How to make your home appear bigger after moving to Lexington KY


    Don’t get too emotional when it comes to small spaces. They are easier to clean, easier to decorate, and usually, look cozier and warmer than some large rooms. Even though you can have a lot of possessions that can’t fit your new home, there are essential tips and tricks that can make your home appear bigger. Everything counts, from placing the furniture to decorating the space. There are movers in Kentucky who saw plenty of homes. They shared the ideas that can fool the eye. Read on how to make interiors seem bigger than they actually are.

    Design solutions to make your home appear bigger

    You wouldn’t believe how a simple change of colors can make a difference. In the world of design, everyone knows that light colors will almost double the room in size. It will be brighter and more reflective. This can be due to dark colors absorbing the light and air. Therefore, darker interiors are usually very, very big.

    light furniture colors will make your home appear bigger in Lexington, KY
    By adding light colors to the interior you will fool the eye and create a larger-looking space.

    So, what are the colors that can help you enlarge the room? Go with soft tones and low contrast. Pastel blues or greens will do the work. Naturally, white tones and a lot of natural light are the most common solutions. If you are not completely sure what will do the trick, find out which colors make a room look bigger. You can think of changing some furniture, too:

    • Light-colored upper kitchen cabinets will open up the entire room. On the contrary, choose dark lower cabinets to create depth.
    • Avoid carpets and floors in dark colors. White hardwood floors will make your home appear bigger and fresh-looking
    • Choose furniture with legs and lift it from the floor. Keep the floor as clear as possible. Not only it will look bigger, but the home will be easier to clean.
    • Invest in some mirrors. They will make the room twice as large. Moreover, place them opposite from the window to reflect the natural light from a different angle.

    Clear out the clutter

    For small rooms, organization is the key. Imagine that mess that will make the small space even more cramped. Place things out of sight. Buy baskets, nicely decorated boxes, or multi-functional furniture to put away all the clutter things. We know small spaces can give you a claustrophobic-like feeling. Not to mention that feeling strange is extra stressful after the move. Movers in Lexington KY can help you have a smooth relocation. That way you will have enough energy to carefully organize everything in your new home.

    light colors in the room full off natural light
    Buy enough baskets and nicely decorated boxes to put away the clutter. Choosing furniture with drawers and doors can help you a lot, too.

    Minimalism will always do the trick. Don’t stack things on your walls, either. A lot of pictures will erase everything you did with colors, for example. One beautiful large painting looks amazing and will always attract the eye of the visitor. If you own one, remember to call a professional company to safely transport your artwork. There are local movers Kentucky likes because of their packing service that will ensure your possessions will arrive safely at the destination.

    Get creative with custom furniture to make your home bigger and cozy

    Using the right furniture is essential. When it blocks the view, the room looks narrow and tight. Create a walkway that will be as wide as possible. You will achieve this by creating custom furniture for your custom rooms. Open up the space and choose short and smaller pieces. Keep in mind that opened furniture also gives an open look to the room. Armless chairs, tall pieces along the wall, and sofas with legs to have light underneath them. If you already own these pieces and are moving long-distance, be free to take them with you. When you choose to hire Kentucky long distance movers you are done with worrying about relocation. They will transport all of your possessions to help you feel at home in your new place as soon as possible.

    We already mentioned mirrors. They are crucial to insert into the small interior. The reflection of the light will result in a more open feeling. Moreover, you can choose the materials for your custom furniture. Pick glass and materials you can see through. That way everything behind will appear bigger and farther away. You will be surprised how material choice can make such a big difference.

    Creative lighting is a great ally for making your home appear bigger

    Natural light is the best solution for opening up a space. If you can, place large windows during the renovation. They will ensure a lot of natural light is airing up your room and you probably don’t need to do a lot of extra steps. Remember that materials you can see through are the way to go. Choose sheer curtains that will go from the ceiling to the floor. Allow as much lighting inside as possible. Additionally, if the view is bad, try to liven things up. Put plants next to or in front of the window to bring life from the inside.

    large window letting light inside the room
    Let the natural light inside the room. It will create an open-like space and will fool the eye when it comes to the size of the room.

    In case you can’t afford a lot of natural light, don’t get discouraged. Adding creative lighting will leave you amazed by the effect. Spread the light around the room. Don’t rely on one source of light. Invest in a big ceiling lamp that will enlighten the whole room. Second, add floor lamps in the corners and table lamps wherever you can. Also, remember to choose the right colors of the lamps. Don’t go for dark ones, because the rule of colors applies here too.

    We hope these tips and tricks helped you to make your home appear bigger. Things are never easy after the relocation, but the beautiful view of Lexington will surely make it easier.

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