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Telling your loved ones that you’re moving can be very hard. That’s why it’s very important to break the news about your move gently. Of course, moving might be very hard for you but know that even the people you’re leaving behind will be sad. Knowing exactly how to break the news is also very important. There are ways to do it so that the people you’re breaking the news to, don’t feel overly bad or hurt. Hiring professional movers, like Strong-Ass Movers, can be of great help in situations like this. Instead of being preoccupied with countless moving tasks, you’ll have plenty of time to process your own feelings and talk to the people closest to you. Just remember, no matter how hard it is to do it now, it’ll be much harder to do it later. There’s just no way out of it.

Think about who you’re breaking the news to

Letting people know you’re leaving is never easy. However, there are plenty of ways to make it easier. One of the main things you should keep in mind when announcing your move is who you’re announcing it to. For example, you won’t break the news to your sister the same way you would to your 6-year-old niece that adores you. That’s why you should think about the best delivery for each person you’re breaking the news to. Aside from factoring in the age, make sure to also factor in the personality of each person. That will make breaking the news much easier for both you and that person.

A woman talking to a young child.
Be mindful of a person’s age and emotional state when breaking news about your move!

General rules of breaking the news of moving

Even if you’re moving to a city of your dreams, with great long-distance movers, moving long-distance, where you won’t be able to see your loved ones is very heartbreaking. That’s why, when breaking the news about your relocation, you should make sure to do it the right way. We already mentioned how important it is to take people’s ages and personalities into consideration, but other than that there are some general rules to follow when letting people know you’re moving.

Sooner is better than later

Putting things off is what most of us do when we just don’t want to face them. However, letting people know that you’re moving as soon as possible is very important. First of all, both you and them will have enough time to process what’s about to happen.

Secondly, they’ll feel respected that you told them early on. And lastly, you’ll feel a lot better and a lot less stressed by getting it off your chest early on. Being stressed during a move is never a good idea. That can seriously impair your ability to choose long-distance, commercial, or residential movers well, and handle moving tasks in general. So to avoid that, let people know you’re moving as soon as you know you’re moving!

It’s always best to break the news about a move in private

When breaking the news about your relocation, you should make sure to do it in private. Letting people know in public may make it more stressful for them. They either won’t be able to hold back their emotions which may cause a scene, or they will but they’ll have to repress their feelings. So unless you’re 100% sure how a person is going to react, it’s best to do it in private!

A woman breaking new about her move to a friend in private since hse knows how important it is to break the news about your move in private.
It’s always best to let your family and friends know that you’re leaving in private!

First, break the news about your move to your family and close friends

Aside from your employer, your family and friends should be the first ones to learn about your move. That means that you shouldn’t post about it on any social media before talking to them privately. Just keep in mind that they might take it hard no matter how or when you let them know. So promise them that you’ll spend as much time with them as possible before your move and that you’ll be in touch even when you leave.

Opt-out of packing services and let your friends and family help you, take them out to thank them, and spend every moment you can with them! They’ll feel a lot better if they know nothing will change much!

Throw an unforgettable going away party

Throwing a goodbye party is a great way to say goodbye to your friends and family in a fun way. Just be careful, parties like this can get quite depressing. That’s why you should make sure to fill the evening with plenty of delicious food, loud music, fun activities, and plenty of laughter.

When breaking the news about your move to your loved ones, be mindful of their feelings

If we haven’t hammered it home yet, we are about to – People you’re leaving will be hurting at least as much as you! Because of that, you should be very gentle and careful when breaking the news. Be considerate and reassuring. Also, make sure not to scold them or make fun of them if they start crying or expressing negative feelings. Instead, give them a big hug and let them know not much will change. It’s the 21st century for crying out loud, phones, cameras, and social media are a thing!

A young man hugging his best friend.
It’s important to be mindful of our loved ones’ feelings!

Break the news about an upcoming move is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be all that sad

Of course, both you and your loved ones will shed a few tears. But unfortunately, you just have to break the news about your move to them unless you want things to get even messy and uncomfortable. However, if you do it correctly, your friends and family may not be that sad and could potentially even see your move as an opportunity for you. But no matter how understanding and supportive they are, make sure to give to them just as much love and support back.

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