How to pack and move a heavy bookcase

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Every avid book lover can boast of plenty of books in his personal library. Of course, in order for each book to have its proper place, proper shelves are needed. If you are one of the passionate readers, you surely have a lot of books and heavy shelves that hold them. Undoubtedly, the home library is beautiful in that it brings soul to every home. However, it isn’t simple if you are planning to move to a new home. What’s more, it is often one of the most complicated things for moving. Problems arise when you need to pack and move a heavy bookcase. Movers in Cincinnati area, who can do most of the work for you, will certainly be a big help. In addition, here are a few more tricks and tips that can make the process easier for you.

Consider whether it is worth moving a heavy bookshelf

We all know that a home library is beautiful, but bookshelves are often bulky and heavy. Massive bookshelves look beautiful and give the home library a special charm. But at the same time, they are very inconvenient to move.
In addition, moving a large and heavy library requires a lot more time, more money, and more effort. Due to its weight, the costs of moving such a shelf can be expensive and unprofitable.

White bookshelf.
Before you decide to move, think about whether it is worth it to you to pack and move a heavy bookcase.

That’s why the first tip is to think carefully about whether it’s even worth moving that bookcase before you call movers. Of course, you will pack your books and move them to your new home, there’s no doubt about that. But consider whether that bookshelf is so important to you that you bother to move it. Here are a few things you should do before making the final decision to pack up and move a heavy bookshelf:

  1. Bookshelf moving costs – Compare the costs of moving with moving companies in Lexington KY and buying a new bookshelf. Sometimes the best and easiest solution is to buy a new, more practical shelf.
  2. Space – Also, consider whether you have enough space in the new house for that shelf.
  3. Shelf value – If it is an antique, unique, or has great sentimental value, it pays to keep it.
  4. Condition of the bookshelf – Damaged furniture may not withstand packing and moving to a new home.

If you care about it and plan to move it, movers Batavia OH will know the best way to do it most easily and safely. With a lot of experience in moving different types of furniture, they will also organize the moving of your shelves.

Where to start with packing and moving a heavy bookshelf?

If you have decided to keep it, it is time to plan how you will pack and move a heavy bookcase. Just follow the logical order and you will easily pack everything before the commercial movers Cincinnati come to take your things away.

  • Empty the bookcase.
  • Sort the books and other things from the shelf and decide what to keep and what to pass on or throw away.
  • Thoroughly clean the bookshelf with a dry and wet cloth. Clean the books if they are dusty.
  • Provide boxes for packing books. You can use plastic containers or cardboard boxes. Remember that books are heavy and reinforce the bottom of the box with tape if you use cardboard.
  • Take into account the weight of the books. Pack a row or two of books, then put some lighter things on top.
  • Close and tape the boxes well. Mark what is in which box.
A man packs books into a box.
Make sure you find the right boxes to pack the books.

Leave it to the professionals to pack and move a heavy bookcase

The easiest way to move your heavy bookcase is to hire long distance movers Cincinnati, to do it for you. However, if you still want to pack your books that’s fine. You can consult them for advice on how to do this most safely so that your books remain intact throughout the journey.  But our advice is to leave it to the professionals to pack and move a heavy bookcase.

Disassemble the heavy bookcase to make it easier to pack and move

This is the part that professional movers should do for you. When choosing Cincinnati moving services, ask for a furniture packing service. Movers will disassemble the shelf for you into as many parts as possible. After that, they will simply pack it and protect every part as it would be safe during transport. And finally, upon arrival in your new home, they will assemble it for you. This is the only way to be sure that your heavy bookshelf will be moved safely. When they fold it in your new home, all you have to do is arrange the books the way you like.

What if it can’t be disassembled?

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that your bookcase cannot be disassembled. In that case, you need the help of a professional to pack and move a heavy bookcase. Do not try to move a large bookshelf yourself, as it can easily damage the furniture. Or worse, someone might get hurt. Heavy and bulky furniture is inconvenient to move and therefore you should always have the help of experienced professionals such as Strong-Ass Movers. With their help, you will have no problem moving any furniture.

A man and a woman pack and move a heavy bookcase.
If you label the boxes well, you will make it easier to unpack the books after you move the bookcase to your new home.

How to pack and move the bookcase by yourself?

If you have a bookshelf that is not very heavy, you can try to move it yourself if you really want. You will need a lot of material to protect the shelf, but also the right tools. You must provide someone to help you lift the shelf and take it apart. Pack each individual part and protect it with bubble wrap to prevent damage. If the shelf can’t be disassembled, you will need to secure all parts well. For example, the door so that it would not open when you carry it. In addition, you will need sliders on which you will place the shelf for easy movement. Be careful not to injure yourself or damage the shelf when you pack and move a heavy bookcase. Or simply make it easy for yourself and hire professionals to do it all for you.

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