what you can or can’t bring with you. And things that are hazardous have some sort of label on them. If you see that label, you will know that is the thing your Kentucky movers won’t let you pack inside the truck.

Firearms and ammunition

Firearms are dangerous! In the US laws about buying and owning a weapon are not that strict. In some places, you can buy them only with your ID. Having this in mind people have a lot of weapons in their houses. People don’t know what to do with them when they move. Movers won’t accept this kind of cargo because it is dangerous to transport, especially if you are going from one state to another, or from another country to another. Weapons require different storage and different kind of transport. Movers can get into trouble if police discover that they are transporting weapons. ¬†Federally licensed firearm dealers can ship your weapons and ammunition. If you are not sure about regulations and rules, you can ask Kentucky long distance movers and you will get an answer.

Guns are things your Kentucky movers won't pack
Weapons are dangerous

Fireworks are a thing your Kentucky movers won’t pack

This is not a surprise. Fireworks can be deadly and accidents happened before. Black powder is easy to ignite. Just a little spark can make an explosion. Every state has its own regulations regarding fireworks. Movers know about this and they don’t want to do something that can get them into trouble. If you want to get rid of unnecessary stuff before moving, junk removal Kentucky is there. Using this service will help you later when you need to move your necessary stuff. See what you need to throw away before moving. If you destroy fireworks and they are not usable anymore, movers can move this junk for you.

Fireworks in the sky
Fireworks are fun to watch

Things we all have in our homes that are not allowed

There are things in our homes that a lot of people have and that are not allowed in a truck, plane, ship, or any other transport vehicle. These things are:

  • Fertilizer – These chemicals are good for the soil and our plants but in combination with high temperatures and closed spaces in the truck, the smell can be horrible.
  • Paints – If a paint spills during transport, the color can destroy the rest of your stuff
  • Pesticides – This is a poison and this can also harm people. By breathing this, you can get lightheaded and it can cause headaches. Movers don’t want this.
  • Motor oil – Motor oil is used for machines that we own and it is necessary for them to work. But, transporting this it can get spiled and it can destroy your furniture.
  • Batteries and acids – We all have these in our homes. But chemicals can harm our health and are known to cause environmental disasters. You can’t throw them away like the rest of the stuff. There are companies that deal with this kind of junk.

If you are going in or out of Burlington, movers Burlington KY are there for your move and you can get the necessary information about moving. They can also explain to you how to get rid of dangerous materials and what service to use for that. But, don’t try to trick them to transport something that is not allowed. They can easily cancel everything and your moving will be harder without them.


Movers avoid transporting pets because sometimes driving pets with the rest of the stuff can be a problem. A dog can get really nervous and cause problems. If a piece of furniture falls on a pet, it can get them hurt or even worse. There are services that specialize in transporting pets and maybe the best thing would be to use pet shipping services. Some movers will allow smaller animals but not all of them. Maybe a hamster or a parrot that is in a cage is allowed, but a big aquarium with fishes definitely not. Snakes can be dangerous if they get out, so that is a big no!

Movers Covington KY are professionals that can explain to you everything you need to know about moving living creatures. And they will also help you with moving the rest of your stuff. See what you want to carry with you, request a moving quote, and ask them what you want to know.

Dogs with sweaters on them and a man
Take care of your pet when moving to another place

Read regulations about moving dangerous materials

Before you start searching for movers, you need to be aware of this and avoid putting dangerous materials in a truck, car, or any other kind of transportation. Always ask what are the things your Kentucky movers won’t pack. Movers can cancel your moving at the last minute if you try to put things that can cause big problems for them. The best way to be sure that you are doing the right thing is to read about regulations or just ask the mover.

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