7 Reasons why you should buy new moving boxes

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When you have made the decision to move you have a big job ahead of you. Preparing for a move requires a lot of planning and excellent organization in every field. You have to take care of all the important things before the actual moving day, such as finding suitable local movers Kentucky. Among other things, packing for moving is a chore that you should start on time. Many people avoid packing because it requires a lot of time, dexterity, and the right packing material. You must find packing materials in various places. But regardless of money, if you want reliable packing boxes, you should consider buying new boxes. If you are hesitating, here are a few reasons that will explain why you should buy new moving boxes. And then when you have the right material, all you have to do is pack up and move.

Why should you consider buying new moving boxes?

Searching for packing material can be a hassle. Of course, there are many places where you can find used boxes. That way you can save a little money. However, if the box is not adequate for your belongings, they may be damaged. It would be more expensive, but also emotionally difficult because your dear things were damaged. So you should think about the pros and cons of buying new boxes. Think about whether are you ready to take a risk with unreliable boxes and risk the safety of your belongings. Moving companies in Kentucky could be of great help in making packing decisions. And advice on purchasing packaging materials. Read below for a few reasons why you should consider buying new moving boxes.

A woman is thinking about why she needs to buy new moving boxes.
If you buy new moving boxes you won’t have to think about whether they are clean and safe enough to pack your belongings for relocation.

#1 The new boxes are cleaner than secondhand one

Let’s start with the most obvious fact first – new boxes are cleaner than used ones. When you rent used boxes or borrow from friends, even if you pick them up in front of the store, they are not 100% clean. You can never be sure what was stored or transferred in them before you acquired them. They can have spots or even stains from who knows what. Not to mention the rodents and bugs that like to live in cardboard boxes. While on the other hand, when you buy new moving boxes, you know they are completely clean. Residential moving companies Kentucky will bring you new unused boxes for your belongings. No one has used them before you and you can pack all your stuff in them without fear. Hence, by purchasing moving boxes, you ensure that your belongings remain clean even after the move.

#2 The new boxes are sturdy and safer for packing your belongings

A very important thing about moving boxes is that they are reliable. This would mean that you can pack things in them without fear that they will tear. When you take a box that someone has already used, it may break. Because cardboard is not a reliable material when it is often used to carry heavy things. It happens to soften and weaken, so it can easily tear. And since your belongings are important to you, that’s reason enough why you should buy new sturdy moving boxes. If you decide to buy, you don’t have to look for much. All you have to do is call your commercial movers Kentucky and they will provide you with the moving boxes.

The movers hold the boxes
Moving companies will help you get new moving boxes. What’s more, they can provide you with all the packing material.

#3 New moving boxes come in a variety of sizes which will make packing your things easier

Logically, not all things in your house are the same size and weight. That’s why even when you move, you should provide reliable boxes of different sizes. Because it is not the same to pack a laptop charger, some children’s toys, and kitchen appliances. You need the right size boxes for each item you are packing. If you pack things in boxes of the wrong size, they can be easily damaged. And you don’t want that, do you? When you pack something in a box that’s too big, it’s going to tumble around the box no matter how much protection you try to put in it. On the other hand, if you’re trying to fit something into a box that’s smaller than it should be, you run the risk of breaking or distorting a part by pushing it. This is the reason why you should use new moving boxes.

#4 New moving boxes are easier to stack and pack

No matter how many used packing boxes you find, they must stack nicely. Packing things in boxes can be exhausting, but stacking boxes on top of each other requires skill, experience, and boxes of the same size. When the boxes are of different shapes, you can’t stack them well. It goes without saying that boxes that are not stacked well can fall and your belongings get filled or damaged. Kentucky long distance movers can provide you with boxes that will simply fit into the moving truck. It’s just up to you to decide what you want and get in touch.

A man packs the glasses into a box
The safety and sturdiness of the boxes are one of the reasons why you should buy new moving boxes.

#5 The new boxes are easier to mark and find in a pile

When you move, there is general chaos both in the house and in life. In such situations, something is always lost somewhere and you are constantly looking for something. To make it as easy as possible for yourself, you should buy moving boxes. That way, as soon as you pack something, you will be able to mark what is in the box. Second-hand boxes will sometimes already have something written on them, and on the other hand, they are not even clean and easy to write on. This way it will be easier for you to mark what is inside each box in the same place. That way, you will save yourself from walking through the chaos and looking for things in boxes after the move. It will be enough to glance at the boxes and find what you need.

#6 New boxes are easier to get than the secondhand boxes

Searching for used boxes can sometimes be very tiring. Whether you ask for them from a friend or pick them up at a local bookstore, it’s a time-consuming process. And when you’re moving, every minute counts because you always have a lot to do. This is the reason why you should buy moving boxes. You will speed up the process of packing and moving. Because almost all furniture movers Kentucky offer packing material. And even if you don’t want their packing service, you can just call them to provide you with suitable packing material such as foils for furniture, boxes of various sizes, etc. In this way, you will shorten your time of preparation and packing for moving.

#7 Moving boxes don’t have to be expensive if you buy from moving companies

Some people use used moving boxes because they think new boxes are too expensive. That doesn’t have to be the case. What’s more, it’s a common misconception. Because when you buy moving boxes from a moving company you can expect them to offer you deals. The average price of the moving boxes ranges from 1 to 10 dollars depending on the size. But when you buy multiple pieces, junk removal Kentucky will often offer you package deals. It’s up to you to accept them and start packing for the move. Different moving companies have different benefits, so it’s wise to check with several of them to find the best solution for you. You don’t have to risk the safety of your belongings for the sake of saving a few dollars.

Mover stands and holds the box
Get yourself help from movers or friends with the move to speed up the whole process.

Extra tips for packing for moving!

Now that you know why you should buy new moving boxes, you should also know how to pack boxes for moving. Some things seem clear and obvious to everyone, but when it comes to packaging, people get confused. Here are just a few guidelines to follow for a successful move.

Get rid of excess stuff before start packing

Before packing for moving and getting new boxes, you should know how many things you have. Needless to say, you shouldn’t be moving all your belongings with you. In every home, there are many things that are no longer usable or you have simply stopped using them. So clear your house and get rid of excess stuff before you start packing. This way you will save money and you will know how much moving material you need and you will not buy too much. On the other hand, you will also save the time you would have spent packing things you don’t need. You can give the excess stuff away to someone, donate it to charity, or sell it at a yard sale and earn money for the move.

Ask for help with packing for moving

Packing for moving is a long process, and as much as it may seem like you’re doing it all yourself, you still need to get help. It would be better to ask your movers for packing services Kentucky can offer. But if you don’t want to give money for it, you can ask friends and family to help you. More hands will do the job faster than one pair. They can help you with some things that you don’t have to do yourself, and that will make the packing process much faster. Plus, when you delegate some of the work, you’ll make moving much easier.

Box with styrofoam and tape
In addition to adequate moving boxes, you will also need packing materials to safely pack your belongings.

Packaging material is not just boxes

When you get your new moving boxes, you’re not done with packing materials. You need to find all the necessary materials such as furniture foils, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, etc. You can find all of this in DIY stores, maybe even in a local store. But you will definitely get the best deal if you contact your moving company. Because who has better deals on packing material than movers?

Pack organized

At first glance, packing seems as simple as putting things in boxes. It is much more complicated than that. You need to be organized and have a good packing system in place to make sure you can pack all your belongings adequately. But despite that, after the move, you will manage to find the things you are looking for in the boxes. Organization around packing is important for packing but also for unpacking things.

Label the boxes clearly

Another thing you won’t be able to do without when it comes to unpacking is labeling the boxes. You should choose a system by which you will label all the boxes with things, as well as what is in them. Whether it will be a color system or writing with a marker on the box is up to you to decide. Simply choose the one that seems most logical and practical to you.

A man and a woman laugh because they found out why they need to buy new moving boxes
Once you know a few packing tricks and provide adequate supplies and assistance, packing for moving will be easy.

Consider plastic moving boxes

There are many reasons why you should buy new moving boxes for your relocation. And if you decide to use a cardboard box to preserve nature, we have a solution for that as well. Talk to your moving company and ask if they have plastic containers for moving. They are extremely strong and durable. They can be used more than once and they come in different sizes. So, in addition to using something that is reusable, you will get adequate protection for your belongings during the move. You won’t have to think about the safety of your belongings. And again, you will throw less waste into nature.

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