How to move a fish tank cross-country

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As you may know, when relocating home, there are movers Edgewood KY that offer all kinds of moving services. And when you are in a situation where you must relocate specific items, they can assist you in a great way. One good example is when you must move a fish tank cross-country. People do it all the time and it is an extremely fragile and complicated item to relocate. A huge, heavy, and robust piece of glass that requires certain knowledge, expertise, tools, and proper vehicle to be transported. Hence, let us explain how to handle the whole process whether you want to relocate it yourself or use a moving company to do it instead. Let’s take a look.

Hire professionals to help you move a fish tank cross-country

If you have a small fish tank you can simply fill it with blankets, wrap in bubble wrap and carry it in your hands. Transport it in your car and that is it. But, for anything larger than something that can fit on one hand, you need proper packing and more delicate handling. One single mistake and you’ll get a bump and later on, leakage. Therefore, you should let your movers in Northern Kentucky handle this task. You will use a professional moving service anyway because you are relocating at the moment. So just before you hire a moving team, tell them you have a few items that need special handling and then they will assign a proper set of people who know how to handle them.

moving company and a white van
Hire a reliable moving crew to relocate your fragile and delicate items. In your case, a fish tank.

To obtain all the necessary information your movers need to create a moving plan, you must inspect your entire home. Check out your loft, basement, garage, and backyard as well. Note down all the furniture and household items onto the inventory list and provide them to your movers. Measure your hallways, doors, staircases, and pathways so they can know if the environment is safe to move your furniture and a fish tank through your home. This kind of information is highly valuable and once you obtain it, provide it to your furniture movers Kentucky and they will take it from there. They will come ready to move a fish tank cross-country safely.

Fishes are delicate – be careful

If you currently have no fish friends in your possession, then you can skip this part. But if you do, then you must take the necessary steps to secure them and transport them safely. So, you should gather the appropriate materials first. Go to the nearest pet store and purchase the following:

  • Small fishing net.
  • Food.
  • Plastic bags.
  • Plastic containers or holders.

Now, you probably already have all your gear if you have fish as pets. But if you have never moved them you might need to purchase some of the items we mentioned. And note that you can use plastic containers you already have in your kitchen but you must sanitize them adequately before using them. And remember, those are just temporary solutions. As soon as you relocate you must install and set up everything. And remember to have several bottles of water prepared to fill the fish tank as soon as you arrive and let your fishes adapt immediately. Consult with the pet shop clerk on the whole procedure before you attempt anything.

move a fish tank cross-country but be careful when handling your pets
Fishes are fragile and delicate. Be careful when handling your pets.

Step by step packing guide

Now when you have your items to support your fishy friends, let us remove them from the fish tank. You will fill each baggie with a bit of water from the aquarium and place each fish inside using the fishnet. Then, tie a knot so there is no leakage. Place those bags in a plastic bin in the upright position and do not tie the knot too tight so the tiny bit of air can find its way eventually. Do this stage as the last part before the move so your fishes do not stay too long inside those baggies. After your fishes are nicely tucked in, you should save a bit of water for later. Pour it in sanitized bottles and when you arrive in your new home pour it in and start preparing a new batch. You should have enough to sustain your fish for a while.

The next step is to clean your tank and all the accessories that were inside. Clean everything and pack it in one dedicated box and label it right. Wash and clean your tank inside out and dry it completely. Then, you should tape an “X” sign on all sides to make your glass harder to break. Finally, fill your fish tank with any cushion you like. You can use blankets, old clothing, bubble wrap, you name it. Wrap it completely in blister packs and stretch foil and you are all set. Or you can ask your movers to provide relocation assistance Kentucky and utilize packing services they provide. They can pack your fish tank for you safely and affordably.

Let’s move a fish tank cross-country without a single bump

Depending on the size of the tank, you might want to consider the number of people you are hiring to take it out of your home and load it into the truck. This can be a tricky task, especially if you have extremely large fish tanks that require 4-8 people to carry over. Therefore, talk to your movers about it and let them offer you the right moving plan for such a task. And do not negotiate about this one because it is a great risk. You can research online how it is done and you will realize that there is no other way. You just might need to hire more people to move a fish tank cross-country safely.

someone taking a fish out of an aquarium
Ensure all the plastic holders and baggies are sanitized and without holes. Your fishy friends wouldn’t like that at all.

It would be wise to purchase moving insurance

As we already stipulated, the fish tank is robust, fragile, and extremely hard to handle. Such an item falls into a high-risk category and you should consider purchasing moving insurance if you have a valuable one. You can ask your movers what kind of coverage they offer. If you do not like it, purchase your coverage from the insurance company. Protect yourself and set your mind at ease.

And that is it. Now you know how to prepare and move a fish tank cross-country. It seems easier on paper to be honest. But if you follow our step-by-step guide, you won’t have any troubles. Just hire a reliable moving company to take care of it and you won’t have to lift a finger. Your fish tank will reach the destination safely. Good luck.

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