A movers guide to moving from Cincinnati to Hamilton OH

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Moving is a complicated process no matter the distance of the move. Be aware that if you are moving from Cincinnati to Hamilton Ohio, the process can be stressful. It doesn’t matter that the two cities in question are pretty much next to each other. Now, if you want to remove all the unnecessary stress from the moving process make sure that you hire the best of the best when it comes to movers in Cincinnati area. Hiring professional and reliable movers will only make the relocation process easier, if not fun! However, there are other things you should think about when it comes to moving. Make sure to plan and organize everything in advance. Having a well-organized plan will help you stay on track – especially when the moving day comes knocking on your door. Now let us jump into this movers guide!

What to expect when moving from Cincinnati to Hamilton

First, you should be aware that Hamilton is a much smaller city compared to Cincinnati. Hamilton has a population of around 60,00 people. While on the other hand, Cincinnati has a population of around 300,000 people. This makes it an ideal place to have some peace and quiet. If you are moving to settle down and slow your pace of life moving to Hamilton from Cincinnati is the right choice for you! The best way to illustrate what you can expect when moving to Hamilton OH is by looking at the pros and cons of moving there. Before we get into it, make sure to hire professional and reliable movers like Strong-Ass Movers to help you relocate. Now let us see what are the pros of moving and living in Hamilton:

  • Livability-Hamilton Ohio has an overall livability score that is higher than the national average.
  • Cost of living– the cost of living in Hamilton is significantly lower than the national average and it is also lower than in the other cities in the Ohio state
  • Education– general education score is very good. It ranks high compared to the rest of the cities in the state.
a man in front of a moving van moving from Cincinnati to Hamilton
Learn everything you need to know about moving from Cincinnati to Hamilton

Furthermore, one important con of moving to Hamilton is the crime rate. Unfotenountly, crime rates in Hamilton are much higher than in other cities with an urban lifestyle. That is true both for the state and nationwide. However, you should keep in mind that these are just numbers. Still, make sure to install quality safety systems and protect your home from intruders.

Attractions in Hamilton

After you move to Hamilton you will want to start exploring the city and get familiar with it. Even though it is much smaller than Cincinnati – there are still fun things you can do here. After your local movers Cincinnati OH relocate you, you can start exploring all the attractions Hamilton has to offer. For example, you can see the following things:

  • Holiday auto theater
  • Petals & Wicks
  • Municipal brew works
A car on the parking lot
Make sure that your FM radio works properly before you go to the drive-in theater

First on our list of attractions is the famous Holiday auto theater. This drive-in theater was built in 1948 and it is very famous in Butler County. This is a place to be if you want to watch wonderful movies during all seasons of the year – except winter of course. You can buy everything you need to eat and drink in your car. Make sure to come a little bit earlier, if you get there before the projection starts – it will be easier to find a good spot with a great view.

If you do not know, you listen to the movie by finding a radio station frequency that is transmitting the signal. Moreover, this is one of the few drive-in theaters left in the state. Therefore, watching a movie here will surely be an unforgetful experience! What are you waiting for? Hire Cincinnati moving services and relocate to Hamilton as soon as possible! The address is – 1816 Old Oxford Rd., St. Rt. 130 Hamilton, OH.

Petals & Wicks

Furthermore, if you enjoy arts and crafts and, especially, if you like candles Petals & Wicks is the place to visit. This is a unique candle bar in the state of Ohio where you can create your own candles and take them home with you. The delightful owners will walk you through all the steps in order for you to successfully make a candle. Moreover, you are not making basic candles, you will be making scented candles. There is a crazy amount of scents to choose from! On that note, you can mix the scents and create your unique scent. The whole process lasts for about an hour. If this sparks an interest in you, find them at this address – 119 Main St., Hamilton, OH.

Municipal brew works

This craft brewery wasn’t always that. If we go back to the past, we would find the police and a fire station. This unique and beautiful building is now an attraction for both tourists and locals. While most people come here to drink beer many forget to appreciate how the owners utilized this historic space. Moreover, even if you are local you will have the chance to try different beers throughout the year. Because they rotate their taps and you can always try a new type of beer. Therefore, if you enjoy beer hire one of the most reliable moving companies Hamilton OH has to relocate you to his wonderful city. You will not regret it.

People cheering with a beer
This place will be great for a cold beer after a long day at work

Another interesting fact is that because this historic building is so big, the owners are able to have the brewery inside the building. There is enough space both for the brewing process and for tables so that people can sit and enjoy their beer freshly poured. Plus, they are both a family and dog-friendly spaces. You can find them at this address –20 High St., Hamilton, OH

The aftermath of moving from Cincinnati to Hamilton

Since relocation can be stressful it is important to prepare yourself on time and know what to expect from the town you are relocating to. There is no doubt that moving from Cincinnati to Hamilton will be much easier if you hire professional and reliable movers like Strong-Ass Movers. Contact your movers today and enjoy your upcoming relocation!

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