How to better understand moving reviews before moving from Northern Kentucky

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Customer reviews are a very helpful tool when deciding which moving company to go with. Still, if you want to make sure that the best decision will be made, a simple look at the rating and a few reviews isn’t enough to know that a certain company is right for you. There are many layers of reviews you should research before making a decision. This article will show how to better understand moving reviews and help you make a safe choice.

Avoid low-rated companies

This almost goes without saying, but it must be mentioned as the first step of the process. Even though you may have read somewhere, or heard it from someone, that a certain company is great, it doesn’t mean they should be trusted. Do some Google research first. If the company has nothing but bad reviews look somewhere else. You shouldn’t get involved with them. You are likely going to fall into a scam. Instead, search further until you find companies with a good rating such as Strong-Ass Movers KY. After you eliminate companies with bad reviews, it’s time to analyze the ones with a good rating.

Stars on a pink and blue background
Star rating is the first measurement of a company’s reliability.

Why is it important to understand moving reviews?

As we already said, reviews are without a doubt a very handy tool. In fact, research shows that 92% of customers read reviews. That just tells you how important they are. It gives you insight into other people’s experiences with the company. Therefore you can see if the company is trustworthy and is there anything suspicious. Maybe some people got hit with hidden expenses or got scammed in the process. For that reason, moving reviews are one of the best ways to determine the reliability of the company you wish to hire. But, taking a simple look at reviews is almost always not good enough. When looking into reliable movers Northern KY has, there are some other things that you should keep an eye on.

Beware of fake comments if you want to understand moving reviews

Next thing to do when understanding moving reviews is if the good reviews placed in the comment section are really trustworthy. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for some companies to create an army of bots leaving good comments and ratings in order to lure customers into doing business with them. Good thing is that these reviews are not that hard to recognize.

Content of review

Your first red flag should be a series of comments that are filled with words like „best“, „super“ etc. It’s easy to recognize these comments when they pop up between others, let alone if there is a series of comments with nothing but great words about the company. Also, they are usually almost identical since there is a chance that the same person is just copy-pasting them from dozens of fake accounts. So, don’t fall into this trap.

writing review on a typewriter
Recognizing fake feedback will help you understand moving reviews.

It’s worth noting that even if the company has a lot of these comments they aren’t necessarily the worst in the business. It may mean that they just didn’t have enough customers who left reviews, and they want to try to keep up with the competition. However, at the end of the day lying is still lying. Therefore you should consider these companies risky, at least until proven otherwise. It goes without saying that if you have big pieces of furniture to move, you only want reliable furniture movers Kentucky to take care of your belongings.

Reviewer’s profile

One more thing to look for when determining if the comment is fake is the profile of the person posting it. If you spot generic names such as John Johnson, for example, it is suspicious. Of course, there are real people who in fact have quite a generic name. But, these generic profiles are also often missing a profile picture. Therefore, keep an eye on that when choosing moving companies Florence KY if you want to make sure that the review is genuine.

Other signs of fake reviews

Pure content of review along with the profile or person sharing it is the most important part of recognizing a fake review. However, there are a few more things worth looking into. These include:

  1. Review being really short
  2. Many reviews were posted in a short time
  3. Poor grammar
  4. Repetitive sentences and phrases
  5. Overuse of brand mentioning

Understand moving reviews by looking for signs of an honest review

You are now aware of scams. The only thing left is to understand the signs of honest reviews. For starters, honest reviewers will say if something didn’t go according to plan. And that’s normal. Small mistakes can happen and that doesn’t mean the company is not trustworthy. That is of course if the review is generally good but with one or two little flaws. Another thing to look at is the specifics of a comment. An honest review will have details since each customer preference is different than the other. Therefore, they will provide a comment with specifics of their experience. So if you are in need of junk removal Northern Kentucky, these reviews are the ones you should look at. Ultimately, decide for yourself if the content sounds honest, it’s up to you and it’s not hard to recognize it.

A woman using laptop as a symbol of how to understand moving reviews online
Honest reviews are the only ones that should be taken seriously.

Write a helpful review

Well, now you’ve seen how important reviews are for every customer. It takes some time to understand moving reviews and with all the scams and fake comments present around many companies, it would be nice of you to contribute by writing a good review. It’s good to help someone who will eventually be in a place you are in right now.

It’s time to make a decision on which company to go with. Now that you understand moving reviews, it shouldn’t be that hard. Always keep an eye on scams and contribute by sharing your experience after the moving process is over. We wish you the best of luck with the relocation!

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