Guide for moving during the coronavirus outbreak

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Moving during a pandemic can be a lot more challenging than in ordinary circumstances. If this were some short-term predicament, your best option would be to reschedule the relocation for another time, if you can afford it. However, since we are facing this challenge for over a year now, you have no other option, but to continue with your life plans and move where you wanted. But, proceed carefully. You will want to hire one of the top moving companies around, one such as Strong-Ass Movers. They will be able to guide you in the right direction to relocate under these circumstances. Of course, moving during the coronavirus outbreak necessitates wearing a mask, gloves, and thorough cleaning of your belongings. In this article, we are going to cover everything you can do to make the whole process safer.

How to move safely during the coronavirus outbreak?

Here is what you might want to do if you want to relocate safely:

  • If possible – Reschedule the move
  • Carefully choose a professional moving company
  • Get a moving estimate online during the coronavirus outbreak
  • Clean and disinfect everything before packing
  • Wear a mask and gloves
  • Keep a six-foot distance when moving during the coronavirus outbreak

Of course, you will want to limit your social interaction in the time before and after the move, if you decide to go through it. You may be introducing a strain of virus into a new environment and you want to minimize the chances of it happening. Ideally, you should stop socializing a month or two before and after the move. While you can hire moving services that will limit the interaction, it is best to play it safe. But let’s take a look at your options, and what can you do to make the relocation as safe as possible.

a man and a woman wearing masks, using sanitizer
Hygiene and protective wear are important during the outbreak.

If possible – Reschedule the move

Obviously, the best option is to simply reschedule your relocation. With the vaccinations gaining momentum, the virus will soon become a smaller issue and it will be a lot safer to relocate once most of the population develops antibodies. That is the main reason why you might want to wait and relocate later on.

Furthermore, some residential movers are raising their prices, especially on long-distance relocations, due to additional expenses. If you want to save money on your relocation, it is in your best interest to move it to another date or to hire some reliable residential movers with fair prices.

Carefully choose a professional moving company

Most movers significantly raised their prices during the pandemic. Some of them invest additional resources into higher security, some simply want to take advantage of the situation. For example, packing services now cost more, due to increased risk. But there are moving companies that have stayed true to their values, and provide the same quality of packing services without increasing the price. You will want to carefully select who you will be working with. Research the moving companies before hiring them and never take anything at face value. Trust but verify is a good principle to live by, and it is especially applicable in this situation.

two moving company workers in a moving van
With great movers, you might be able to pull off a pandemic relocation!

Get a moving estimate online during the coronavirus outbreak

Unless you are relocating over long distances, you might want to skip scheduling an in-house estimate. While there is an inherent risk of doing so, as you can only get a free moving estimate from your movers, it is much safer for your health. A free moving estimate you can obtain online, without any associated risk. It is your best option, by far. And if you choose your movers carefully, the estimate and the final cost are not going to differ a lot. In fact, in the case of local relocations, they will be almost identical.

Clean and disinfect everything before packing

If you really have to be moving during the coronavirus outbreak, you will want to do anything in your power to make it safer for everyone involved. This means that you will need to go on a cleaning spree before you entrust your belongings to a moving crew. Furthermore, you will want to disinfect the pieces that see a lot of use, such as fridge doors and anything you get into contact with regularly. That way, you will be doing your part in fighting the pandemic.

Wear a mask and gloves

While this is not something unique to the relocation effort, you still want to be adhering to the pandemic protocols. This means that you need to wear a mask and a pair of gloves when you are interacting with other people. Never mind if you are hiring just labor-only services or full-service movers.

While you may be able to drop the interaction to a minimum, you always want to be as safe as possible. Masks limit the distance you transmit bodily fluids while breathing and talking, and the gloves will prevent any exposure from the things you touch. While they are by no means a guarantee of safety, they are another obstacle that the virus needs to cross. You should have several copies of these items, or at least wash and dry them regularly. Wearing the same mask for weeks is definitely not something that you want to do.

person in protective suit, mask and glasses, cleaning/disinfecting the refrigerator
Disinfecting the fridge and other appliances will create a safer relocation environment.

Keep a six-foot distance when moving during the coronavirus outbreak

Lastly, you will want to keep a respective distance from everyone that is not a part of your family. Social distancing protocols state that six feet distance is enough to be safe, in most cases. Of course, you need to observe this distance anytime you go outside, not only when moving during the coronavirus outbreak. You are not only responsible for yourself, but for the rest of your community as well. All of us need to do our part in fighting this virus. The scariest thing about it is that you can transmit it without even knowing that you are infected. Therefore, keep the social interaction at a minimum and adhere to the social distancing protocols. If you follow all the instructions to the letter, so to say, you will create a safer environment for everyone. Do your part and stay safe!  

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