How to move from Newport to Burlington on short notice

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Moving by itself is hard, but moving on short notice can be even more overwhelming. To be able to move on short notice, you have to get a lot of things done in an organized fashion. In normal circumstances, moving is planned for a few months. In that period, you have enough time to prepare both mentally and physically. However, short notice is an extreme case where you have to deal with additional pressure and stress. Don’t let this discourage you! With a good plan, moving on short notice is doable. But if you want to make your life much easier, you can hire professionals. Strong-Ass Movers Kentucky will help you to move from Newport to Burlington on short notice.

Tips on how to move from Newport to Burlington on short notice

Burlington is not very far from Newport, but regardless of that, you’ll still need a good plan. Making a full-proof plan is relatively easy and it goes a long way. It’s essential to use the right strategy to move from Newport to Burlington on short notice with all of your stuff intact. Begin by properly assessing everything that may be required for the days ahead. Following this short guideline list will get you prepared to move on short notice in no time:

  • get organized
  • make moving arrangements
  • ask for assistance if you have to
  • use the right supplies
  • declutter
  • stay focused

Get organized

Things can get stressful real fast, especially if you are short on time. Getting organized will help you move forward with a clear head. Making a to-do list is essential when you are moving from Newport to Burlington on short notice. This list should include everything that has to be done for the move. You might also have to make a timeline. With limited time, prioritizing the tasks will make things easier. You can also consider booking professional movers. Movers Newport KY are the best choice to get you to Burlington on short notice.

Man writing in the notebook
Making a to-do list is the best way to stay organized

Make moving arrangements

Depending on which time of the year short notice move comes up, it could be tricky to hire movers. During the moving season, moving companies are often extremely busy. Because of that, it’s important to book them as soon as possible. Reliable moving companies Burlington will be more than happy to meet your needs. Securing the help of professional movers is probably the fastest and most stress-free way to handle a short notice move.

Ask for assistance if you have to move from Newport to Burlington on short notice

If you opt to move by yourself without the help of a professional company, there’s always one more team you can call anytime. That team is your family, friends, and neighbors. Recruiting the help of even just one or two friends can go an extremely long way in making the process feel less of a burden. They understand the importance of all your stuff because they are familiar with it on a high personal level. There’s no doubt that your close ones deserve your trust in that task.

Group of friends packing boxes to move from Newport to Burlington on short notice
Friends will make moving on short notice go much smoother

Use the right supplies

When you are moving on short notice, using the right moving supplies is key. They’ll make your life so much easier. Try to avoid using boxes from the grocery store. Many have tried and failed. It can be tempting to use them, but they are susceptible to falling apart or not fitting into the truck. Our advice is to spend some extra money on proper boxes and other supplies. On top of that, having a few boxes extra is advisable so you don’t have to waste precious time going back to get more.

Of course, there’s always an option to hire professionals to handle this for you. If you don’t want to be bothered by the moving supplies, hiring residential moving companies Kentucky is a good choice.


Decluttering is a very important part of the moving phase. Before you start packing, you need to declutter properly. Go through every room and get rid of anything you don’t need or want to take to your new house. You will save money, space, and time on everything you don’t bring with you. It’s a very freeing process to purge things from your life so you can move on to a new beginning. People usually hire professionals to remove the debris and junk from your home and backyard.

Stay focused

You can easily get overwhelmed during the move. Knowing how to stay focused is vital to saving your sanity. Remember the to-do list that you made? Keep abiding by it and you lower the risk of encountering any complications and obstacles on that road. Remind yourself of the positive reasons why you are doing it all in the first place. Also, find some positive things about it and keep them in mind when things get rough!

Two women having a conversation
When you move from Newport to Burlington on short notice, the most important thing is to stay focused

An additional tip to help you move your office

Relocating your office can be even more challenging than moving your apartment on short notice. There are a few things you should do when relocating your office, and those are:

  • notify your clients
  • every employee should pack their desk
  • label your moving boxes
  • put someone in charge of the relocation

And probably the most important thing – to hire a professional moving company. You can hire commercial movers Kentucky to help you and you’ll move your office on short notice in no time.

Final thoughts about moving from Newport to Burlington on short notice

Now you have the knowledge on how to move from Newport to Burlington on short notice. Hopefully, you can use this article to overcome obstacles you may encounter. Follow the aforementioned guidelines to get the best results. When you finally settle down in Burlington, you’ll look back at this as just one more interesting experience!

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