10 Tips for moving with pets from Milwaukee

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Moving from one home to another is not an easy process, and it can often be very emotional… Both for us humans and for our pets! It is important to know that for some pets, moving can be a cause of great stress. That is why Strong-Ass Movers decided to show you how to make this process as natural as possible and give you 10 tips for moving with pets from Milwaukee.

Moving with pets from Milwaukee – where to start

If you’re not sure where to start when moving with pets, the answer is: find reliable movers Milwaukee. Once you find a reliable team that will move you and your pets safely, let’s see the other 10 things you can do.

dog as a symbol of moving with pets
Strong-Ass Movers decided to give you 10 tips for moving with pets from Milwaukee.

1. Maintain a usual routine

Once you find the best local movers Milwaukee, it’s time to move. The most important thing you can do for your pets when it comes to moving to a new home is to maintain the usual pace of activity for as long as possible… And that would preferably be all the time. So, take them for walks, spend time in play and socializing, do not put their toys away as long as possible, etc.

2. Talk to your pets

This may come as a surprise, but you should talk to your pets as much as you can… Especially if you move across the state or abroad. In that case, find reliable long distance movers Milwaukee. It is important to reassure your pets that everything is fine. It is important to know, however, that for some pets, moving can be a cause of great stress. If you notice any signs of stress, such as heavy breathing, anxiety to complete panic, and attempts to escape – consult a veterinarian.

3. Try to find an alternative solution

When moving from the State of Milwaukee the ideal option is to send pets and children to relatives during the move. First, it will be easier for parents, and second, it protects children and pets from accidental injuries. Pets are extremely emotional and such changes can seriously affect their mood, and even their health, so be careful and gentle with them.

Pets are extremely emotional and such changes can seriously affect their mood.

4. Try to stay calm

Do not swear and be nervous in the presence of your pets. For them, moving is stressful. Their attention to things and boxes is quite natural. Also, don’t swear or shout. Many of you have a pet that represents, so we can freely say, a family member. If you are about to move, you must not forget to take care of your pets. They will move with you, so try to save your nerves in front of them.

5. Find a place for your pets on a moving day

If there is no way to leave your pets to someone, find a peaceful room where you will leave your pets. When collecting and running around with boxes, highlight things and anything that can distract them – a special box for cats (they love them), toys, bones for dogs, etc.

6. See a vet before you move

Before moving, take your pet to the vet to get all the necessary vaccines, medications, and a copy of your medical records. Once you move into your new home, inquire about a veterinarian you can contact when needed. Just like for people, it is advisable to check what the vet is like by talking to the neighbors or going to his office before taking your pet. Resolve all issues with a veterinarian, if any, in advance. This means at least a couple of weeks in advance. Update the information on the chip, such as your phone number and new address.

7. Do not feed your pets before the move

The good advice is not to feed your pets before the trip, as they may feel sick. Also, be sure to walk your pets if they go outside.

8. Update your pet’s contact information regularly

Today, the technology has advanced so much, that many pets have a collar with a built-in special microchip where all the necessary information about it is located. That is why it is important that this contact information is updated regularly. Thanks to this, you can locate your pet much faster.

Resolve all issues with a veterinarian, if any, in advance

9. Check the rules that apply to pets

If you are moving long-distance, you’re probably moving your pets on a plane. Just like you would consult with commercial movers Milwaukee if you were moving a business, you need to ask the right questions when moving with a pet as well. When booking a plane ticket, check the website of the airline in question to check that your pet is prepared for transport in accordance with that company’s policy.

Pets usually go in the luggage compartment, so make sure it is adequately secured. It can happen that your “luggage” arrives after you at the final destination, and you certainly don’t want that to happen. For cats and small dogs, it is better to use carriers. Of course, it is not recommended to transport them to a new home in the trunk of a car. The best option is to carry pets on your lap.

10. Take care of your pet when you move to a new location

Moving with pets to a new environment can be a huge change for your pet. Try to give them extra love and attention. Find a local dog park and let it run free. Of course, every pet loves a new treat or toy. Also, try and create a new home with your pet. Before your pet is in a new apartment, make sure that all his things are in their place in the new space, such as food, toys, bedding, and other things that your pet uses. This way, your pet will adjust to the new home in a very short time. 

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