Insider tips for your summer move in Kentucky

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Have you ever thought about moving to Kentucky? First of all, you should know that this state is in the Upland South region of the US. It’s known as the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Bluegrass State. So, if you’re planning your relocation there, you can expect kind and friendly people and random hello from strangers. Also, Kentucky is famous for its beautiful landscapes and some of the top attractions. For instance, Boone National Park and Kentucky Derby. If you’re moving to Kentucky, think about hiring Strong-Ass Movers KY which will make your relocation process easy. In the following lines, read on and find out some useful tips, and be prepared for your summer move in Kentucky.

Make a plan before your summer move in Kentucky

Before your summer relocation to Kentucky, give yourself enough time and make a good plan. So, be sure that at the top of your priorities is a great moving company. Whether you’re packing on your own, you need extra help. Hence, movers Northern KY can be your best choice. If you’re renting your current home, inform your landlord on time. Also, don’t forget to hire a real estate agent who is going to sell or rent your home successfully. If there are some of the items you don’t need anymore, think about selling, donating, or recycling. Also, if you’re moving with your family and kids, prepare them on time. Moving can be very difficult and tough for them, so try to explain to them all the benefits of your relocation. Prepare moving boxes and labels and start your packing.

Making a list of things to do before summer move in Kentucky
Make a list of things to do before you decide on your summer move in Kentucky.

Things you should know before you make your summer move in Kentucky

If we’re speaking about moving to Kentucky, there’re some things you should be aware of before you make a decision. So, one of the most convenient things is the cost of living. Kentucky is considered one of the most affordable states in the US. Also, don’t worry about the housing prices, because the median home price is about $195,000. If you like outdoor activities, there are plenty of natural destinations you can visit and enjoy. Therefore, if you decide on your summer move in Kentucky, you can have a lot of outdoor adventures. Before your relocation, don’t forget to hire reliable moving companies Florence KY. Make the whole moving process without stress and let the experts do their job.

Other facts you should know before you move to Kentucky

As moving to Kentucky has a lot of pros of living there, also, there are some cons you might consider, such as:

  • Urban air pollution – some of the cities in Kentucky, especially Louisville have low air quality. It’s because of the factory production and traffic congestion.
  • Twisters – they are not so often in Kentucky, but sometimes they can be very strong and devastating.
  • Reduced exemption for retirees
  • Southern accent – if you’re a newcomer, it can be quite difficult to understand the vocabulary of the local language.
Family sitting in the kitchen with boxes
When you’re moving, find the best place for you and your family.

Choose the best place for living in Kentucky

If you’re looking for affordable home prices and a low cost of living, you should choose Kentucky as your new home. You can find great and reliable junk removal Northern Kentucky. Also, choosing the best city in Kentucky depends on whether you’re a single, couple, or you’re moving with family. Therefore, you should consider moving to Louisville if you’re single. This place offers you a great neighborhood and good entertainment and it’s home to the top-rated University in Louisville. If you’re moving in a couple, Lexington is your great choice. Thriving nightlife, a suburban feel, and a lot of amenities are advantages of this city. Think about Fort Thomas if you’re moving with your family. Plenty of safe parks for kids and great schools are the main reasons why you should choose this place for you and your family.

Summer move in Kentucky – things to do

So, if you’re looking for fun and adventure in Kentucky, there are a bunch of them in the Bluegrass State. Kentucky is a home to rich American heritage. So, if you like museums, you should visit Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. This museum offers a variety of exhibits. Also, don’t forget Kentucky Derby Museum that is opened to the public in 1985. Therefore, The Great American Dollhouse Museum and The National Quilt Museum should also be on your visiting list. If you like caves, you must see Louisville Mega Cavern. This amazing place is situated underneath the City of Louisville. Also, if you choose summer for moving to Kentucky, you can surely enjoy and relax in the Kentucky State Parks. For instance, Kentucky Horse Park, a horse farm and the only park of its kind is located in Lexington.

Woman sitting in front of the three paintings
When you’re done with unpacking, visit various museums in Kentucky.

Places you should visit after you settle down in Kentucky

After you finish your summer move in Kentucky with help from furniture movers Kentucky, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the Bluegrass State. Explore all the attractions and locations that Kentucky offers. Some of the most popular are:

  • Newport Aquarium – is a great place for spending time with your family
  • Smoother Park – amazing view, fountains, and riverfront are perfect to visit in summer
  • Don’t forget to visit some of the most popular cities, such as Owensboro, Frankfort, and Louisville.

Interesting facts about Kentucky

As we mentioned, Kentucky is a great place for living whether you’re alone or with your family. So, if you choose Kentucky as your new living place, there are some interesting things you should know. For instance, in Kentucky, you can find the world’s longest Cave System, named Mammoth Cave. Also, did you know that Mother’s Day was invented in Kentucky?

Finally, if you have made a decision and have chosen Kentucky for your relocation, we hope that our insider tips for your summer move in Kentucky were useful.

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