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Moving is a complex, tiring, and stressful process. It involves many tasks and activities, from researching moving companies to organizing and packing belongings. If you are looking for reliable Georgetown movers, you should think about the type of services you need and the most important movers’ traits. Read on and find out how to find the best moving companies Georgetown KY and organize a successful and safe relocation.

Hire movers that are licensed

Many people try to save money on movers and hire cheap moving companies that do not have proper licenses and permits. This is a huge risk because they could end up being victims of a moving scam. A lot of fraudulent companies offer lower moving costs to attract customers. However, they often lose or damage people’s things, or even hold them hostage. Also, they have hidden fees and charges, and do not provide moving insurance.

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Make sure you hire licensed movers who offer insurance. Also, check their online reviews and ratings.

That is why the license is one of the most important traits of reliable Georgetown movers. A moving license means that the company meets standards and regulations of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Any company that is moving interstate must have a USDOT number. A registered number with the U.S. Department of Transportation is also a requirement in some states for local movers. Hire residential moving companies Kentucky which are licensed and offer insurance.

Experience is one of the most important traits of reliable Georgetown movers

Movers that have several years of experience know how to pack and handle people’s belongings, navigate roads, react to unexpected situations, choose the best routes, and offer useful advice. Strong-Ass Movers Kentucky has a certified and well-trained staff that is committed to every single customer. They provide top-notch people and services, so you can relax and focus on another aspect of the relocation process.

In addition to trained staff, a good company should have professional equipment such as dollies, straps, ramps, piano boards, pads, etc. Specialized equipment will enable your movers to speed up the moving process, which is very important considering the fact they are paid hourly.

Trustworthy Georgetown movers should have an impressive online reputation

Before you hire a particular moving company, make sure to research it thoroughly. If you are looking for movers in Northern Kentucky go to different companies’ websites and social media pages. Read the comments and complaints left by previous clients. These testimonials will give you a better understanding of the company’s abilities, expertise, and customer service. Also, visit specialized moving websites and check different companies’ reviews and ratings. Make a list of movers that meet all your requirements and provide the type of service you need. Then, compare their moving costs and hire a company that fits your budget.

Variety of services

Reliable Georgetown movers will be able to provide different types of services in order to meet all your needs. Strong-Ass Movers can handle local and long-distance moves, residential and commercial, help you pack, disassemble your furniture, etc. If you are an inexperienced mover, it is advisable to hire a full-service moving company.

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Full-service moving companies provide packing and unpacking services

Professional movers will help you protect and pack your things to prevent any possible damage. They will provide quality moving supplies, label moving boxes, help you unpack, even find a storage facility. If you need special services, for example moving particularly bulky and heavy items such as a piano or a pool table, make sure to inform your movers in advance. They will need to prepare, bring more staff and special equipment to transport these items.

Reliable movers should provide accurate moving estimates

Most companies, including Strong-Ass Movers, offer free in-house moving estimates. This means that a representative of a company will go over to your house, check the weight and volume of your things, and provide an accurate estimate of your moving expenses.

Companies can also give an estimate over the phone, but in this case, you need to let them know the exact number of moving boxes, their dimensions, weight, etc. If a company is not able to provide a realistic estimate of your moving expenses, it either lacks experience or is shady. Also, trustworthy companies do not have any hidden fees and extra charges.

Insurance policy

Another important trait that you need to consider is companies’ insurance policies. Most companies offer released value protection. This type of insurance is a basic one and is included in the price. Released value protection is set at $0.60 per pound and it does not depend on the actual value of your belongings.

For example, if movers damage your laptop and it weighs five pounds, you will receive $3 of reimbursement, regardless of the fact that its actual value is $600. On the other hand, full value protection means that your mover is liable for the total replacement value of your possessions. If they damage or destroy something during the move, your moving company can replace the item or reimburse for its current value. Movers charge extra for this type of coverage and its cost varies depending on the company.

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Calculate moving expenses and set a moving budget

Hiring reliable Georgetown movers is a priority

Hiring reliable, experienced, well-trained movers should be your main priority when moving to Georgetown. Organizing relocation is an easy task. It can be emotionally draining, physically exhausting, and stressful. However, if you find reliable Georgetown movers, they can greatly facilitate and accelerate the move. Make sure your movers offer a variety of services, so they can meet all your needs. Also, request several in-house free moving estimates so you can compare the costs. Finally, go online and check companies reputation. Find reviews and previously submitted comments. This should give you a clear idea about the quality of service that a particular company provides.

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