How to pack your antique furniture like a pro

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At first, you might think moving is rather straightforward. There is not much to it, right? Just pack up your things and prepare them to be relocated to your new home. While this is true for simpler moves, some items may cause a need for professionals, such as moving helpers Kentucky, to help you conduct your move. Some of these items are artwork, expensive instruments and electronics, and antique furniture. If you’re moving by yourself, this will be no easy task to perform. Hiring professional movers is the best option in that situation. They deal with these daily and can overcome them with ease. However, if you still wish to learn how to pack antique furniture like a pro for your move, this article will help you with that. It’s a complex task but not impossible to do it.

Patience is something that you will need the most

The first thing that you’ll notice is that it’s taking you a long time to sort everything out. Picking carefully what you are taking with you will significantly decrease the time needed to pack. All that’s left for you to do is to figure out the best way to transport these items. You will need to secure them and keep them safe. But how exactly do you do that? We will guide you through that process before you go out and start getting all the boxes and supplies you can find. It takes a lot of preparation, time, and patience to properly pack antique furniture.

On the other hand, if you decide to hire professionals, such as movers Covington KY it would be easier since professionals use a lot of different methods, tools, and equipment to do it. As you probably won’t have access to most of those, you’ll need to take a slightly different approach. You will need to make up for it with a steady hand and a lot of prep work!

Make a plan to pack your antique furniture

Planning is the key to every good move. It also plays a huge role in packing antique furniture. So why is planning so important? Well, you need to ask yourself this one simple question. Is my furniture going to be stored for a certain period or not? The answer to that question is gonna make all the difference when packing your furniture.

In a short-distance move, you only need to worry about packing the furniture well to avoid it being damaged. On the other hand, when it comes to moves where you need a storage unit to keep your antique furniture until the move is complete, a bunch of problems can appear. For that reason, consider hiring local movers Kentucky storage units to help you store all your stuff.

Man writting the plan on the paper
Making a concrete plan is vital when packing antique items

Supplies that you will need before you start packing

To be able to pack like a pro, there is a bunch of supplies you should get. Here is a list of things you’ll need:

  • Moving boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Furniture pads
  • Air-filled plastic wrap
  • Corner protectors for mirrors and paintings
  • Packing paper
  • Microfiber cloth

You should make an extra effort to pack antiques properly because of their sentimental value. Also, you should wrap and pack every item individually. First, use bubble wrap, then use wrapping paper. And for the heavier items, instead of wrapping paper, use non-abrasive cloth. You must have solid boxes to transport collectibles safely. Not all antique items will be worth keeping. They might not present any value to you, either monetary or sentimental. If that’s the case, junk removal Kentucky will get rid of those items for you.

Man and woman using correct moving supplies to pack their antique furniture
Packing antiques properly will reduce the risk of them getting damaged

Tips to help you pack your antique furniture like a true professional

To pack your antiques smoothly and without complications, there are certain rules you have to follow. Your primary goal should be that your antiques arrive at your new home safely and without any damage. For this to work, follow a detailed plan on how to protect your furniture. The first step is to use stretch or foam wrap in case you are packing glass or wood antiques. The wrap also needs to go around the edges which will keep the item clean and safe.

The second step is the protection from shock or vibration. For that purpose, you should use bubble or foam wraps. They will provide protection and absorb the small impacts that happen during transport. And last but not least, the most important layer of protection is the protective shell. Typically you would use a wooden crate that protects furniture from the effects of relocation.

Should you disassemble your antique furniture?

Another important thing when it comes to packing antique furniture is whether or not you should disassemble them. In most cases, people tend to disassemble large and bulky furniture. After you’ve disassembled your items, they will be easier to maneuver and transport. However, fragile and antique items are a whole different story. You are risking their integrity and stability if you try to disassemble them. Because of this, it is recommended to try and leave them as they are. Without the help of a professional moving company, it will be harder to pack and transport your antique furniture. Our movers Burlington KY have a lot of experience in handling antique items and will gladly help you in packing and moving yours.

Man writting on the paper
Disassembling will often help when you need to pack your antique furniture

Now you should be ready to pack your antique furniture like a pro! Remember to carefully think about all the things that could cause damage to your valuable items and try to avoid them. In our humble opinion, because of how risky and complicated this task can be, hiring professionals like Kentucky long-distance movers is a much better option.

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