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Moving alone is a very complicated process. However, when you add your dog into this equation it gets even more complicated. Especially because you need to look for the appropriate Cincinnati neighborhoods for dog owners. First of all, you need to keep in mind which neighborhood is well equipped with dog parks and greenery. Today, we will do just that, explore what neighborhoods in Cincinnati are best for dog owners. Before you decide which part you will move to, make sure to hire the best movers and packers Cincinnati has to offer. Hiring a professional for your move is a must, especially when you are moving with a dog. Lucky for you, Cincinnati has many beautiful parks for dogs that both you and your dog will love! Choose a neighborhood that has the best dog park for you! Now let us dive in!

What are the best Cincinnati neighborhoods for dog owners?

Now as mentioned before choosing the best neighborhood will be easy for you after you see where are some of the best dog parks Cincinnati has to offer.  For that reason, we compiled a list of some of the most attractive dog parks in Cincinnati city. Some of the best dog parks in the city are the following:

  • Washington Park
  • Mt. Airy Dog Park
  • Armleder Dog Park
  • Kellogg Park Dog Field
  • Red Dog Park

Washington Park is located in the downtown neighborhood. Because it is located near downtown, this park is very urban in the center of the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Moreover, if you choose this neighborhood for your future home, rest assured that this park will be within walking distance. But before that also make sure to hire Strong-Ass Movers to help you relocate. Furthermore, this park has an area of 12,000 square feet. This isn’t just your regular dog park. There are many fun activities for your dog to try out. For example, there are many dog fountains, shaded benches all over, many green areas, and of course trees. Additionally, this dog park works from 6 am to 11 pm.

Dog in the park as a symbol of Cincinnati neighborhoods for dog owners
There are many Cincinnati neighborhoods for dog owners, continue reading this blog to find out more!

Mt. Airy Dog Park

Next on our list is Mt. Airy Dog Park in the Westwood neighborhood. One interesting thing about this park is that it is located in the forest by the same name.  Another interesting thing about this park is that it is the largest one in Cincinnati with over 1,500 acres to enjoy. There are many fun activities to do here. For example, you have many miles of trails, there is a lake, disc golf, and more! Now when you go here with your dog, look for a Doris Day Dog Park, this park is located in the middle of the forest and is covered in beautiful green grass. Moreover, you have agility equipment, fountains, etc. If you are ready to explore this natural wonder make sure to hire the best local movers Cincinnati OH has to offer. And both you and your dog can enjoy the park and the forest together.

Armleder Dog Park

This park is located in the Linwood neighborhood. It is on the east city side. Compared to the previous ones on our list, this one is much smaller, around 300 acres.  One interesting thing about this park is that there are around 10 acres of free space for your dog to explore. Another great thing about this park is that it has designated areas both for big and small dogs, fountains where your dog can drink water easily, shaded benches, and a dog shower! Therefore, if your dog gets dirty from all the playing in the mud you can give him or her a bath right away. This park doesn’t have working hours, however, the park closes when the Ohio River gets over 43 feet. Because then this area floods.

Additionally, there are some rules you need to follow in all of these parks. Some of the main ones are:

  • Aggressive pups are banned
  • Female dogs in heat are also banned
  • You must clean after your dog
  • Usually, dogs under 22 pounds classify as smaller dogs
  • If your dog digs a hole, you have to fill it back
  • You can’t give treats of any kind or food in the park because of the safety reasons

If you already know which neighborhood is best for you and your dog call the best Cincinnati moving services and enjoy your fast and safe relocation. Plus, they will give you a free estimate.

a dog in the park
Follow the rules mentioned above in order to keep the dog park experience a happy one for every dog owner

Kellogg Park Dog Field

If you choose this park you will probably live in the Anderson Township neighborhood or somewhere close by. In the back of Kellog Park which stretches over 21 acres, there is a dog field of around 5 acres. And the best part about this is that this area is enclosed thus your dog can be off the leash here. Moreover, inside the fences of this dog park, you can find a beautiful mural, a dog fountain, and of course plenty of grass and greenery for your dog to explore.

However, to access this dog park your dog will need a permit for the Kellogg Park Dog Field. In order to get this dog permit, you must sign up and fulfill the application. Where you will give some proof of your dog’s vaccination and alike. Additionally, you will have to pay a fee. If you live in the Anderson neighborhood you will pay around 45 US dollars for the first dog and additional 30 US dollars for the additional dog. Keep in mind that the dog owners who are not residents of the neighborhood pay 75 US dollars for the first and another 50 US dollars for each additional one. The permits are on a yearly basis.

two dogs in a park
Make sure to choose a neighborhood with a dog park when you move to Cincinnati

If you choose this neighborhood, make sure to hire Strong-Ass Movers to help you relocate safely. Plus, they can give you more suggestions on the best Cincinnati neighborhoods for dog owners.

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