A list of packing supplies must-haves

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Having to move usually brings a lot of potential problems. There are many things that you have to cover and packing supplies are one of those things. They are crucial for every move because they will protect your items from breaking or damage. However, not every move requires the exact same set of supplies that you have to get. Some of them may be different but we want to give you a list of packing supplies must-haves. Getting them from reliable movers and packers Cincinnati would be the best choice but it is not something that you have to follow strictly. So, here are all the supplies you must get during your next relocation!

The boxes are the core of every relocation

Talking about all the packing supplies you must get can’t go without mentioning moving boxes. Even though most people think only about the regular ones, there are many different types of boxes like:

  • various sizes of regular boxes
  • wardrobe boxes
  • picture boxes
  • dish packing boxes
  • tapeless moving boxes
  • plastic bins

It can be a bit problematic to know what you need and in what quantity. That is why it is always good to find good movers, like Strong-Ass Movers, that will give you advice and information about everything. It will make your decision much easier!

cardboard boxes are among packing supplies must-haves
Make sure you get the right moving boxes

Air-filled plastic wrap is the key for fragile items

We all have some fragile items that we have to move when the time comes. That means that you can’t just place those stuff in the boxes and call it a day. It will require much better packing so that you could preserve all your items in the same condition. This will require you to obtain air-filled plastic wrap for the move. It will compensate for any blow that may happen during the move or during the transport. It is not usually expensive and you should not have problems finding what you need.

Regular plastic paper is among the packing materials you must-have during your move

On the other spectrum, we have regular plastic paper. It is quite similar to air-filled plastic wrap but has no air that will protect your stuff from serious blows. That is why you should not use this as an alternative when handling fragile items. Plastic paper is usually used only when you want to protect your items from scratches and similar things. Also, you should not use this as only protection when handling fragile things. On the other hand, if it is just a regular item, then you should have no problems!

Packing tapes

Among the packing supplies, must-haves are packing tapes. It is something so simple but still many people forget to get it. The reason for getting it is simple. You want to seal the boxes so that nothing can come out of them during your move. Even though you can stack the boxes on top of one another and ‘seal’ them this way, it is not good. Transports can be bumpy and some of the boxes can fall in the moving truck. Your stuff can get out of the boxes and get damaged. Packing tapes are not expensive so you do not have any way out of buying them for your next move!

man taping the box
Make sure your boxes are fully sealed once you are finished packing

Markers and labels

Once you pack all your stuff, you need to make sure that you label everything properly. Even though it may seem that this job is not that important, think again. If you do not label your boxes, your fragile items have a higher chance to get ruined. The key is to let your Hamilton OH movers know which boxes contain the fragile items and which do not. This way, they will know how to treat the boxes with fragile items and there is less chance that something bad will happen to them!

Moving dolly is on the list of packing supplies must-haves if you have heavy items to relocate

Having to move heavy items can be a nightmare. Especially if you do not have the necessary experience to do it. The worst problem that can happen is that you injure yourself or someone else in the process. That is why a moving dolly is among the necessary packing materials that you much get for your move. It will save you a lot of time and you will reduce the risk of injuries to a minimum. Of course, it can be easier if you opt for the right Cincinnati moving services from your movers. They can take care of all of this for you and you will not have to risk an injury. However, if you decide to move on your own, a moving dolly is a must-have!

a white couch
Use proper equipment when dealing with heavy things

Where do you get all of these packing supplies for your upcoming move?

There are many possible places where you can find all the necessary supplies for your move. You can get some of them for free. For example, you can get moving boxes from the stores nearby or from your friends and family. But, they can be of the bad quality and that is something that you do not want to use, even when moving locally. The best choice of action here is to get them from your local movers Cincinnati OH that will give them to you. You will not have to worry whether they are good or not because all moving companies use only the supplies of the best quality. 

Get your packing supplies ready and have a nice moving experience

As you can see, just like a moving checklist, the list of packing supplies must-haves is not that short. That only means that you have to be very careful and take your time when picking them up. You do not want to make a mistake or forget something because that can complicate your move a lot. Always be careful when taking care of things and you should be okay!

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