Make a timeline for an Edgewood to Fort Mitchell move

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It is a given that moving is a stressful endeavor but whit the right planning it can greatly reduce the time it takes and keep the stress levels at a minimum. Starting on an Edgewood to Fort Mitchell move will be much easier if you go at it with a plan. The first thing you need to decide on is if you will do all the preparation work yourself or if you will hire some of the professional movers in Kentucky. If you are not a veteran mover and don’t have tons of experience in preparing the move yourself we highly recommend that you find yourself a reputable moving company.

8 Weeks plan before Edgewood to Fort Mitchell move

In this guide, we will be going through the preparation for the move you will need to do two months before, week by week.

8 weeks before the move

Begin planning take a dedicated notebook and start compiling a checklist whit everything that needs to be moved. Start sorting the stuff that you are going to keep and the stuff you are going to discard. Start researching the available commercial movers Kentucky and decide on the company that best suits you whit in your budget range.

Peace of yellow paper on a desk whit the leters TO DO above it
This list will save you a lot of time and head each for your Edgewood to Fort Mitchell move.

7 weeks before the move

Ger packing supplies, although this step is optional if you find some of the professional movers Edgewood KY since they will be doing this for you. Plan on selling off the stuff you don’t need this will make you some extra money on the side.

6 weeks before the move

Check on your medical records and make copies of them. You will need them to make the transition easier in your new place

5 weeks before the move

Book your moving company of choice. Because of the research, you have done prior you know which movers for Mitchell KY are best suited for you. Don’t forget to set a date and give them the details of your move.

4 weeks before Edgewood to Fort Mitchell move

Start by packing and putting aside the nonessential stuff you don’t need right away. Notify your landlord about the planned date of your move.

Man packing glasses for Edgewood to Fort Mitchell move
Packing up all the nonessential is the most time-consuming process, so the earlier you do them the more at ease you will feel when the big day comes

3 weeks before the move

Organize your food consumption so that at the time of your move your freezer is empty and defrosted. Change your address and transfer your insurance contacting the right people will help you whit this.

2 weeks before Edgewood to Fort Mitchell move

Start Packing up almost all of the remaining stuff leave only the essentials and don’t forget to label your boxes. Check if your new place needs a deep clean make an arrangement to have it cleaned. Dispose of all the materials that can’t be moved a professional junk removal Kentucky company can help you whit this.

1 week before the move

Confirm one more time the move date whit your moving company. Prepare an essential kit that will contain all the necessary items so that you can function for a couple of days during the move.

Moving day

To pack up everything in an orderly fashion work whit your movers that will help you on your Edgewood to Fort Mitchell move. Identify in what order the items will go into the moving truck because you will be responsible if they loaded up everything. Before the final leave do a last check of the house to make sure nothing was left behind. We wish you the best of luck during this hectic time.

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