Good Reasons Why You Don’t Ask Friends To Help You Move

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Moving is a very stressful period in one’s life. You have to make a lot of decisions, choose the moving destination and find help for your move. Moreover, you might think that if you ask friends to help you move can be a smart idea. However, it can get quite complicated due to many factors. The reason why people turn to their friends is that they hope to save a few bucks along the way. Actually, you will end up spending more on the move than if you hired a professional and reputable moving company like Strong-Ass Movers. Moreover, if you hire movers in Cincinnati area you will be more relaxed during your relocation process as you will know that your belongings are handled by professionals.

Ask friends to help you move – disadvantages

There are many good reasons why you should not ask your friends to help you with the move. One of them is reliability. In other words, while you are having coffee with your friends it is normal to bring up the topic of the move. Consequently, you will ask for help and the friends will of course say “YES” to you. However, when the moving day gets closer they might cancel it. Not because they are not good friends, but because something else can come up. Relying on a promise of a friend for help is not such a good idea because of this. However, finding professionals like Strong-Ass Movers can be a good idea because they are always happy to help you move! Plus they have experience and offer:

  • a free quote of the costs
  • packing/unpacking services
  • long-distance move
  • short-distance move
  • residential moving
  • commercial moving
  • junk removal services
  • others
Two friends reading the article about Good Reasons Why You Don't Ask Friends To Help You Move
Sometimes asking friends to help you move is not such a good idea

In addition to reliability, another good reason why you should not ask your friends to help you move is the responsibility. Meaning that it can come to breakage or damage in any way. Especially when moving some antique furniture, or some sentimental decorative pieces. Moreover, when it breaks you do not have insurance so it can be quite awkward asking your friends to compensate you for the damages incurred. However, if you hire professional Cincinnati moving services, you will feel much more relaxed and stress-free during the move. Mostly because upon the signing of the moving contract you get insurance for all your belongings.

Other disadvantages of involving friends in your moving process

In the same way that your furniture can get damaged your friends can get hurt. Especially when moving large items of furniture. Plus, you never know how badly someone can get hurt from a simple thing such as a sofa or a large closet. That is why hiring professionals moving companies Hamilton OH will ensure the safety of your belongings. Together with the safety of moving workers. Because they have years of experience in the moving process. Moreover, the money you would save on not hiring movers would go to your friend’s hospital bill.

A man checking the time
Organizing your time during the move is important if you do not want to spend money unnecessarily

In addition to all of the previous disadvantages, time is also one very important con of asking your friends to help with the move. It can get quite hard to organize a time that works best for you and for your friends. Moreover, when you move with a help of a friend, you will need to rent a van for your move. Those vans are usually rented by the hour. Therefore time is of the essence. In the end, you will spend so much time loading and unloading the van with your belongings because you need to be careful. While the hours will only go up and you will end up paying unnecessary costs to the renting company. Hiring local movers Cincinnati OH will save you a lot of money, time, and trouble.

Should you call friends or hire reliable movers?

It is clear that these are not all the reasons why you do not ask friends to help you move. However, choosing to hire a professional moving company will save you a lot of money in the end. Plus, paying your friends to help you with the move can be quite an awkward situation to have at hand. There is this saying that you do not mix friendship and business. And there are good reasons to support this.

Moreover, having a friend is much more important than saving a few bucks during the move. However, asking your friend to be there to help you overlook the moving process when you hire a professional moving company is totally acceptable. All in all, hiring professional movers with a long history and satisfied customers will make the moving experience a positive one.

A man standing in front of a moving van
Hiring professional movers proves to be more economical than asking your friends for help

Stay organized during your relocation process

Keep in mind that hiring a moving company is not the only thing you have to do before you move. Make sure to have a plan. Making a plan of the move and organizing things related to the process of moving is a must. Because many things can go wrong during the move. Times can shift and similar things. Therefore having all the plans written down, will definitely aid the whole moving process. Plus, if you take your time and book your move in advance you will have plenty of time to carefully construct the moving list.

Also, when you call and book your moving date with a moving company you will get a free quote on all the costs. This will help you organize your budget for the move and help you plan your finances after the move. To conclude, whether you choose to ask friends to help you move or you decide to hire movers it is certain that good organization and preparation will help you a great deal.

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