Green packing solutions


    There is a huge impact on the environment. We need to attempt to lessen the waste that is going nowhere. Our planet is seeking for fresh air to breathe and clean water to drink. That’s why each of us needs to think green. Environmental consciousness should be the first on our list on a daily basis. It might sound hard at first, but once you’ve got used to it, it’s the little extra things that we do. That applies to packing solutions during the move. Green packing solutions will blow your mind, and Strong-Ass Movers completely agree on that one. We must try to avoid so many cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, and sticky tapes that pile up during the move. Here is how.

    What is the first step to green packing?

    First, we need to plan in advance. And by that, we think of planning months ahead. The initial step is pretty obvious and means having less stuff. Take out everything from the drawers, cabinets, and wardrobes. That’s why we say you will need a lot of preparation. A lot of things require plenty of time to spend on decluttering. Even though there are ways to declutter before the move, you will better do it the way it suits you. Trust your guts and follow your needs.

    garage sale is a good way to green packing
    Declutter your home by selling things on a garage sale. Compile old and things you don’t need anymore and let them find the way to their new owner.

    Once you’re done saving what you need, here is how you can get rid of the unnecessary items:

    • Sell things to get some extra cash. You can organize a garage sale that will be a huge help for green packing later. Less stuff means less waste.
    • Donate to charity. There are always people in need. Not only you will make them happy, but you will feel much better.
    • Give away things to your friends or family. They will have something to remember you by once you relocate.

    Now, you are ready to start packing. Later on, you can surprise moving companies Florence KY is having by taking care of the environment. We learned that not a lot of people actually think green, but when influenced in a proper manner, they do think differently.

    Collect leftover cardboard boxes

    Yes, it’s the easiest to go and buy new boxes that you can carry home. But when you think about the planet, some things change for the better. Local shops receive and throw away so many boxes. All of the products you see there came in some sort of container. You can do them a favor by helping yourself. Ask them to save you boxes you will later collect. Not only you will get them for free, but they are all in various sizes. Believe it or not, that will be life-changing once you start packing items separately.

    many wine bottles on the shelf
    Check out the nearest wine or liquor shop. They have good green packing materials you can get for free.

    Moreover, check on the wine stores specifically. They often get boxes that are sturdy enough to carry heavy bottles. That means you can pack kitchen stuff or some books without thinking they can break through the bottom. Movers in Northern Kentucky always compliment great packing without making a mess during transport. That way you will ensure your things are safe from damage, too.

    Use existing items as green packing solutions

    This blew our minds with simplicity. You already have so many things you can pack into. Your furniture of places you can pack big, but very light items. Furniture movers Kentucky state has always recommend clients to carefully disassemble the furniture for the move. Once you get the drawer out, for example, you can fill it with that bag of underwear, or similar. Think out of the box, literally.

    Fragile items could also find the appropriate protection that is in your house already. Clean socks are a great choice for wrapping up glasses. Place one inside the glass, the other over the glass, and the third one to put in between glasses. This is a wonderful space saver. You will also reduce the need for packing materials that will probably be thrown away later.

    a man carrying two large suitcases
    You can pack so many things in a single suitcase. If you own more, stack up heavy books to securely transport them to your new place.

    In addition, try nesting small items wherever they can fit. Use your suitcases to cut down the number of boxes you need. The good thing about suitcases is that you can fill them in with heavy books. Also, duffel bags, plastic bins, and sheets are awesome for packing the clothes. Wrap the hanging clothes together with the hangers. This is a huge green packing solution tip, especially if you are hiring local movers Kentucky has just around the corner. Packing for a local move while thinking green and you will do the planet a big favor.

    What to do with leftover moving supplies?

    The thing about green packing is you probably won’t have so many leftover supplies. Let’s say you followed our tips and also borrowed extra suitcases from your neighbors or family. Even though you were forced to buy some cardboard boxes, you are now thinking about reducing the waste. Better late than never, we say. Simply forward them to the next user. There are always people who are moving or others that are collecting art and craft supplies. Spread the word and you don’t need to throw the boxes away.

    Furthermore, you can get creative and have fun with your kids. Make a fort or cardboard puzzle and we guarantee you they will enjoy the unpacking. Even if your kids are small and don’t know how to play, you can store the boxes properly. Ensure that the place you are keeping them is dark and dry. Green packing is all about reusing and recycling. Fold the boxes and save them for next time. Once a moving box – always a moving box.


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