How to clean up after moving from Cincinnati to Batavia

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If you have recently changed address in Ohio, there are a lot of post-relocation activities on your plate. Settling in with your family into a new home involves a lot of adaptation, organization, hard work, and bureaucracy. Adapting your home for everyday living can take some time. The first take on your to-do list is always to clean up after moving. Once you cross this activity off the list, everything else will be much easier. One of the best moving companies in Cincinnati will guide you through the process of making your home clean after the relocation. With proper guidelines, you will be able to settle into a new home in no time and leave your old home clean for new owners or tenants.

What should you clean up after moving from Cincinnati to Batavia?

It takes a 5-hour drive to get to Batavia from Cincinnati. It is a long ride and hiring the best Cincinnati moving services will largely facilitate the relocation. But after the moving company transports all your stuff to a new address, there is a lot of work waiting for you. Also, you want to leave your old home spotless for a new owner. Remember not to pack the cleaning supplies just yet. Leave them out of the box and at a hand’s reach so you can use them to clean up your old home after moving out and the new one before settling in. The main things to focus on when cleaning up after moving are as follows:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Bathroom space
  • Walls and windows
  • Floors and carpets
a box full of stuff
An important part of a relocation process is to clean up after moving

The first thing that you should clean are kitchen appliances

The first item on your cleaning schedule should be the fridge. After all the food is taken out, you may start defrosting and cleaning. Also, remember to sanitize the fridge, as it normally contains perishable food, so you want to make sure that it’s spotless. Do the same thing before moving into a new home. A fridge is an appliance that you will start using straight away, and you need to make sure your food is safely stored. Remove all the shelves and drawers and wash and scrub them thoroughly. Make sure you wipe the fridge inside and out.

The oven is another thing that requires a lot of cleaning because it is often used. Also, make sure to empty all the cupboards and cabinets and clean them as well. The moving services of unquestionable quality provided by Strong-Ass Movers will facilitate your moving process to a large extent, but to make your relocation complete, you must not skip the cleaning part.

Make sure to take time when cleaning bathroom space

The bathroom is a very demanding part of the house because it requires everyday cleaning. Disinfecting the bathroom space is the most important thing to do. Getting rid of germs is important for health and wellbeing, that is why you need to invest extra effort when cleaning this part of the house. After your movers Batavia take out all your boxes, you may get down to disinfecting and cleaning. Use an antibacterial spray to clean the sink and bathtub. As for the toilet seat, the best option is to replace it. Also, remember to polish the metal surfaces and remove the hard water stains. Polish the bathroom mirrors and mop the floors. Whatever you clean in the bathroom, always use the disinfectant. Make sure you check and wipe every corner of the bathroom, as bacteria and dirt can be found in the places you don’t usually clean.

A picture of the bathroom
The bathroom is the most demanding room when it comes to cleaning

Do not miss cleaning walls and windows

Walls can get dusty as well, so make sure you vacuum them and clean them with a microfiber cloth. Remember not to leave the windows smudgy. Use a glass cleaner and a dry cloth to remove all marks from the window glass. Clean the blinds, as they collect a lot of dust. Also, use a broom or vacuum to bring down spider webs from walls and ceilings. Since you are moving from Cincinnati to Batavia, which is in the same state, it is not far to return to your old home and complete the cleaning job. But make sure to be more organized if you are moving cross-country. The renowned long-distance movers Cincinnati can help you organize the entire moving process, but when it comes to cleaning, you are in charge of the logistics.

Floors and carpets are something that you should clean up after moving

Leave floors and carpets for the very end. As for carpets, you may use a brush and soap to wash them. However, taking them to a carpet cleaning service sounds like a better solution. Vacuum the floors first, having in mind that you must check every corner and edge. Finish by mopping the floors using the disinfectant. Taking care of the floors should be the last cleaning step before moving out of the house, and after moving into a new home. In case you are moving office, the drill is the same. Find the best commercial movers Cincinnati to perform the relocation and start cleaning from top to bottom.

a floor wiped with a mop
Leave floors for the very end of the cleaning process

But don’t skip the other places in your home

If you have a balcony or a porch, don’t forget to leave it impeccable, even though they are outside. As for the inside of the house or a flat, go room by room and from top to bottom. Start with ceilings and finish with floors. Tackle every little detail, such as light fixtures, ceiling fans, doorknobs, door and window frames, and the rest. If you are leaving the washer and dryer behind, made sure they are clean and disinfected as well.

To clean up after moving from the city of Cincinnati to Batavia and leave your old house in a good state is the right thing to do. But cleaning your new place of residence before moving in is a must. It is also easy, as you do not have all the furniture standing in your way. Use this opportunity to start fresh in a new home.

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