8 Winter packing tips for moving homes in Kentucky

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Are you changing home in Kentucky? Short or long-distance, relocation is a daunting process. It requires a lot of attention, planning, and organizing, and if you add moving in the winter season to that, it brings even more challenges. People think that no matter what time of the year they decide to move, the relocation process is almost the same. However, they may not realize that moving during the winter season is more challenging. It can be tricky if you don’t pay attention to details. Snowfall, icy roads, fog, and cold weather, in general, can ruin your move in a second if you don’t take the important precautions. If you are planning to relocate during winter, take all the necessary steps to secure your belongings. Don’t know how? Well, don’t be worried. Strong-Ass Movers is here to help you pack. Read our winter packing tips and ensure a safe move.

Moving during the winter season: What do you need to know?

Winter is an unpredictable season. It can surprise you any time, so be prepared. You should know that moving in winter requires flexibility. Quite difficult if you are planning-oriented. However, although you need to be flexible, you can still make plans. Just check the weather forecast day by day, including the relocation date. Don’t be surprised if the weather suddenly gets worse and you need to postpone your relocation.

A truck on a snowy road
Winter brings extra challenges for relocation

Another thing you should know is that moving in winter requires extra safe and waterproof packing materials. Also, don’t try moving by yourself in wintertime. Avoid surprises and hire a professional moving company for your winter move. If you’re not sure which one to hire, check our moving companies in Georgetown KY. You can choose between a wide range of services from long-distance relocation, residential moving, furniture transportation, commercial move to packing services. We have it all.

How to prepare for moving in winter

Even though moving home in winter requires extra planning and flexibility, it doesn’t have to be difficult if you know how to prepare for it. Despite all unpredictable circumstances, you can have a successful and safe relocation. How? Make a good plan and think three steps ahead. With a good packing and moving strategy, you’ll avoid any obstacles.

The first thing you should do is to prepare your old and new home for the move. Have someone clean the pathways and doorsteps. You don’t want anyone to slip and fall while carrying heavy and bulky items. Also, cover the floors of both your old and new homes to protect them. When it comes to preparing your new home, check the utilities and turn the heating on at least a day before you move in. After you’ve made sure your new house is passable and warm, start packing your belongings.

8 Winter packing tips for an easy and safe move

Packing is easier if you have a packing checklist and some useful packing hacks. Follow these simple winter packing tips and have a smooth relocation:

  1. Pack your bag of (winter) essentials
  2. Double pack sensitive and fragile items using plastic boxes or containers
  3. Secure your dishes and other glassware with bubble wrap
  4. Pack your (wooden) furniture using stretch wrap
  5. Protect your books from moisture by using plastic bags
  6. Safeguard your electronics with layered cardboard
  7. Protect your clothes by putting them into waterproof vacuum bags
  8. Use extra safe packing supplies

Extra tip: Shorten loading/unloading time into the moving truck

A woman packing using the list of winter packing tips
With the right plan, your winter relocation will run smoothly

Pack your bag of essentials

If you have moved before, you know that the bag of essentials is the first thing you should pack. The bag should contain the following things:

  • toiletries
  • underwear
  • electronics such as mobiles and laptops and their chargers
  • wallet and keys
  • wallet and keys
  • medications
  • pet items
  • kid’s items
  • clothes for the first couple of days after the move, especially warm clothes

The most important thing is your essential bag should be a file of personal documents. Keep them safe in a waterproof file and have them always at hand.

Winter packing tips: How to pack fragile items

Fragile items are prone to damage during cold weather if not packed properly. So, make sure to use the right packing supplies and double pack the items in a plastic bag or a plastic container. Don’t forget to use cushions or other inserts to fill in the extra space between them. You can also use blankets for wrapping the box. Thus, you’ll make sure that your most fragile valuables arrive safe and sound at the final destination.

Secure your dishes and other glassware

Dishes are also very fragile, so to save them from breaking, use newspaper or cartoons to wrap them. After that, put them in a bubble wrap, making sure to put the bubble part inside. Next, pack them in a plastic box repeating the same process as above (use pads and blankets for extra safety).

Winter packing tips: How to pack your furniture

Moving furniture in winter is really challenging. Furniture is heavy and bulky, and it should be secured entirely in order not to get wet while loading/unloading. First, disassemble as many furniture parts as you can. Then, wrap it with a stretch wrap and foam sheets. Don’t forget to pack the bolts, nuts, handles, and wheels into a plastic container. If you are not sure how to prepare and pack your furniture for the move, hire our experienced furniture movers Kentucky to help you.

A woman covering a chair with bubble wrap: the best winter packing tip
Winter packing tips will save your items from damage

Protect your books from moisture

Books can be easily damaged during the winter move. People usually pack books into the cardboard. However, they can get wet if put in without any protection. So, pack them in plastic bags or bubble bags and place them in the box. If the box breaks during carrying and your box fall into the snow, they’ll still be protected. Also, you can put them in plastic containers.

Safeguard your electronics

Wet and broken electronics have no rescue. To avoid breakage, protect your expensive electronics using waterproof bags, bubble wrap, and multilayered cardboard. Also, be careful when moving electrical appliances in cold weather and pay attention to avoid drastic temperature changes.

How to pack your clothes

Packing clothes during the winter season doesn’t differ from packing them regularly. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll pack them into a suitcase or a box. Nothing bad can happen. Even if the box breaks and your clothes get wet – it’s not a big deal. You can wash them. If you need extra space in your truck, just use a vacuum bag to store your clothes.

Winter packing tips: what packing supplies to use

Although we’ve mentioned above some of the most important packing supplies, it wouldn’t be bad to list them once more. This way, you’ll have a checklist you can use to prepare for packing.

  • Bubble wrap
  • Stretch wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Mattress bags
  • Packing foam
  • Moving pads, blankets, and other inserts
  • Moving boxes (all sizes)
  • Scissors, box cutters, etc.

If you don’t have time or energy to purchase all those packing supplies or you’re not sure which of them you need, hire professional packers. Our movers in Northern Kentucky can provide you with packing services, among many others.

A man loading the boxes into a moving truck
With the help of professionals, the chances for damage are reduced to a minimum

Extra winter packing tip: shorten the loading time

Among many winter packing tips for moving home, the most important one is to shorten the loading time and offload the truck as soon as possible. Make sure the moving truck is as close as possible to the home entrance to avoid exposing your belongings to snow, rain, and other weather troubles. To have a safe and stress-free relocation, choose trustworthy residential moving companies Kentucky to handle the move. Contact us today and have a safe and sound relocation and enjoy the winter magic in your new cozy home.

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