Guide to packing your garage for the move

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Deciding to move is an easy thing to do, but difficult things come after that decision. You will have to decide what thing to pack and what to donate, what you will do by yourself, and for what you will get professional help. One of the most problematic things to do is packing your garage for the move. Moving helpers Kentucky are there to take that burden off your shoulders. Hiring professionals to help you pack your garage will save you a lot of time and stress. However, if you think you can tackle this task by yourself this article is for you. Here you will read about some things you can do that will make packing your garage for the move much easier.

Tips for packing your garage for the move

When you are in the process of moving, you will find out that moving is not that cheap. There are many things you have to pay for. Plus there will be many unforeseen costs that you will have to pay. Therefore, many people choose to try and do at least something by themselves before local movers Kentucky arrive. If you are one of the hard-working individuals determined to do it by yourself here are some things you can do:

  • Declutter
  • Prepare for packing
  • Research what belonging you can not move
  • Pack
packing your garage for the move - tools in a garage
Packing your garage for the move will be much easier after you declutter

First things first – DECLUTTER!

Everybody knows that garages are not the cleanest space in one’s home. We tend to throw something there that we think can be useful later. However, we rarely use them afterward. Therefore the first step that will make packing your garage for the move easier is to declutter as much as possible.

If there are some things that you do not really need you can even have a literal garage sale before the move. Moreover, if you find that decluttering is hard and dirty for you, you can always hire junk removal Kentucky services. The professionals will only remove the junk thus you will only pay for that. On that note, you can ask your moving company if they provide a discount on junk removal services if you hire them for the move.

Preparation for packing is half the job

Usually when you need to pack something for the move, like clothes, dishware, etc. you use regular cardboard boxes and some bubble wrap. However, packing the tools and equipment from the garage requires more reliable packing solutions.

Firstly, you will need to proof-tape all your removing boxes. Items from the garage area are usually heavy and during transport, they can fall out of the box and damage other boxes. Before you hire Kentucky long-distance movers, make sure that you have all materials that you need in order to successfully pack your garage for the move. It is best if you make a list of the things you will need in that way you will not forget anything.

Moreover, some of the things that can help you are larger boxes, tie-down straps, storage containers, quilted pads, and so on. These are just some of the suggestions, the things you need to prepare will be specific to you. Together with the things you have in your garage.

A man packing things inside his garage
If you are not sure how to pack some items in your garage, call your moving company

There are items your movers can not move

A little-known fact is that there are certain items that professional movers can not move. That is what the law stipulates. To be clear, movers can not move certain hazardous materials that we often have in our garages and sheds due to safety concerns. Moreover, if you are moving to or from Covington for example,  you need to contact your movers Covington KY and ask them about the materials that can and can not be transported. By doing this you will know what you have to get rid of before the move.

Moreover, hazardous materials include things like gasoline, paint, charcoal, etc. Explosive material like fireworks, ammunition, and propellants, are also on the list of things you can not move. In addition, if you are wondering about the detailed specifics you can always do some research online before the move.

A picture of hazardous items in a garage
Make sure that you do not pack any hazardous liquids for the move

The final step of packing your garage for the move – PACKING!

Even though most of the items from your garage are made from heavy and resistible materials which were made to resist unfavorable conditions. You should still pay attention to them when you pack. If you have problems with packing your garage tools and you are moving from or to Burlington, you can always ask the best movers Burlington KY has to offer for some professional help. Now keep in mind the following things when you pack your garage tools.

Firstly, if you are moving power tools, make sure to drain the gas that is inside of them before you pack. If you did not throw away the boxes that equipment came in, use them to pack your tools. After all, it is a perfect fit. On the other hand, if you do not have the original box, you can use a regular moving box to pack as well. Another thing you can do to pack your tools. The most convenient way is to disassemble them before you pack.  Usually, the parts like cables, cords, drills, etc. come off. In addition, wrap all the parts in bubble wrap before you put them in the box. Tape your box to prevent any possible damage during transportation.

The bottom line of packing your garage for the move

When you start packing your garage for the move you will realize that it is not an easy task to handle. However with the help of professional movers like Strong-Ass Movers and all the tips mentioned above you will handle it like a pro!

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