How to pack holiday ornaments safely before moving from Hebron to Edgewood KY

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Packing as a whole is always one of the most difficult aspects of the relocation. No matter what things you are to pack. However, fragile and sensitive items create even more problems and stress. Protection must be highlighted to a maximum. Therefore, when you are to pack holiday ornaments be ready for detailed preparation. Furthermore, don’t forget the importance of relocation assistance Kentucky. After all, if you want things to be done right with minimum stress, hire one of the best movers.

Make thorough preparation ahead of time

First of all, knowing the date of the move is a crucial starting point in your plan. According to the time left until the move, organize your activities. One of them is definitely hiring movers Hebron KY. After all, professionals are trained to handle sensitive items. Your items will be in safe hands. Thus, the best idea would be to start packing as early as possible. Especially when packing holiday decorations.

pack holiday ornamnets such as these bulb lights in different colours
Pack lights separately from the other items. Roll and wrap them finishing with a layer of bubble wrap.

Decluttering is a basic part of the relocation

We all have unwanted items in our possession. Therefore, determine what you no longer need. Surely, a number of decorations no longer fit the design. No matter what the reason is, get rid of certain items. This way you’ll save time and money. After all, packing celebration ornaments is quite demanding and time-consuming.

Obtain the necessary supplies to pack holiday ornaments

Get the packing supplies as soon as possible. Of course, the type of ornaments will determine the type of packing material. Hence, make sure you get only the best.

  • cardboard boxes (small, medium, large)
  • a dish pack kit (for ornaments or small fragile items)
  • paper padding or moving blankets (for larger items, outdoor decorations)
  • bubble wrap
  • packing paper
  • tape
  • marker
  • specialty containers (wreath boxes, light reels)

Moreover, don’t forget to invest in good supplies. After all, holiday ornaments are usually fragile. They need special care and protection. Therefore get all sorts of material, not just boxes. For instance, many would use newspapers to additionally protect the items. However, remember that newspapers can transfer their print to the items. Not to mention, it will be quite difficult to remove it. Hence, go for the quality. Furthermore, if relying on residential moving companies Kentucky, you can expect high-quality packing materials. In most cases, movers will provide the best materials.

professionbal packer putting something fragile in the box
Get your supplies from the movers. Professional packers will handle your items with utmost care.

Sort out the ornaments before the packing process

Since we have ornaments for all sorts of celebrations and holidays, we are to sort them out according to certain categories. Hence, make it easy on yourself when looking for specific items on certain occasions. We have chosen several categories.

  • type (lights, garland, outdoor decorations, …)
  • room (family room, kitchen, bedroom, …)
  • display (Christmas tree, mantel display, …)

Avoid totes, instead, go for boxes

Interesting to note, many people choose totes when packing holiday decor. Nevertheless, we can’t say this is a good idea. Maybe for the attic, garage, storage units it can be applied. Still, using totes when moving is risky. Why is that? Plastic totes aren’t square. Therefore, they can easily shift during transportation. As a result, plastic can break as well as the items inside them. Hence, why risk damaging your items?

Undertake detailed steps during the packing process

Firstly, make sure you pack ornaments separately from the other items. Hence, all decorations will be packed together. It will facilitate the unpacking process. Use packing paper, bubble wraps to provide additional protection for the items. Putting them in the box without additional layers of protection would be quite risky. Make sure to fill the boxes fully so that nothing shifts inside the boxes. In case there’s more space left, fill in the gaps using crumpled paper. Then, seal the box and tape it tightly.

Finally, label the boxes. Facilitate the unpacking. Knowing the content of the boxes will be of great help during the unpacking. Also, labeling is significant when moving companies Edgewood handle your things. Furthermore, don’t mark the boxes with one word only. Be more descriptive. There’s a variety of items needed for holidays. Hence, descriptions are more precise when looking for certain things.

someone wrappinmg items in the packing paper and putting items in the box
Pack holiday ornaments carefully. Make sure to protect each item, especially fragile ones.

What to expect when moving from Hebron to Edgewood KY?

Fortunately, we don’t expect you’ll feel any type of disappointment when packing and moving Christmas decor to Edgewood. Both cities are some of the best places in Kentucky.  Still, you can expect Edgewood to be more populated with 8,500 residents, unlike Hebron with 6,461. Schools are above the average. Hence, children can expect extraordinary education. Both places are full of great parks, playgrounds, daycare centers.

Edgewood is known for its 2 large parks, Presidents Park and Freedom Park. On the other hand, we must point out the smaller but beautiful park, Victory Park. All these parks are within the walking distance of the city limits.

When comparing median home value, Edgewood is a bit more expensive at 290,800$. The median home value in Hebron is 159,200$. Nevertheless, the median rent is practically the same around 1, 100$.

As for the distance between the places, there are 7,29 miles in the northwest direction. On the other hand, there are 10 miles by car following the KY 20 route. Hence, when driving non-stop you need around 13 minutes to get to your destination.

Enjoy your holidays in the new city

Altogether, it’s crucial to undertake every step in organizing your relocation. Devote your time to the packing process. Get all the adequate packing supplies. Pack holiday ornaments thoroughly. Make sure your things reach their destination with no damage. Finally, you can celebrate your holidays in your new home with your own decorations. Still, if possible, rely on professional packers. They’ll save you time and trouble. Therefore, whatever option you choose, be detailed and organized. Enjoy the new beginnings and holidays.

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